Thursday, July 17, 2014

Daring pair staring at epic drive to far Mongolia

A PAIR of daring Lake Macquarie lads will drive a 1991 Subaru Libero across 17 countries starting next week to raise money for charity.

Zach Darroch, from Caves Beach and Sam Dunn, from Jewells are participating in the annual Mongol Rally, which is in its 10th year.

The idea is simple: participants in the rally must cover 16,000 kilometres from London to Mongolia in cars ill-suited for the task. The car’s engine can be no bigger than 1.2 litres.

Zach and Sam, both 25, are part of the team Battlestar Galactikhan, whose car has already had problems with its battery, wheels and clutch.

Zach said a third of the cars in the event did not reach the finish line and people had to resort to public transport.

“The idea is to make it to Mongolia by any means,” Zach said. “It’s a great opportunity to see beautiful sites off the tourist trail, but we know some of the countries can be dangerous.

“Our family and friends have been supportive, but no one has really said this is a good idea.”

The rally starts on July 20 and the team must make it to the finish line in Mongolia before it closes on August31.

Their route will include France, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.The team have raised about $1000 from sponsorships for charities Cool Earth and the Lotus Children’s Centre in the Mongolian capital, Ulan Bator.

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