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Mongolia Brief April 21, 2014

Open Day of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Held
Ulaanbaatar, April 20 (MONTSAME) An open day measure of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs took place Saturday on central square of Ulaanbaatar to propagandize activities of the Ministry to the public.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr L.Bold delivered an opening speech. During the event, the Ministry’s units, the Embassies of France, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Laos, Kuwait and China introduced to the public their activities, and gave responses on related services.
In addition, the Consular Department of the Ministry gave to people some recommendation during visiting abroad, and rendered to them notary services. It also connected online some people with their relatives residing in Beijing, Seoul, Bangkok and Hong Kong.
Apart of the consular service, the Ministry’s central archive mounted an exhibition, and the diplomatic protocol service made a presentation and information on its works.
Participated in the event, the Mongolia’s National Commission of the UNESCO organized a small concert of Morin Khuur and long song which are registered in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Prime Minister of Mongolia Sends Condolences over Passenger Ferry Accident
April 21 ( On April 18, 2014, the Prime Minister of Mongolia Mr. Norov ALTANKHUYAG has extended his condolences to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea, Mr. Jung Hong-won over the passenger ferry accident.
In his telegram, Premier N.Altankhuyag noted, “On behalf of the Government, the people of Mongolia and on my own, please convey our deep condolences to the family members, relatives and the Korean people who were affected by the deadly ferry accident”.
The South Korean ferry MV Sewol capsized on April 16, 2014. It was carrying 476 people on board when the disaster struck, mostly secondary school students from Danwon High School, who were travelling from Incheon to Jeju.
According to the latest reports, sixty-four people are known to have died and 238 are missing, presumed dead, in the sinking of the Sewol ferry.

Ch.Saikhanbileg Submits Draft Resolution of Parliament
Ulaanbaatar, April 20 (MONTSAME) On Friday, head of the Cabinet Secretariat for Government Ch.Saikhanbileg submitted to the Speaker a draft resolution of parliament on some measures of intensifying the economy in order to urgently discuss it at the spring session of parliament.
A soar of currency rates against Togrog is badly affecting purchasing capability of people, so it is required to keep a sustainable and high growth of the national economy by stabilizing currency rates and reducing the inflation rate, Saikhanbileg said.
Worked out based on the law on the State Great Khural, the draft resolution reflects 23 measures for intensifying the economy and to ensure the financial stability within the country that should be approved by the parliamentary spring session, he said.

Oyu Tolgoi Donates Vehicles to Omnogobi Soums
Ulaanbaatar, April 20 (MONTSAME) Oyu Tolgoi LLC’s website Friday reported that it has donated ten second-hand Land Cruisers to Khanbogd, Manlai, Bayan Ovoo and Dalanzadgad soums of Omnogobi aimag.
Three vehicles were donated to the Khanbogd hospital and two to the soum’s kindergarten, while one vehicle each was given to the kindergarten, hospital and secondary school in Manlai and Bayan Ovoo soums, and one vehicle was donated to the illness center in Dalanzadgad soum.
These vehicles were previously used at the Oyu Tolgoi mine and were donated to support the relevant soums in bringing education and health services closer to the inhabitants of the Gobi.

MWF and Khan Bank Foundation Cooperation Has Great Success
Ulaanbaatar, April 20 (MONTSAME) The Donation Box campaign conducted in mutual cooperation between Khan Bank Foundation, and the Mongolian Women’s Fund (MWF) has been summarized at the Central Office of the bank.
The news was published Friday on the commercial bank’s website.
The Bank announced that approximately MNT 5.3 million was donated via donation boxes located in 25 branches of Khan Bank in Ulaanbaatar in 2013.
Through the donations collected in 2013, the campaign funded the Bend Over Backwards project and enrolled 10 mothers of 10 khoroos of Chingeltei district in Ulaanbaatar, who have disabled children, in a course for manufacturing products using secondary raw materials and increased their home income by 45-50%.
Since 2005, the bank has been expending the donation box fund on supporting single mothers and mothers with disabled children and making a real contribution to their lives.
Within the framework of the donation box campaign, which has been conducted over nine years, the fund collected from customers and clients reached MNT 16.6 million. The MWF has expressed their deepest appreciation and handed Honorary Certificate to the employees of the branches who set the box at their branches and helped in the campaign.

