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Mongolia Brief April 14, 2014

Mongolia to Appoint Its First Ambassadors to Indonesia and Brazil
Ulaanbaatar, April 13 (MONTSAME) At its regular meeting on Saturday, the cabinet discussed an issue of appointing some Ambassadors of the country, and then decided to submit a proposal on it to the President Ts.Elbegdorj.

According to the proposal, the cabinet decided to appoint Sh.Battsetseg as the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mongolia to Indonesia; and Ch.Sosormaa--to Brazil, in accordance with the law on government.
Before appointing these Ambassadors, the cabinet made a decision last year to open Embassies of Mongolia in Jakarta and Brasilia cities.

Cabinet Meeting Resolutions in Brief: April 12, 2014
April 14 ( The regular Cabinet meeting of the Government was held on Saturday, April 12, and the following issues were resolved.
- The draft bill on "Legal Status of Military Personnel" was discussed and agreed to submit to the State Great Khural (Parliament). The law is aimed to regulate and ensure any issues related to military officers’ legal status and any administrative and legal aspects will be regulated under this law at any stage of an administration.
- For the 2014 spring sowing, it is decided to sell 5,940 tons of wheat seed from state reserve to farming enterprises, entities and individuals, where Deputy Prime Minister D.Terbishdagva is obliged to take measures on providing compensation sales within December 2014.
- The new version of the bill on Fire Safety was revised and agreed to submit to the Parliament.
- The intergovernmental agreement on visa requirement exemption for holders of Diplomatic E-passport between Mongolia and the Republic of Estonia was supported and Foreign Minister of Mongolia L.Bold is entrusted to sign the document.
- Plan to accelerate measures on providing earthquake disaster prevention was approved.
- Draft bill on “Civil-military mission and military service” was backed and agreed to submit to the Parliament.
Cabinet Meeting in BriefMontsame, April 13

Myanmars Speaker visits Mongolia
April 14 ( Speaker of Myanmar`s Lower House of Parliament, Thura Shwe Mann, is making an official visit to Mongolia between April 12th and 15th on the invitation of the Speaker of Mongolian Parliament Z.Enkhbold. Speaker Thura Shwe Mann landed in Mongolia on Saturday and paid a visit to the countryside over the weekend. 
The counterparts of the two countries will have official talks today, Monday. After the talks the Speaker of Myanmar`s Lower House of Parliament will be received by the Prime Minister of Mongolia, N.Altankhuyag. 
This is the first high ranking visit with Myanmar after the official visit conducted by the President of Mongolia, Ts.Elbegdorj, in Myanmar in 2013. 
At the official visit by Myanmar`s Speaker in Mongolia, a wide range of issues to strengthen bilateral relations between Mongolia and Myanmar will be discussed. These will include ways to establish cooperation between the legislatures of the two countries and how to share Mongolia`s socio-economic transition experiences with the newly democratic state Myanmar. 
The official visit will end on Tuesday 15th April.
Burmese Speaker Begins Visit HereMontsame, April 13

JICA President Tanaka to Visit Mongolia
Ulaanbaatar, April 14 (MONTSAME) Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) President Akihiko Tanaka will visit Mongolia April 14-17 to meet Prime Minister N.Altankhuyag and other prominent figures, reports
Tanaka will also visit several other project sites in the country during his stay, including the Mongolia-Japan Center for Human Resources Development in Ulaanbaatar, it says.

Z.Enkhbold Welcomes Speaker of Myanmar
Ulaanbaatar, April 14 (MONTSAME) The Speaker of the State Great Khural Z.Enkhbold Monday welcomed visiting Mr Thura Shwe Mann, the Speaker of the Burmese House of Representatives (Pyithu Hluttaw); and accompanied him officials, on the central square.
After paying tribute to the Monument of Chinggis Khaan, Mr Mann left his signature on the Note of Honored Guests in the ceremonial hall of the State House.
By the programme, the Burmese Speaker will meet the Prime Minister of Mongolia N.Altankhuyag. After this, he will meet chairman of the General Election Commission (GEC) for getting familiarized with an automatic system of election in Mongolia.

Stock Exchange Weekly Review
Ulaanbaatar, April 14 (MONTSAME) Five stock trades were held at Mongolia's Stock Exchange on April 7-11, 2014.
In overall, nine million 980 thousand and 066 shares were sold of 48 joint-stock companies totaling MNT one billion 383 million 664 thousand and 673.00.
"Bayankhairkhan” /200 thousand units/, "Remikon” /36 thousand and 600 units/, "Sharyn gol" /26 thousand and 003 units/, "Moninjbar” /16 thousand and 188 units/ and "Khokh gan" /7,025 units/ were the most actively traded in terms of trading volume, in terms of trading value--"Sharyn gol (MNT 208 million 026 thousand and 800), "Bayankhairkhan" (MNT 100 million), "Tavantolgoi" /MNT 20 million 237 thousand and 080/, "Material impex" /MNT 14 million 714 thousand and 700.00/ and "Darkhan nekhii" (MNT eight million 650 thousand and 400.00).

