Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Akdong Musician discuss being homeschooled in Mongolia

The lucky Akdong Musician siblings got to be with their idol IU once again as both made guest appearances on this week's 'Healing Camp'.

The duo did a cute albeit short performance and also talked about their life in Mongolia, revealing they were asked by their parents, who were missionaries, if they wanted to be homeschooled. Excited and thinking that they would most likely be playing all day instead of actually doing work, the two readily agreed.

However, that was not the case, as the times were clearly scheduled for each study, so that it was no different from actually going to school. Soo Hyun revealed that if that were the case, she would rather have gone to real school. She was about to tell them when she overheard her parents' conversation that this would be difficult because of monetary issues.

The two kind siblings then acted like they enjoyed homeschooling rather than admit that they wanted to go to a real school.

Chan Hyuk said, "We were in financial trouble to the point that we mixed rice with soy sauce and ate it like that." However, the two admitted to really enjoying that meal, saying it was very delicious and they crave it even now.

The siblings said the disadvantages to being homeschooled was they never made friends, which was lonesome for them, or memories. Chan Hyuk stated, "I still have never worn a uniform," while Soo Hyun said she got to wear it once in a music video.

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