New Wording of Law on Family to Be Submitted to Parliament
Ulaanbaatar, April 21 (MONTSAME) The Cabinet meeting on last Saturday agreed to submit a new wording of the law on family to the parliament.
At the meeting, Cabinet Secretariat Chief Ch.Saikhanbileg delivered a briefing on March activities of the Cabinet. This March, the Cabinet discussed 71 issues and got informed on 21 issues at their four meetings. During that time, it issued 33 resolutions.
At the meeting, the Cabinet also agreed to submit a draft law on conflict together with relevant drafts to the parliament.

Economic Development Minister to Inform on Concession Projects
Ulaanbaatar, April 21 (MONTSAME) At the ‘Hours of Up-building’ meeting of the Government on Monday, Economic Development N.Batbayar is expected to deliver introduction on projects planned to be carried out under concession agreements with the Government this year. 
The meeting is planned to kickoff at 3 pm. Ministries and affiliated agencies report their annual actions and plans at this so-called ‘Hours of Up-building’ meeting.

Foreign Minister L.Bold Conveys Letter to His French Counterpart
April 21 ( Minister for Foreign Affairs of Mongolia Mr. Luvsanvandan BOLD received in his office Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the French Republic to Mongolia, Mr. Yves Delaunay on April 18, 2014.
During the meeting, Minister L.Bold handed over an original copy of letter addressed to the Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius in connection with forming a new Government of France.
Foreign Minister L.Bold expressed his satisfaction with the intensive development of Mongolia-France relations in the political and economic spheres, and with the upcoming launching of Ulaanbaatar-Paris direct flight from June 06, 2014.
Moreover, parties touched upon issues concerning the stimulation of bilateral cooperation in the tourism and educational sectors and increase in academic exchanges.