Circus Forum Runs
Ulaanbaatar, April 14 (MONTSAME) The first forum of Mongolia circus was held Saturday in a concert hall of the State Philharmonics.
It was co-organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism, the Mongolian Association of Circus, the “New Circus” center, the “Circus Estrad” society, the Circus Department and the Seniors’ Union for Circus Art.
At the forum, experts and scholars delivered reports on origin and history of Mongolian circus, a present situation of circus in Mongolia, urgent problems and future tendency. Discussions on the themes ran as well.

O.Baasankhuu calls for resignation of Justice Minister
April 14 ( The Standing Committee on Justice in Parliament is scheduled to discuss MP O.Baasankhuu`s call for the resignation of Justice Minister Kh.Temuukin during Monday`s meeting on April 14th. 
MP O.Baasankhuu claims that the Justice Minister is unable to handle his department and says there are several reasons for him to resign from his position. 
MP O.Baasankhuu delivered a petition calling for the resignation of Justice Minister Kh.Temuujin on the basis of claims that he lost responsibility over offences against the law. The MP also claims that he is unable to handle the department and that he is unable to meet the ethical requirements needed by a cabinet minister. 
The issues is expected to be discussed during today`s Standing Committee on Justice meeting. A call for the resignation of a cabinet minister should be discussed within a week according to a law. 

МIАТ plans IPO
April 14 ( Mongolia`s State policy on air transportation gives consideration to the privatization of some stakes in the state-backed MIAT, Mongolian Airlines. 
According to the state-backed privatization plan, a 49% stake in the carrier will be publicly offered on the stock market later this year. 
So now Mongolian Airlines, MIAT is working to have the company evaluated by international organizations. After the evaluation, the company will decide whether or not to make an IPO, selling its 49% stake on the international stock market. 
If going ahead, MIAT is planning an IPO on the Hong Kong stock exchange later this year. 

Businesses need more business
April 14 (Mongolian Economy) Mongolian Economy asked Jim Dwyer, Executive director of Business Council of Mongolia, three questions about risks threatening Mongolia’s business sector. 
Jim was appointed Executive Director to manage the activities of Business Council of Mongolia upon its formation in September 2007. He lived in New York City and worked for Wall Street-based firms as an investment banker specialising in Mergers & Acquisitions since the 1970s, including the position as Global Head of M&A for Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS).
What are the biggest risks threatening Mongolia’s economy in 2014?
Big risks continue to be Government involvement in the economy and private business sector, including management control of major entities including Erdenes-Tavan Tolgoi, the Mongolian Stock Exchange and MIAT.  Some other risks are:
          Possible major tax rate hikes and extensive reporting requirements for mining companies under consideration at Ministry of Finance; 
          Continued negative investor sentiment as long as OT issues remain unresolved to enable work and investment to commence on Phase 2 underground development;
          Rising inflation and weakening foreign exchange reserves, which add to further weakening of the tugrug; and
          Unclear regulation regarding the new Investment Law and potentially more restrictive and cumbersome amendments to the Minerals Law, which delay the influx of needed FDI.
How do those risks impact companies?
Impacts to the private sector presently are severe and could continue for another 18 months.  The mining supply chain is backed up and is struggling to survive due to less exploration activity and lower volumes of coking coal. Several large job layoffs have had to be made. Businesses are struggling to survive during this trying economic period.  FDI which is so needed for the economy to recover will not pick up for a considerable period. Foreign investors could need considerable time to be convinced that stability has occurred and should be maintained.
What measures need to be taken to mitigate these risks from both public and private sector?
It is paramount for a mitigation of these risks that a reduction in government ownership and management involvement in the private sector and the economy be implemented.  Businesses need more business!  FDI needs to continue to be welcomed, perhaps forever. 
Other visible large projects such as Erdenes-TT becoming a significant operation with access to international financing and Power Plant no.5's construction and connection to the grid for UB city energy should be completed without further bureaucratic delays.  
Once private sector investments are made, the returns to investors need to be predictable.  Such factors such as government instability, increased tax and royalty rates, frequent changes to laws and inefficient regulatory entity practices should be minimised.  We need to see a "win, win" for Mongolia and all investors. 

