Sunday, April 13, 2014

Duo to drive to Mongolia for charity

TWO 24-year-old Bridgwater men are driving to Mongolia in their modified van to raise money for charity.

Dan Batten and Josh Vandepeer, both of whom work at Hinkley Point B, are taking part in the Mongol Rally where they drive from London to Ulanbaatar in Mongolia.

Dan said: “Josh is the one who suggested the whole daft idea in the first place, and definitely the one who possesses the most mechanical knowledge about cars.

“It is one of those trips that you will look back on with fond, and some not so fond, memories.”

To take part in the Mongol Rally they had to find a vehicle that was at least ten years old, although the Bedford Rascal van they came up with is as old as they are.

They pair have restyled the van after the iconic van from the A Team although there are still lots of other modifications that need to be made so it can handle the epic journey.

Dan said: “We need a sump guard to protect from the horrendous roads when we reach Kazakhstan. There are reports of pot holes within pot holes, so large that people’s cars have been getting stuck in the middle of the roads.

“We’re also getting a megaphone because if we have to listen to the A team playing loud for a month then so should everyone in our vicinity.”

Dan and Josh will be raising money for Cancer Research UK and CoolEarth, who have close ties with the Mongol Rally itself and aim to save at-risk rainforests.

If you want to sponsor Dan and Josh’s rally you can find more information at their website

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