NewsWire Highlights
A dispute between the Mongolian government and its biggest foreign investor over the expansion of one of the world’s largest copper mines has added to concerns over the country’s faltering economy. 
A financing deadline to expand the vast Oyu Tolgoi copper project passed last week without an agreement between developer Rio Tinto PLC and the government. The expansion is seen as crucial to Rio’s plans, but the Anglo-Australian mining company missed a deadline to secure USD 4.2 billion in project financing from banks for the project as discussions continued with the Mongolian government over how to divide the revenues. 
Mongolia needs the revenues to fund spending commitments made in the first flush of optimism of a mining-based windfall for the landlocked nation’s nearly three million people. But expansion of the mine, which began producing copper in 2013 and which could eventually generate one-third of the country’s gross domestic product, is now not likely until 2015. Few believe the mine expansion will not happen, although it could be developed on a reduced scale. 
An agreement on the mine “would be a wonderful signal, but there has got to be a lot more than that,” said Jim Dwyer, head of the Business Council of Mongolia, which promotes trade and investment in the country. In 2013, parliament passed a law to treat foreign and domestic investors the same. But foreigners remain concerned by Mongolia’s history of sudden regulatory changes and corruption probes that have sometimes ensnared foreign projects or citizens. 
Much will depend on the spring parliamentary session, which began on Monday, when the government’s approach to Oyu Tolgoi will be debated. The weak currency and drop in Mongolian stock prices has had some benefits. Two Japanese banks have set up shop in Ulaanbaatar while work has begun on the first power plant in the capital to be built since the 1980s.
“In 2010-2011, lots of people said values were too high,” said Howard Lambert, chief representative of ING Bank in Mongolia. “Now we are starting to see those people come back.”
Source: Financial Times
Shenhua Group, China’s top coal producer, will form a joint venture with partners in Mongolia to build a cross-border rail link that will help ship coal to China, the company confirmed on Wednesday. 
The deal marks a change in attitude in Mongolia, which has long sought to keep its powerful neighbor at arm’s length amid fears about China’s political and economic hegemony in the region. China buys more than 90 percent of Mongolia’s exports and has sought big stakes in the country’s strategic assets. A signing ceremony for the new rail joint venture was held in Ulaanbaatar on Monday. 
A Mongolian government official said the Chinese firm will own 49 percent of the project, which will involve the construction of a 13-kilometer rail link from the Chinese border to a terminal where coal is delivered by trucks. Yondon Manlaibayar, the director general of the department of railways at the Roads and Transportation Ministry, said a consortium of Mongolian firms, including state-owned miner Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi and the Hong Kong-listed Mongolian Mining Corporation, would share the remaining 51 percent. 
Mongolia plans to spend USD 5.2 billion on the expansion and upgrade of its railway network, and last year hired Samsung C&T to lead construction of a 217-kilometer route south from the Ukhaa Khudag mine in the South Gobi region towards China. A route to China would reduce the cost of shipping coal to customers in China—now largely done by road—and would also improve Mongolia’s access to China’s ports. But an additional 27 kilometers of rail connecting the Shenhua line and Samsung C&T’s line will be needed to complete the route. In the meantime, the temporary drop-off point will be established for trucks to deliver coal to the
Shenhua joint venture rail to be carried into China, said Manlaibayar. 
“They (the joint venture partners) don’t want to wait for us to complete the whole line,” said Manlaibayar.
The Shenhua joint venture project and the connecting 27 kilometers of line will be built using China’s rail gauge, while the rest of the line uses the Russian standard, said Manlaibayar. A station for gauge transference will be built where the Samsung-led rail line ends, he said. Mongolia’s rail policy requires the use Russia’s wider gauge standard, but some in the industry worry about the added costs of having to change standards at the end of the Samsung line.
Source: Reuters
Representatives of the Energy Ministry and the Development Bank of Mongolia signed an agreement with contractors Thursday for the expansion of Mongolia’s power generation and network. 
The government is expected to lead eight projects this year to expand the country’s heat and electricity capabilities through upgrades to the Amgalan Thermal station, Central Thermal Plant No. 3 and Central Thermal Plant No. 4.
The Energy Ministry has made expanding energy capacities to meet growing demand in Ulaanbaatar its main priority for 2014, in conjunction with the government’s “Smoke-free Ulaanbaatar” programme that is to see the re-planning of Ulaanbaatar’s ger districts.
Source: Montsame
The government is reportedly expecting 4,800 families from Ulaanbaatar’s ger districts to move into apartments this year.
Ulaanbaatar has 67 sites in 21 different areas where there are plans to build apartment buildings. City authorities have selected 16 out of 32 companies that bid to participate in the construction projects. Some companies taking part in Ulaanbaatar’s urbanization and ger redevelopment projects have complained of legal and infrastructure obstacles. Replanning of Ulaanbaatar’s ger districts is set to continue for 6 years at a cost of MNT 148 billion. Contracts for MNT 53.183 billion for construction have been made and infrastructure works are underway.
Source: Undesnii Shuudan
The government has approved financing for the construction of the Songino and MBA power generation substation, and the Ikh Toiruu electricity transmission lines. 
The Development Bank and the Economic Development Minister Batbayar received approval to finance 30 to 40 percent of the work to take place for the energy infrastructure. The power generation and delivery capabilities would allow 50,000 additional families to receive heat from the central thermal energy grid.
The government is introducing additional energy and heat infrastructure in the hopes of reducing pollution in Ulaanbaatar.
Source: Undesnii Shuudan
The Oyu Tolgoi copper-gold mine was included in a proposed resolution submitted by Economic Development Minister Nyamjav Batbayar.
The resolution would give the order for government to prepare the necessary documents for the second stage of investment for Oyu Tolgoi, in addition to the relaunch of exploration, financial support to industrialization, and possibilities for the exploration of oil, oil shale, and natural gas in protected areas. The proposed resolution would reportedly give 19 different directives with the purpose of fostering economic growth and stability during spring session of Parliament.
Source: Cover Mongolia
The opening of the 2014 spring session of Parliament was held on 7 April to an audience of party and foreign delegates. 
“Parliament could not confirm the list of issues to be discussed during the session of Parliament,” said Parliament Speaker Zandakhuu Enkhbold in his opening address. “Thus, I expect the first issue to be passed by Parliament to be the list of issues to be discussed. However 252 bills were suggested to be discussed at the spring session, but only 52 proposals have been submitted. These proposals that were submitted need to be arranged due to their socio-economic importance.” 
The speaker also said discussions expected to be held during the session would be reviews for the 2013 financial performance of government and the state budget reports for 2015, as well as bills to be prioritized by socio-economic importance. There is also debate expected regarding 272 funded construction projects that underwent audit and need to be confirmed before funding can resume.
The spring session of Parliament was noteworthy for the fact that it was attended by party leaders without seats in parliament, as well as foreign ambassadors and consuls. Separate caucuses were expected to convene following the opening of Parliament.