Winners of "Dunjingarav 2014"
April 14 ( The first biggest spring horse racing competition, the "Dunjingarav 2014" took place at the Tsagaan Khutul valley, Tuv Aimag on April 13, 2014, which is successfully being organized annually by Federation of Mongolian Horse Racing Sports and Trainers (FMHRST) since 2002.
The competition traditionally was organized in four age categories – Crossbreed horses, Azarga or Stallion, Ikh Nas (horses over 5 years of age) and Soyolon (five year old horses), where 800 participant jockeys were provided with free safety wears.
Winners of "Dunjingarav 2014"
"Airgiin Tav" or winners of the first 5 places in Crossbreed category, where 55 horses raced
1. “Khongor” horse trained by State’s Vanguard Trainer N.Dash-Ulzii, resident of Erdenekhairkhan Sum, Zavkhan Aimag
2. “Usgiit Tsagaan Khongor” horse by State’s Distinct Vanguard Ts.Batsaikhan, resident of Batsumber Sum, Tuv Aimag
3. “Khuren” horse by State’s Vanguard Trainer D.Bayaraa, resident of Durvuljin Sum, Zavkhan Aimag
4. “Usgiit Tsagaan Kurenr” horse by Head of FMHRST, State’s Distinct Vanguard MP M.Enkhbold, resident of Bayan Sum, Tuv Aimag
5. “Sartai Kheer” horse by L.Gansukh, resident of Ulaangom Sum, Uvs Aimag
Azarga (103 horses)
1. “Khuren” stallion by N.Enkhbold, resident of Khankhongor Sum, Umnugovi Aimag
2. “Khaltar” stallion by Kh.Baatarkhuu, resident of Ulaanbadrakh Sum, Dornogovi Aimag
3. “Tsavidar” stallion by N.Mungunkhuyag, resident of Zavkhanmandal Sum, Zavkhan Aimag
4. “Khuren” stallion by T.Galbadrakh, resident of Tosontsengel Sum, Zavkhan Aimag
5. “Khaltar” stallion by Aimag’s Famed Trainer Ch.Purev, resident of Jargalant Sum, Tuv Aimag
Ikh Nas (169 horses)
1. “Buural” horse by S.Tuguldur, resident of Tsogt-Ovoo Sum, Umnugovi Aimag
2. “Khaltar” horse by Ch.Makhbal, resident of Arkhust Sum, Tuv Aimag
3. “Khaltar” horse by M.Altankhuyag, resident of Tsagaandelger Sum, Dundgovi Aimag
4. “Zeerd” horse by S.Munkhbat, resident of Khuld Sum, Dundgovi Aimag
5. “Kheer” horse by S.Shinebaatar, resident of Luus Sum, Dundgovi Aimag
Soyolon (100 horses)
1. “Khongor” horse by Aimag’s Famed Trainer D.Erbold, resident of Khuld Sum, Dundgovi Aimag
2. “Bor” horse by State’s Vanguard Trainer D.Khishigjargal, resident of Gurvanbulag Sum, Bulgan Aimag
3. “Sharga” horse by U.Atarsaikhan, resident of Ulaanbaatar city
4. “Saaral” horse by State’s Vanguard Trainer B.Buyannemekh, resident of Must Sum, Khovd Aimag
5. “Kheer” horse by N.Akhiav, resident of Khutag-Undur Sum, Bulgan Aimag
Today on April 14, 2014, the “Khangarid 2014” horse racing competition is being organized by Capital City Horse Racing Sports and Trainers Federation also in four age categories - "Khyazaalan" (4-year old) horses, Shudlen (3-year old), Daaga (2-year old) horses and Daaga (crossbreed) at Tsagaan Khutul valley, Tuv Aimag.
Mongolian names of horse color:
Bor - a grey horse
Buural - a roan horse
Khaliun - a buckskin horse
Khaltar - a dark horse with light-colored muzzle and breast
Khalzan - a horse with a blaze on the face
Khar - a black horse
Kheer - a bay horse
Khongor - a red dun horse
Khul - a dun horse
Khuren - a chestnut horse
Saaral - a grullo horse
Sharga - a palomino horse
Tsagaan - a white horse
Tsavidar - a chestnut horse with white-grey colored mane and tail
Zeerd - a sorrel horse

Sant Maral Foundation: President of Mongolia Leads March 2014 Politbarometer
April 14 ( The "Sant Maral" foundation presents the results of the March 2014 survey conducted from March 17 to March 30, 2014. The representative sample of 1,200 respondents was collected in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar (Ulan-Bator) and Bayankhongor, Bulgan, Zavkhan, Selenge, Umnugovi and Sukhbaatar Aimags (Provinces) of Mongolia.
The tabulations are sorted by "capital", "countryside" and "nationwide", where the March 2014 Politbarometer collected information in 57 questionnaires and only nine data are selected from
* Ts.Elbegdorj - President of Mongolia (2013-2017), promoted from DP
* S.Ganbaatar - Parliamentarian (2012-2016), Independent
* N.Enkhbayar - former President (2005-2009), MPRP
* N.Altankhuyag - Prime Minister (2012-2016), DP
* E.Bat-Uul - Mayor of Ulaanbaatar (2012-2016), DP
* Kh.Battulga - Minister for Industry and Agriculture (2012-2016), DP
* B.Bat-Erdene - Parliamentarian (2012-2016), MPP
* N.Bagabandi - former President (1997-2005), MPRP
* Z.Enkhbold - Speaker of the Parliament (2012-2016), DP
* O.Magnai - Director of the Agency for Fair Competition and Consumer Protection (2012-2016), DP
* Ch.Ulaan - Minister for Finance (2012-2016), MPRP
* M.Enkhbold - Parliamentarian (2012-2016), Head of MPP
* D.Oyunkhorol - Parliamentarian (2012-2016), MPP

