Thursday, July 3, 2014

China Metallurgical : CFMCC Group Succeeds in Ammonia Leakage Test on Sphere in Inner Mongolia

The Steel Structure Company of China First Metallurgical Construction Group (CFMCC Group) announced that, under the 2nd Methanol Deep-processing Project of Jiutai Energy (Junggar) Co. Ltd. in Inner Mongolia, the ammonia leakage detection test was successfully conducted for the first time for ten spherical tanks (3,000 cubic meters) in the comprehensive tanking area for the intermediate materials on June 27, 2014. As a result, the Ammonia Method has been proved to fill the gap of CFMCC Group in the leakage test on sphere.

In the above-mentioned comprehensive tanking area, 28 spheres will be built up. CFMCC Group is awarded with the contract for ten spherical tanks (3,000 cubic meters), which are featured by different mediums but same leakage detection methods. The sphere is designed with a wall thickness of 22mm and a testing pressure varying from 0.4 MPa to 1.72 MPa. In order to ensure the safety of the tanking area and comply with the characteristics and requirements of the technical process design, the leakage detection test has to be carried out by utilizing the Ammonia Method. As a matter of fact, the Steel Structure Company of CFMCC Group has never used this method since it was engaged in manufacturing of spherical tank (in the past time, air-tight test should be undertaken by using compressed air for the installation of sphere). Since ammonia is a harmful gas to human being, anti-gas masks are equipped by the Project Division, specific employees are designated for management of "No Smoking" warning boards, so as to ensure the success of detection test. This project is anticipated to be completed in October of this year, and will promote the economic growth in the local area.

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