By End of First Quarter of 2014, 132 Million USD Left to Pay off Debt to Chalco, Says Prime Minister of Mongolia
April 21 ( On April 18, 2014, following the afternoon plenary session of the State Great Khural (Parliament), Prime Minister N.Altankhuyag delivered statement regarding current economic situation of Mongolia. 
In his report, Premier N.Altankhuyag noted, “According International Monetary Fund, Mongolia’s economy growth tendency is expected to be 12.9% in 2014, compare to last year it was 11.7%.
The inflation rate has been decreased a bit y-o-y; by the end of first quarter of 2013, inflation rate was decreased by 3.6% and by 3.5% in Q1 of 2014. Although foreign trade turnover declined, the deficit is 9.1 million USD as of the first three months of 2014, compare to same period of last year it was 395.8 million USD.
In the Q1 of 2014, coal export was 3.7 million tons, which is estimated at 206.4 million USD. However, coal export volume increased by 8.7%, but the value declined by 1.4% that caused by world market coal price drop. Contrary, most part of coal export by “Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi” JSC is being exported to China to cover Chalco’s debt and as of today, 132 million USD debt is left out of total 350 million USD.
The copper export increased by 52.9% reaching 214.1 thousand tons and earned 349.2 million USD, while gold exports reached 2.2 tons or 89.9 million USD, which is increased by 120% and total export by 110.4%. But exports of iron ore reached 908.6 thousand tons or 81.4 million USD, which is declined volume by 19% and export has dropped by 35.3%. Exports of crude oil reached 1.6 million barrels or 157.6 million USD, which is increased by 63.8% or 626.3 thousand barrels, and the export value reached 63.9 million USD or increased by 68.2% y-o-y. 
The State Budget revenue in the first quarter of 2014 is being interrupted by more than 160 billion MNT. General Department of Taxation has accumulated 401.9 billion MNT or 119 billion MNT is missing from expected 520.9 billion MNT of revenue. The Customs General Administration has collected 302.9 billion MNT or missing 59.4 billion MNT”.

President Ts.Elbegdorj Returns Home with Japanese Modern Hospital
April 21 ( President of Mongolia Mr. Tsakhia ELBEGDORJ is being under treatment after spine surgery made in Japan last March and according to a reporter, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mongolia to Japan Sodovjamts KHURELBAATAR was interviewed by a phone, where the following conversation was held on April 19, 2014.
Hello Mr. Ambassador, we would like to be informed with current physical condition and how does the President feel now?
Hello, President Ts.Elbegdorj underwent a surgery in the hospital at Tokyo University. However this type of operation is determined difficult, but fortunately went successfully and President has been recovering quickly and doctors advised him to return home after a few days.
Recently, Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe had a meeting with the President behind a lunch table in his Office. Besides, is President meeting with other authorities?
Yes, he held several meetings after leaving the hospital.. You know, first meeting was with Premier Abe, also President Ts.Elbegdorj met with members of Liberal Democratic Party of the Japan (LDP) including former Minister of State for Abduction Issue, who is Acting Chairman, Policy Research Council, Mr. Shiozaki Yasuhisa and Secretary-General, LDP Japan-Mongolia Parliamentary Friendship Association, Mr. Hayashi Motoo.
During these meetings what issues were concerned?
During the meeting with Premier Sh.Abe, parties mentioned Mongolia-Japan relations have been strengthening and developing at their most top level, where friendly one-to-one meetings of two leaders have great impacts. As of result, the midterm program to develop strategic partnership is successfully being implemented following the reciprocal visits by Shinzo Abe to Mongolia in March 2013 and Mongolia’s Prime Minister official visit to Tokyo conducted last September.
They also emphasized that some measures stated in the program should be developed furthermore. During the latter meeting Premier Abe pledged to carry out several large projects to support Mongolia’s sustainable development. For instance, he assured the Government of Japan to grant-in-aid a 200-bed hospital with latest modern diagnosis and treatment equipment for the people of Mongolia.
During the meeting President Ts.Elbegdorj expressed thanks that Japanese Government accepted Mongolia’s request to build a modern hospital in Ulaanbaatar that would deliver the good-quality services of Japanese hospitals to ordinary Mongolian citizens.
Besides, a team of Japanese cardio and oral & maxillofacial surgeons are to visit Mongolia under the auspices of the President of Mongolia and stay for a long term period to conduct surgery and examinations not only in Ulaanbaatar, but also in provincial regions.