Government of Mongolia Approves Quotas for Hunting in 2014
April 13 ( At the Cabinet meeting held on April 12, 2014, the Government of Mongolia approved the quotas for hunting and trapping wild animals under specific purposes in 2014.
For instances, in 2014 it is allowed to hunt a total of 28 Ugalz (male wild sheep - Argali), 41 mountain goats (Ibex - Yangir), 20 red deer, 20 wolves, 10 roe deer, and 200 Mongolian gazelles (Zeer). Also, for study purposes to trap up to 20 saker falcons and 310 Siberian Salmon or Taimen (Tul) are permitted to be caught but to be released after.
According to hunting management plan realized in 2013, Government allowed foreign nationals to hunt some species for sports and game purposes, where in 28 Sums (administrative unit of Aimag) were hunted 15 ugalz, 32 mountain goats, 10 red deer, 4 wolves, 4 roe deer and 4 wild boars and 520,000,000 MNT were compounded in the Sum and State budgets.
As a result of policy reforms to transfer hunting management to local authorities, it positively affects to wildlife conservation and as today, there local environment protection 3 unions, 6 cooperatives, 4 NGOs and 2 cooperatives composed of herdsmen are exist.
Hunting Quota for 2014 AnnouncedMontsame, April 14

Sant Maral Foundation: Half Population of Mongolia Deems Economic Situation of Country Worsened
April 14 ( The "Sant Maral" foundation presents the results of the March 2014 survey conducted from March 17 to March 30, 2014. The representative sample of 1,200 respondents was collected in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar (Ulan-Bator) and Bayankhongor, Bulgan, Zavkhan, Selenge, Umnugovi and Sukhbaatar Aimags (Provinces) of Mongolia.
The tabulations are sorted by "capital", "countryside" and "nationwide", where the March 2014 Survey collected information in 57 questionnaires and only six data below are selected from

MP Works in Khovsgol Province
Ulaanbaatar, April 14 (MONTSAME) L.Enkh-Amgalan MP worked last Thursday in northern Khovsgol province.
During his visit, L.Enkh-Amgalan MP held a meeting with local school teachers and staffers in Burentogtokh soum of the province.
At the meeting, the gathered talked about some migration issues of local students to provincial center, and asked the MP to draw special attention to making some amendments in the law on education.

Turkish Parliament Approves Visa Deal with Mongolia
Ulaanbaatar, April 14 (MONTSAME) Turkish Parliament recently approved an agreement to begin visa liberalization in the travel of Turkish and Mongolian citizens to each other's countries, reports Cihan news agency of Turkey.
The deal entered into force on April 11.
Prior to that, the governments of Mongolia and Turkey signed a cooperation agreement intended to promote friendly relations and facilitate the travel of citizens of both countries on Oct. 10, 2013 in the Turkish capital, Ankara. The deal paves the way for 30 days of visa-free travel for citizens of these countries, regardless of the type of passport.
The agreement was brought to Parliament for approval and published in the Official Gazette on March 6 as Law No. 5993. 
A cooperation agreement that foresees the lifting of visas between Turkey and Mongolia was signed during Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's diplomatic visit last April to Ulaanbaatar, which included talks with Mongolian officials.
In Mongolia, Erdogan conducted high-level diplomatic talks, giving messages about the further development of ties between Turkey and the Central Asian country.
Mongolia, with its huge landmass and vast resources, is considered a strategically important country for Turkey.
A statement released by the Foreign Ministry on Friday said the deal was an important development that would contribute to the improvement of relations between the two countries.
“The mutual visa liberation deal is the concrete reflection of our political relations, which have gained momentum in recent years thanks to the high-level bilateral visits, and will further improve our relations with Mongolia, with which we have historical closeness, in several fields,” said the statement.
Article 3 of the agreement says, "The visa exemption is valid for touristic, business and official travels to the territory of each state, not exceeding 30 days within a period of 180 days."
According to Article 7 of the deal, the visa exemption does not grant the right to employment to citizens of either country.

