Thursday, April 10, 2014

Old Colwyn man prepares to trek Mongolia

A MAN hoping to become the first person to trek solo over Mongolia has been making preparations for his adventure.

Ash Dykes, of Old Colwyn, who has completed months of physical training headed to West Highland Way, Scotland, to put his training and equipment to the test.

He will set off on his trek later this month.

Ash, aged 23, said: “There was a pretty big storm with winds up to 80mph and the rivers were full, which saw me having to cross four big rivers. I had to dismantle my cart on two occasions and balance my way across a floating beam that was going across the river.”

Ash was joined by two team members from Sensorshot Productions who were filming the training for his documentary trailer.

He added: “It was a great test, as a lot of stuff went wrong - but I would be almost disappointed if it didn't, as I wanted all the stuff to go wrong now, rather than when I'm in Mongolia.

“The trailer has been sent back for a few touch ups and new bits added to it. I'm a lot more prepared now and really looking forward to heading out there this month.”

Ash will be heading over to Mongolia with his agent, Rob Mills, on April 20.

They will first visit a local area where Ash will be taught the cultural aspects of the country, such as how to enter and exit the Nomad gers (tents) as well as phrases that will help him to get by.

He will then fly over towards the starting point, Olgii, to begin his approximately three month long journey on May 1.

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