Mongolian Consul General in Istanbul takes office
April 21 ( The Consul General of Mongolia to Istanbul E.Munkh-Ochir assumed his office at a ceremony in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey on Friday, April 18th. 
Ambassador Mehmet Samsar, the Director General for Consular Affairs of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign, presented the consular patent and wished success in the Consul General`s mission saying that he believes the cooperation would be effective. With the conclusion of the ceremony, parties had talks over consular relations between the two countries. 
The Consul General of Mongolia in Istanbul has now taken his office officially. 
At the ceremonial meeting, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mongolia to Turkey B.Batkhishig was present to have talks over preparations for the official visit of Turkish Foreign Affairs Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu to Mongolia, and the Consultative meeting between Mongolia and Turkey that is scheduled in Ulaanbaatar.
Both parties stated the great significance of visa free travel that became effective form April 11th 2014, in strengthening direct links between the people of the two countries, and extending cooperation in trade, business, tourism, education, culture and science. The visa free travel conditions state that visitors can travel up to 30 days in any 180-day period for both travelers of Mongolia and Turkey.
Now over 1500 out of the 2200 Mongolians residing in Turkey stay only in Istanbul. Before establishing the Consulate General of Mongolia in Istanbul, Mr. Fahrettin Amir Arman was making efforts to protect the rights of Mongolians living in Istanbul.

Mongolia to Cooperate with Kyrgyz Republic
Ulaanbaatar, April 21 (MONTSAME) During the visit to Kyrgyz Republic /KR/, the delegation of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Mongolia led by Director B. Ariunsan met with Mr Djoomart Otorbaev, the Prime Minister of KR, last Friday, reported on website, same day.
Mongolian delegation paid a visit to the country in order to establish official relations with the State Committee for National Security (GKNB) of this country.
The Prime Minister thanked representatives of the Mongolian delegation for the visit and expressed hope that cooperation between Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia will be actively developed in different directions.
"For us, your country is the most effective example of how to achieve results in improving the quality of life of population. We are interested in enhancing cooperation and exchange of experience, improvement of the electoral process with the use of modern technology, the management of the mining sector and other sectors of the economy and social life," said Djoomart.
In turn, a director B.Ariusan informed the Kyrgyz Prime Minister that the delegation met yesterday with leaders of the National Security Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic and invited them to Mongolia to share experiences.

Rule of HDF for Children Altered
Ulaanbaatar, April 21 (MONTSAME) At its meeting on Saturday, the cabinet amended the rule of granting money to children from the Human Development Fund (HDF).
The previous year, 960 thousand and 287 children received monthly allowance given from the HDF after the Ministry of Population Development and Social Welfare has paid big attention to this matter, but 2,100 infants who were born in December of 2013 were left no cash although their application materials went to the related welfare section.
The Ministry explained that those children born in December of 2013 cannot have the cash allowance due to taking some time for transferring their materials and information to the social welfare organization as well as the money to the state fund and commercial banks.
In accordance with the altered rule, the applicants will receive the money from the next year’s budget despite a completion of transmitting of the money.

Mongolia and Kingdom of Thailand Run Its First Consultative Meeting in Bangkok
April 21 ( On April 20, 2014, the Foreign Ministries of Mongolia and the Kingdom of Thailand held its first consultative meeting in Bangkok city, where Mongolian part was led by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs D.Gankhuyag and the other part by Permanent Secretary of the Foreign Ministry of Thailand Sihasak Phuangketkeow.
The meeting focused on the development of Mongolia-Thailand relations and cooperation in the areas of politics, economy, trade, tourism and health as well as in the humanitarian spheres, on regional and international issues of mutual concern, and on activities for the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Mongolia the Kingdom of Thailand.
The parties highlighted an importance of frequent reciprocal top and high-level visits and the successful implementation of agreements reached during the visit of Prime Minister of Thailand Yingluck Shinawatra to Mongolia in April 2013.

Health Ministry Runs Discussion on Clear Environment
Ulaanbaatar, April 21 (MONTSAME) Last Friday, a discussion-meeting themed “Clear environment- Ulaanbaatar” ran at the initiation of the Ministry of Health.
Co-organizers were the National Center of Public Health, the City Mayor's Office and the Specialized Inspection Agency of the city.
At the meeting, the Minister Udval delivered a speech and lectures were given under topics of “New trash management introduction in the UB city”, “UB city soil pollution and reduction ways” and “Soil pollution level of the UB city” then ran a discussion among gathered.