Premier Meets Myanmar Parliament Speaker
Ulaanbaatar, April 14 (MONTSAME) The Prime Minister N.Altankhuyag received Monday Mr Thura Shwe Mann, the Speaker of the Burmese House of Representatives, visiting Mongolia.
At the meeting, the Premier noted that the delegation led by Mr Shwe Mann is becoming the first-ever representatives of this level from that country since the establishment of diplomatic relationship between Mongolia and Myanmar in 1965. He then congratulated the Burmese Speaker for ongoing political and socio-economic reforms in the nation, and expressed readiness to share experiences.
During the meeting, the sides highlighted the importance of enhanced cooperation on culture, tourism, trade and economy matters between the two countries.

‘11 11’ Reports
Ulaanbaatar, April 14 (MONTSAME) Last week, one thousand 200 people accessed to the '11 11' Center of the Government.
Many asked about a language exam given to those who want to work in South Korea under a Government agreement. The Labor Ministry responded those that since this year the S.Korean part has been conducting a computer-based language exam that is similar to the previous one in paper format in contents. Further information can be achieved at website, the Ministry informed.
Responding to questions from citizens, the Center officers informed that scholarship for the training to prepare qualified employees will be allotted within this month and new radiation therapy equipment will be installed in the Oncology Clinic in the second quarter of 2014.

Z.Enkhbold Meets Speaker of Myanmar
Ulaanbaatar, April 14 (MONTSAME) The Speaker of State Great Khural (parliament) Z.Enkhbold Monday met a delegation headed by visiting Mr Thura Shwe Mann, the Speaker of the Burmese House of Representatives (Pyithu Hluttaw).
Beginning the meeting, Mr Enkhbold expressed a satisfaction with a visit of the Myanmar’s Speaker of House of Representatives, which is paid for the first time since the countries established the diplomatic relations in 1956.
Mr Enkhbold emphasized that this visit has a historical importance for setting up ties between the legislative bodies and starting the cooperation, and hopes that the visit will significantly contribute to activating the bilateral friendly relations and cooperation and deepening inter-citizen trust and understanding.
Congratulating Myanmar on gaining achievements in the political and economic spheres, Mr Enkhbold noted that Mongolia managed to prevent many difficulties after the country transmitted into the market economy in 1990.
The Speaker said that Mongolia is possible to make investments to Myanmar, and to exchange experiences in creating good conditions for business, industry and other economic sectors and in laws.
“Myanmar is a leading country in Asia for the export of natural gas. Mongolia wants to learn Myanmar’s experience in exporting this natural resource. Natural gas has not been explored in Mongolia, but we plan to export to China a gas derived from coal. We are just going to make first step in it, so Myanmar’s experience is important for us,” Mr Enkhbold said.
Mr Enkhbold also congratulated Myanmar on successfully chairing the ASEAN this year, and emphasized that Mongolians are thankful to Myanmar for supporting Mongolia to join the United Nations (UN) and the Asia–Europe Meeting (ASEM) and for an election of the UNESCO Executive Council.
In turn, Mr Mann thanked the Speaker for an audience, and said Myanmar has a willingness to study Mongolian experience in democracy.
“As Mr Enkhbold said, the inter-parliamentary ties are very important for the bilateral relations. Burmese people are divided into some 100 ethnic groups. In harmony of people’s willingness, Myanmar has directly transmitted into democratic society. We consider Mongolia could become a democratic system through a peaceful way, and I hope Myanmar will go into democracy in this way,” Mr Mann said.
Present at the meeting were L.Bold, the Minister of Foreign Affairs; Ts.Oyungerel, the Minister of Culture, Sport; Ts.Oyunbaatar, head of the parliamentary Standing committee on security and foreign policy; Ch.Battomor, the Ambassador of Mongolia to Myanmar; B.Boldbaatar, the secretary-general of the Parliamentary Office; and other officials.

Mining Vice Minister to Speak at NAMBC Meeting
Ulaanbaatar, April 14 (MONTSAME) Vice Minister of Mining O.Erdenbulgan is expected as speaker at North America-Mongolia Business Council’s Ottawa Annual General Meeting (AGM) on April 22-23.
According to news published at, the meeting will be also attended by Mining Ministry’s International Cooperation Director, five ambassadors, other government and corporate leaders.
O.Erdenebulgan is expected as featured speaker at the 24th AGM on April 22-23 in Ottawa at the Courtyard Marriott Byward Market. The AGM is structured as an investor forum and non-members are warmly welcomed.
Other speakers include Khurelbat Amarjargal, Director of the Mining Ministry’s International Cooperation Division, five current or former Mongolian, Canadian, and American ambassadors, and other senior government officials from Canada and the US. Panelists include senior executives of Rio Tinto, Centerra Gold, SNC-Lavalin and other companies.
The AGM opens with a reception on Tuesday, April 22, followed by a full day of speakers, panelists and discussion on Wednesday, April 23.

