Friday, July 18, 2014

22 friends of the T.bataar dinosaur to arrive in Mongolia

The Lenin Museum, once property of the Mongolian People’s Party (MPP), will soon be converted into the Central Museum of Dinosaurs. Construction of the museum is underway. A corridor to the exhibition hall has been covered with white felt printed with the footprints of dinosaurs, and a sculpture of the head of T.bataar, a dinosaur that lived in Asia 70 million years ago, was built on the museum’s door.

The building was set to open on June 1, but has not yet fulfilled that promise. However, an exhibition was held at the museum on June 8, titled “T.bataar and Best Collections.”

The exhibit featured the skeleton of the T.bataar dinosaur in the center of the hall, who spent the winter in Darkhan-Uul Province. A life-size foam sculpture of the Saikhaniya dinosaur, posed next to him, was also included in the exhibit, along with the skeletons of a small Tseratops that lived 70 million years ago in Gurvantes soum of Umnugobi Province, and 15 baby Prototseratops found in Tugrug Shiree of Bulgan soum.

Painter D.Batjargal and five other painters and sculptors created the Saikhaniya dinosaur.

Minister of Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism (MCST) Ts.Oyungerel was interviewed by Dulguun of on July 10, where she revealed that the skeletons of 22 dinosaurs found in the same location as the T.bataar have been legally repossessed by Mongolia.

When will the Central Museum of Dinosaurs officially open?

The building was in bad condition. It will take a lot of time to repair it. But next week the exhibition “Past and Present of the Lenin Museum” will be opened.

What is the cost of the museum renovation?

We expected that the repairs would cost between 200 and 300 million MNT, but we want to build a world standard museum, which means we will need 5 billion MNT.

How many paleontological finds have occurred in Mongolia?

There have been 186 Mongolian finds which are now being returned from Europe. More than 20 of them are as big as the T.bataar. We sent two big collections to the Japanese exhibition “Dinosaurs of the Mongolian Gobi”, and six dinosaurs are stored at the Paleontological Centre. If our museum has a big enough space, we will include ten dinosaur skeletons.

Additionally, 22 dinosaur fossils found in the same location as the T.baatar have been legally repossessed by Mongolia from the United States as of July 10.

Has the illegal dinosaur trading network been shut down?

Law enforcement officials in the United States and our experts have stricken down the illegal dinosaur trading network.

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