Bayankhongor Governor to Attend Central Asia Forum
Ulaanbaatar, April 21 (MONTSAME) A delegation from China’s Gansu is visiting south-western Bayankhongor province these days.
The delegation met with Province Governor D.Jargalsaikhan on Sunday and presented him an invitation for a ‘China-Central Asia cooperation forum’ to take place in Lanzhou city, the largest city of Gansu Province in Northwest China. The delegation is expected to hold a series of meeting with the local administration during their two-day visit in Bayankhongor province.
Gansu is a province of the People's Republic of China, located in the northwest of the country. It lies between the Tibetan and Huangtu plateaus, and borders Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, and Ningxia to the north, Xinjiang and Qinghai to the west, Sichuan to the south, and Shaanxi to the east. The Yellow River passes through the southern part of the province. Gansu has a population of 26 million (2009). The capital is Lanzhou, located in the southeast part of the province.

Hide Bonus Money to Be Granted This Month
Ulaanbaatar, April 21 (MONTSAME) This year, the Government is to allocate 20 billion togrog to herders as hide bonus money.
The Government was planning to place the boney money by April 1 in bank accounts of herders who have sold animal skins to domestic enterprises and are able to certify the sale with relevant documents. The animal protection foundation has informed that the bonus money will be placed in bank accounts of herders within this month.
Some 60 thousand herders have applied for the incentive to receive 15 thousand togrog per a rawhide of caw or horse, and three thousand togrog per a rawhide of sheep or goat.

Program Developed to Grant Herders Housing Loans
Ulaanbaatar, April 21 (MONTSAME) The Ministry of Industry and Agriculture has developed a ‘housing for herders’ program to improve living environment of herders.
This program aims at secure incomes of herder families and thereby involvement of herders in housing program of the Government, say officers. Under the ‘Housing for Herders’ program, accounts will be created for herders to collect incomes from raw materials sale, thus meeting requirements of a housing loan program in a commercial bank. The program is expected to be carried out within 5-15 years, and needs 910 billion togrog according to estimation by the Ministry.
Today, there are some 146 herder families in Mongolia, with 61% of them being in possession of 200-1,000 animals to earn annual incomes of MNT 4.8 million – MNT 51.6 million from the animals, a study of the Ministry reveals.

MNCCI to Organize Business Tour to Europe
Ulaanbaatar, April 21 (MONTSAME) The Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Monday announced that it will organize a business tour to Sweden, Finland and Germany.
The tour will take place in conjunction with a forthcoming official visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs to Sweden to be paid on May 24-31 in frames of the 40th anniversary of the Mongolia-Sweden diplomatic relations.
Within the event that will run May 24-31, a meeting will be held between Mongolian and Swedish businessmen, and presentation tours will run to Stockholm, Helsinki and Berlin cities.     

Mongolia to Import Grain Seeds of 20 Thousand Ton
Ulaanbaatar, April 21 (MONTSAME) An estimation says Mongolia needs 48 thousand ton of grain seeds for sowing this spring.
As today, enterprises and individual farmers have a total reserve of 26.8 thousand ton grain seeds, and the Agricultural Support Fund has 1.2 thousand ton of seeds. The remaining 20 thousand ton of seeds is expected to be imported from the Republic of Buryatia, Russia, and 6.8 thousand ton of which then to be supplied to the Agricultural Support Fund, while 13.2 thousand ton seeds are expected to be allocated to enterprises and individuals.
The Ministry of Agriculture has established an agreement to import 6.8 thousand ton of seed from Russia’s Buryatia. The first freights of seeds from Buryatia have arrived in Hotol of northern Selenge province.
The Ministry has also announced a tender to supply 11 types of onion bulbs with price of 120 million togrog. Under ‘Mongolian potato’ program, 125 thousand seed potatoes free of virus are being produced to be supplied for spring sowing, the Ministry says.

Teachers to Share Experience in South Korea
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Some 20 teachers received last week ratification documents to be involved in a teacher-exchanging programme in the Republic of Korea.
In accordance with the programme, the 25 teachers from Ulaanbaatar city and Arkhangai, Bulgan, Gobisumber, Dundgobi, Zavkhan, Orkhon, Tov, Uvs and Khovd aimags will work in schools in South Korea for three months in order to exchange experience with their Korean counterparts and will get acquainted with culture and development of the country.
The teacher-exchanging programme started from the year 2012 under cooperation between the countries’ Ministries of education, and 180 teachers have been involved in the programme so far.