Road to Bird Farm to Be Completed Paved under Concession Agreement
Ulaanbaatar, April 14 (MONTSAME) A 10 km road to a bird farm in western Ulaanbaatar will be paved under concession agreement.
The road connecting a near Olziit district and the bird farm that supplies egg and chicken to the city will be carried out within a concession contract between DRJ LLC and the Government. The road is expected to greatly contribute to development of the auto-road network of the capital city.
The concessionaire will build the road under own financing of estimated 20.5 billion togrog in one year’s time and will be refunded the financing back from the budget of the capital city in 2015-2016.

"Ger" District Re-Planning Project Runs
Ulaanbaatar, April 14 (MONTSAME) Within this year, a total of four thousand 800 will be provided with flats within frames of “Ger” /national dwelling/ district re-planning project which will be carried out in a period of six years.
Four kindergartens with a capacity of 720 children are also planned to be built near these apartments.
As of today, 16 tender-winning companies out of total 32 have already received certificates. These companies have established construction contracts of 53 billion and 183 million togrog in total, and relevant infrastructure building jobs have been commenced.

Opening of Manifest Exchange Work Runs
Ulaanbaatar, April 14 (MONTSAME) An opening of joint manifest exchange work was held Friday between the Shiveekhuren Customs Department of  the Customs General Authority of Mongolia and the Sehe Port Customs Department of China.
In frames of this project, the sides intend to run several actions within missions to ease foreign trade, to decrease time of customs inspection, to prevent customs offence, to merge statistics, and to make joint inspections.
The opening action was attended by N.Enkhtsogt, a vice director of the Generals Customs Office, O.Davaasuren, a director of the Department of Public Administration and Management, Yo.Bat-Erdene, a chairman of Law enforcement and Trade facilitation department, J.Monkhtor, a deputy head of Customs Office at Gashuun Sukhait border and others.

Iraq Side Turns back Mongolian Squad
Ulaanbaatar, April 14 (MONTSAME) Iraq's South Gas Club Sports ended the quarterfinal hopes of Mongolia's Altain Bars on Saturday in 2014 Asian Men's Club Volleyball Championships in Philippines, reported on website on April 13.
The Iraq team came up with a 25-12 25-17 23-25 25-15 victory to top its group play with a 2-0 win-loss card, as the Power Pinoys also marched on to the quarterfinals after a split of its two matches, while winless Mongolia finishes with a 0-2 card.
Gani Hussein Mustafa added 12 and Nasser Aseel Jameel chipped in 10 for South Gas Club Sports, which made quick work of Mongolia in one hour and 24 minutes.
Saikhanbaatar Erdenebat came up with 15 points for Altain Bars, while Tuvshintuguldur Adiyasuren added 11.

Altain Bars Loses to Guinea Team
Ulaanbaatar, April 14 (MONTSAME) Altain Bars volleyball team of Mongolia lost to Amoa NCD of Papua New Guinea on in five sets 25-19, 25-22, 20-25, 20-25 and 10-15 on Monday.
This was the first of 13th-16th semifinals of 2014 Asian Men's Club Volleyball Championships in Pasay city of the Philippines. Other teams to play in these semifinals were Iota Miyoshi Weisse Adler of Japan and Green Dragon of Hong Kong. Their match ended with score of 3-0 in favor of the Japanese team. The Mongolian team is to play against Green Dragon of Hong Kong on Tuesday for 15th place.
The 2014 Asian Men's Club Volleyball Championship was supposed to be held in Vietnam but later withdrew from hosting. The tournament is continuing in Pasay, Philippines this April 8-16. The champions of the tournament will qualify for 2014 FIVB Volleyball Men's Club World Championship in Belo Horizonte, Brazil as Asia's representative.

Mongolian Art Performances in Vietnam
Ulaanbaatar, April 14 (MONTSAME) Celebrating the 60th anniversary of Mongolia-Vietnam diplomatic relationship, representatives of Mongolian arts and culture are participating in international Hue festival being hosted in Hue city on April 12-20.
Mongolia is being represented by the “Arga bileg (Ying Yang)” ethno jazz group, the “Mongol Costumes” fashion agency, the “Miner” cultural center at the “Erdenet” mining corporation.
Chairman of the Citizens’ Representative Khural of Ulaanbaatar, Mr. D.Battulga attended the opening ceremony for the anniversary in Vietnam.

Ulaanbaatar to Host Children’s Art Festival
Ulaanbaatar, April 14 (MONTSAME) Under a ‘Right Mongolian Child’ program of the Government, a children’s festival ‘My Sunny Gobi’ will be held in Ulaanbaatar on April 27.
The festival hosting some 300 children from southern Omnogovi province will be a part of the ongoing ‘Talent’ sub-program. At the festival, the children will entertain the gathered with their best art performances.