Nat'l Center for Maternal and Child Health Gets Apparatus
Ulaanbaatar, April 21 (MONTSAME) The National Center for Maternal and Child Health has acquired a total of 2.4 billion togrog worth of diagnostic apparatus of Electrocardiography /ECG/.
Recently, this six-storey center has created research centers for blood disorder and cancer in its fourth and fifth floors and planning to open computer diagnosis and tomography, operating rooms, and intensive care center for infants in the first and second floors.
Providing with the latest hi-techs, patients are now possible to get all kinds of diagnostic service from this national center. 

‘11 11’ Center Reports
Ulaanbaatar, April 21 (MONTSAME) Last week, the '11 11' Center of the Government was accessed by 1,092 people.
Many complained about services denial at some commercial banks and public organizations to those with inquiry cards from government service machines. Responding to this issue, the State Registration Authority said that they forwarded an official request to solve this problem to those institutions denying rendering due services.
About land acquisition and ownership, 73 people accessed to the Center, which informed them on land ownership actions that has postponed due to uncompleted general plan development, and directed them to website where they can apply for land acquisition.

Children’s Choir Marks 10th Anniversary
Ulaanbaatar, April 21 (MONTSAME) The celebrated choir of World Vision Mongolia is making its ten year mark, with approximately 100 children who unlocked their talents through music, with several of the members now studying at prestigious art colleges and universities in Mongolia.
According to an article with name of “Ten wonderful years of Children of Blue Sky” published at - World Vision Mongolia’s website on Sunday, in just ten years, the lives of hundred orphans, underprivileged children were transformed with charms of music.
A decade ago “Children of Blue Sky” choir was born to develop and nurture the children through music and singing provided the children with an opportunity not just to discover their talent and potential but to rise above their circumstances. Today, the celebrated choir of World Vision Mongolia is making its ten year mark, with approximately 100 children who unlocked their talents through music, with several of the members now studying at prestigious art colleges and universities in Mongolia. In just ten years, the lives of hundred orphans, underprivileged children were transformed with charms of music.
The acclaimed choir’s anniversary concert was held at the Russian Cultural Center, with many high profile guests in the audience including Ministry of Population Development and Social Welfare Secretary General Mrs. Otgonjargal.B, Director of National Authority for Children Mrs. Narantuya.I, and Director of Family and Child Development Agency of Capital City Mrs. Baigali.Ya, as well as State Honored Artist B.Zangad and “Exemplary Music Orchestra” of Armed Forces performed with the choir and celebrated their accomplishments.
The rising stars born from the choir came to encourage their younger brothers and sisters in the choir, including former lead singers of the choir N. Unudelger, T. Amarbayasgalan, N. Enkh-Amgalan, B. Nyamdash who have participated in the national competition “Universe best songs” and placed to top 25, and 15. Moreover, nine original members of the choir were awarded the medal for “Best Youth” by the Mongolian Youth Federation for their talent, academic and extracurricular achievements during the concert. These members of the choir exhibited extraordinary strengths of overcoming the challenges of poverty and neglect through music and dance.
This talented group of children has won many achievements in the past; including: in 2005 “The Best of the Best” from the “Golden Fall” professional art celebration, and the Grand Prix from the children’s choir celebration organized in Korea. Furthermore, part of the group has had many duets with famous local as well as international artists, and has performed in the UK, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, India and Japan.

Mongolian to Compete against Muay Thai Three-Time Champion

Ulaanbaatar, April 21 (MONTSAME) Mongolian N.Bat-Erdene, National Pro Muaythai Champion of Mongolia for the I-1 Super Fight Belt, is to fight against Yodkumarn from Thailand on April 28.
This will be one of super fights in WMC I-1 World Muaythai Grand Prix 2014 to be held in Hong Kong International Trade & Exhibition Centre (Star Hall) on 28 April 2014. Yodkumarn MTP 2004 (Thailand), a.k.a. “Flying Dragon” is three-time Champion of Northern Thailand and three-time I-1 International Champion.
Muay Thai is a combat sport from the muay martial arts of Thailand that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques. This physical and mental discipline which includes combat on foot is known as "the art of eight limbs" because it is characterized by the combined use of fists, elbows, knees, shins and feet, being associated with a good physical preparation that makes a full-contact fighter very efficient. Muay Thai became widespread internationally in the twentieth century, when practitioners defeated notable practitioners of other martial arts. A professional league is governed by the World Muay Thai Council.