Trade deficit plunges by 98 percent
April 14 ( Bank of Mongolia emphasized that trade deficit is balancing out plunging 97.7 percent compared to same period last year. First quarter data showed that trade deficit is USD9.1 million compared to USD386.9 million last year. Officials from the bank stated that it is related to the 22% increase in export and 17.3% decrease in import. Independent economists stated that the trade deficit is due to the weakened purchasing power of Mongolians. MNT lost 27% of its value in the previous year against USD.

Mongolia Hosts 2014 International Handball Federation Trophy Tournament in Ulaanbaatar
April 14 ( Mongolia for the first time hosting the 2014 International Handball Federation Trophy Tournament in its capital city of Ulaanbaatar at the Buyant-Ukhaa Sports Complex on April 15-19, 2014.
The event will be organized by Mongolian Handball Federation in collaboration with International Handball Federation and Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Mongolia, where six teams representing Hong Kong (SAR of China), Macau (SAR of China), North Korea, Taiwan (Chinese Taipei), Viet Nam (Vietnam) and host nation Mongolia will be competing.
The competition will be held in the Men’s category under 20 years old age (born before 1994) and Women’s under 19 years old age (born before 1995).
The 2014 IHF Trophy Tournament will be broadcasted live via MNB, TV5 and Sport Box channels with Opening Ceremony at 12:00 noon on April 15, and the tournaments from April 16 to April 18 to start at 02:00 pm will be performed with no admission. 
A handball is one of the youngest sports successfully being developed in Mongolia recent years and Mongolian Handball Federation was established in 1993, joined the International Handball Federation and the Asian Handball Federation in 2000.

Photo News: Winners of 2014 State Weightlifting Championship, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
April 14 ( The 2014 State Weightlifting Championship was successfully organized at the ASA Circus in Ulaanbaatar on April 12-13, 2014, where 150 athletes from 17 teams have competed in the Women’s 7 and Men’s 8 weight classes for the snatch lift, clean and jerk lift.
Winners of each class will be participating in the World Weightlifting Championships to take place in Kazakhstan in November 2014. The 2014 IWF World Championships is a qualification event for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.
Winners of 2014 State Weightlifting Championship, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Women’s 48 kg
1. B.Ankhzaya (“Avragch” Sports Committee) - Total 123 kg (60 kg snatch + 63 kg clean and jerk)
2. G.Baasanjargal (Uvurkhangai Aimag) - 110 kg (49+61)
3. E.Burmaa (“Aldar” Sports Committee) - 93 kg (43+50)
Women’s 53 kg
1. O.Bayartsetseg (“Avragch” Sports Committee) - 134 kg (63+71)
2. N.Erdenetuya (“Aldar” Sports Committee) - 134 kg (57+77)
3. A.Bum-Ayush (“Sambuu San” Club) - 133 kg (60+73)
Women’s 63 kg
1. N.Bayarmaa (“Khuch” Sports Committee) - 212 kg (94+118)
2. T.Davaa (“Aldar” Sports Committee) - 136 kg (61+75)
3. S.Gerelmaa (“Khuch” Sports Committee) - 131 kg (60+71)
Women’s 69 kg
1. M.Ankhtsetseg (“Aldar” Sports Committee) - 210 kg (93+117)
2. B.Enkhtamir (“Khuch” Sports Committee) - 173 kg (78+95)
3. N.Myagmarsuren (“Baganuur” Sports Committee) - 125 kg (60+65)
Women’s -75 kg
1. G.Otgontuya (“Aldar” Sports Committee) - 195 kg (85+110)
2. N.Bayarjargal (“Baganuur” Sports Committee) - 131 kg (60+71)
3. B.Suvd (“Sambuu San” Club) - 77 kg (42+35)
Women’s +75 kg
1. G.Ariunjargal (“Orkhon Khangarid” Club) - 155 kg (65+90)
2. Ts.Oyunchimeg (“Sambuu San” Club) - 134 kg (56+78)
3. T.Bilegsaikhan (“Avragch” Sports Committee) - 129 kg (58+71)
Men’s 56 kg
1. S.Bayarbat (“Avragch” Sports Committee) - 198 kg (87+111)
2. U.Chagnaadorj (“Avragch” Sports Committee) - 196 kg (86+110)
3. G.Uuganbaatar (“Aldar” Sports Committee) - 180 kg (86+94)
Men’s 77 kg
1. M.Gantulga (“Khuchr” Sports Committee) - 250 kg (110+140)
2. Ch.Ochirkhuyag (“Khangarid” Club) - 243 kg (103+140)
3. E.Bayarsaikhan (“Avragch” Sports Committee) - 223 kg (102+121)
Men’s 85 kg
1. B.Bat-Erdene (“Khuchr” Sports Committee) - 267 kg (122+145)
2. L.Gansukh (“Aldar” Sports Committee) - 252 kg (117+135)
3. K.Otgonbat (“Khangarid” Club) - 225 kg (100+115)
Men’s 94 kg
1. D.Chinzorig (“Avragch” Sports Committee) - 258 kg (116+142)
2. A.Amartugs (“Aldar” Sports Committee) - 254 kg (110+144)
3. J.Dorjdagva (“Avragch” Sports Committee) - 232 kg (100+132)
Men’s -105 kg
1. S.Batmunkh (“Aldar” Sports Committee) - 300 kg (140+160)
2. T.Tumurbaatar (“Avragch” Sports Committee) - 290 kg (130+160)
3. B.Dorjsembe (Darkhan-Uul Aimag) - 225 kg (100+125)
Men’s +105
1. N.Munkh-Orgil (“Aldar” Sports Committee) - 315 kg (135+180)
2. Ch.Ganbold (Baganuur District, Ulaanbaatar) - 240 kg (100+240)
3. G.Tseden-Ish (Khuvsgul Aimag) - 205 kg (80+125)

Myanmar Parliament Speaker’s Visit to Mongolia Recorded First High-Level since Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Two Countries
April 14 ( A Parliamentary delegation of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar led by Speaker of the Lower House Thura U Shwe Mann is conducting an official visit to Mongolia on April 12-15, 2014.
On April 14, 2014, Speaker of the State Great Khural (Parliament) Z.Enkhbold welcomed the distinguished guest at the Chinggis Khaan Square with ceremonial event, after which Speaker Thura U Shwe Mann paying his respect to the Chinggis Khaan Monument left a note on the Guest Book in State Reception Hall.
Following the ceremony, two legislators held a bilateral meeting, where Speaker Z.Enkhbold expressed his appreciation that the high-level Myanmar Parliament delegates are conducting first visit to Mongolia since the establishment of diplomatic relations between two countries in 1956.
He further noted, “Mongolia is ready to collaborate in trade, industry and investment in Myanmar and exchange experiences in creating a favorable environment for businesses and legal affairs. Myanmar is a leading gas exporter country in Asia and we wish to study your experience on gas export to China and other nations. However, we yet found natural gas resources, but Mongolia intends to import natural gas via special pipeline from China produced from coal. This is new to our economy, therefore we would like to ask your support. Myanmar is successfully chairing the 2014 ASEAN and we would like to extend our appreciation to Myanmar for supporting Mongolia on joining the EU, ASEM and the UNESCO Executive Board elections”.
In response, Speaker Thura U Shwe Mann said, “Mongolia has been practicing the democratic way for over two decades and we are truthfully willing to share your experience of democracy. Myanmar’s diversity encompasses over 100 different ethnic groups and respecting the people's willingness the nation irrevocably entered into democratic society. We deem Mongolia’s transition in democracy was peaceful and we believe Myanmar would also practice peaceful democratic path”.
On the same day afternoon, Speaker Thura U Shwe Mann was received by Prime Minister N.Altankhuyag, where parties emphasized on broadening partnership in culture, tourism, trade and economic relations.

Mongolia and Vietnam Celebrate 60th Anniversary of Diplomatic Ties
April 14 ( Mongolia and the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam (Vietnam) are marking the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations marking in 2014.
In accordance with an agreement reached at the government level on the celebration of the jubilee on a wide scale, Mongolian delegates led by Chairman of the Citizens’ Representative Khural of Ulaanbaatar (City Council), D.Battulga attended an opening ceremony for the anniversary in Vietnam.
Within this scope, representatives of Mongolian arts and culture are participating in International Hue Festival being hosted in Hue city on April 12-20, 2014.
Mongolia is being represented by the “Arga Bileg” (Ying Yang) ethno jazz group, the “Mongol Costumes” fashion agency, and the “Miner” cultural center at the “Erdenet” Corporation, reports Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia.

Mongolia’s First Permanent Representative to International Maritime Organization Accredited
April 14 ( According to Foreign Ministry of Mongolia, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mongolia to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Mr. N.Tulga presented a Letter of Credence to the International Maritime Organization Secretary General, Mr. Koji Sekimizu on April 11, 2014.
Emphasizing a role of the sea transportation in the economic development of landlocked developing countries like Mongolia, Ambassador N.Tulga informed of activities carried out by the Government of Mongolia in the area of sea transportation, the course of ongoing dialogues with neighboring countries on the transit transportation and requested to render a support in providing preparations for an audit examination to be conducted by the International Maritime Organization in the implementation of marine-related international agreements and treaties Mongolia has joined.
Mr. Koji Sekimizu congratulated the Ambassador on being the first Mongolian Permanent Representative to IMO and pledged to take every effort to develop Mongolia-IMO cooperation and to provide technical assistance to Mongolia.

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