Mongolian Parathletes Come Fourth in Beijing

Ulaanbaatar, April 21 (MONTSAME) A Mongolian team of persons with disabilities came fourth at the second China Open Athletics Championships, 2014 International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Athletics Grand Prix.
The China Administration of Sports for Persons with Disabilities organized the 2nd China Open Athletics Championships in Beijing at their outdoor athletics facilities, 20km from downtown Beijing and 10km from the Beijing Capital International Airport on April 14-16.
The Mongolian team grabbed six gold and three silver medals to become the fourth best team after host China, South Korea and Vietnam. The championships were attended by athletes from 18 countries.

Mongolia’s Merit Athlete B.Ser-Od Wins Silver Medal in Nagano Marathon 2014

April 21 ( The 16th Nagano Olympic Commemorative “Nagano Marathon” was successfully organized in Japan for a total distance of 42.195 km between Nagano City Athletic Park Nagano Olympic Stadium held on April 20, 2014.
The race was accredited by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations and AIMS, where 9,535 athletes were registered to take part in the marathon, but only 8,295 racers finished the course.
Notably, Mongolia’s Merit Athlete B.Ser-Od has participated upon the invitation representing the Japanese national team and came in the second place with 2:14:04 time.
Final results of 16th Nagano Marathon, April 20, 2014
Women’s category
1. Alina Prokopeva (Russia) - 2:30:56
2. Rika Shintaku (Japan) - 2:36:02
3. Shoko Shimitsu (Japan) - 2:37:21
Men’s category
1 Sergii Lebid (Ukraine) -2”13:56
2. Bat-Ochir SER-OD (Mongolia) - 2:14:04
3. Taiga Ito (Japan) - 2”15:20

Our Artists to Participate in Asian Theater Festival

Ulaanbaatar, April 21 (MONTSAME) Artists of the State Academic Drama Theater are to head the South Korea to take part in the Asian Theater Festival in April 26.
The competition is planned to run in Masan city of the S.Korea in April 25 - May 2 with participants from 14 countries.
Our country will be represented by a six-artist team and they prepared to stage a concert named “Legend of Cuckoo Bird” for the festival. 

"Urgeeleg" New Movie Screened Here

Ulaanbaatar, April 21 (MONTSAME) A new movie “Urgeeleg” started to be screened at "Urgoo-2 "cinema, last Saturday.
This adventurous movie was co-created by the “Prime Pictures”, “A Group” and “Black Zebra” productions and starred by artists of the State Academic Drama Theater G.Erdenebileg, S.Bold-Erdene and Ts.Tserenbold and popular actress D.Navchaa, and actor B.Amarsaikhan.
Producer is J.Sengedorj who previously produced “Thief of the Mind” and “Laridma” movies.
The film tells about foreign workers' lives who are working illegally in Mongolia and 70 percent of cinematography were taken in China.

China for First Time to Participate in "Khaan Quest 2014" Multinational Peacekeeping Exercises in Mongolia

April 21 ( It was previously informed that the annual "Khaan Quest 2014" multinational peacekeeping exercises were set to take place in Mongolia from June 20 to July 01, 2014.
So, the final meeting for "Khaan Quest 2014" was held in Ulaanbaatar on April 14-18, 2014, where 58 military attaches from the Embassies of Canada, People’s Republic of China, Czech Republic, Republic of Korea and the United States in Mongolia have attended.
Mongolia was represented by authorities of General Staff of Mongolian Armed Forces, Ministry of Defense of Mongolia and the United States by Marine Corps Forces at US Pacific Command, Alaska National Guard, and Embassy of the United States in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
The "Khaan Quest 2014" multinational peacekeeping operations are planned to be organized in four main events such as command-staff exercises, troop-field exercises, hospital-humanitarian and engineering joint activities.
Last year, 15 nations have participated in the "Khaan Quest 2013", so in 2014 edition, 20 countries have officially submitted their requests to participate in the field military exercises. In the "Khaan Quest 2014", China for the first time will send its military forces and a group of medical professionals, and the NATO member-state, the Czech Republic will send a platoon of peacekeepers and a group of military instructors.
Moreover, during the joint practices, with purpose to enhance peacekeepers training, special courses for survival and patrols on the water will be conducted, besides a class on suppressing the disorder is included as a new program.
The "Khaan Quest 2014" multinational field-exercises will be held at Tavan Tolgoi (Five Hills) training area, the hospital humanitarian joint activities in Songinokhairkhan District, and the engineering-rehabilitation activities at some kindergartens and schools in Bayangol and Songinokhairkhan Districts of Ulaanbaatar.

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