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The ‘Perfect Qualities’ of Mongolia’s women

An exhibition named “Perfect Qualities” opened at 976 Art Gallery on March 3.

Dedicated to International Women’s Day, the exhibition features artwork by State Honored Artist Ts.Tsegmed and Union of Mongolian Artists prizewinner B.Bayart-Od.

Showing the everyday life of nomadic women, most of the artwork captures the beauty and inner power of Mongolian women. The exhibition includes various genres of art from realism to surrealism and works with distinct uses of color.

About the artists.



1974-1978 College of Fine Art, Ulaanbaatar

1979-1985 Surikov Academy of Fine Art, Moscow, Russia

1987-1988 Graduated as a teacher of painting, State Pedagogical University, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

1995 Graduated New English Cambridge Course of Lydia Mission Training College, London, UK

Work Experience:

1985-1989 Teacher, College of Fine Art, Ulaanbaatar

1989-1991 Principal, College Fine Art, Ulaanbaatar

1991-1995 Rector, Institute of Fine Art, Ulaanbaatar

1995-1998 President, University of Arts and Culture, Ulaanbaatar

since 1998 Freelance artist

2001 President of Mongolian art center Mogoon Mori-Ulemj Urlahui

General director of Mongolian painting and artists association.


1989, 1994 Fukuoka Art Show, Japan

1989 Solo show, Ulaanbaatar

1995-1998 Joint exhibition of Korean-Mongolian artists, Ulaanbaatar

1995 Solo show, Ulaanbaatar

1996 International Ice Sculpture Festival, Italy

1996 “Aqua Asia” exhibition, Osaka, Japan

1998 Solo show, Orem, Utah, USA

1999 Solo show, Istanbul, Turkey

1999 “Ulaanbaatar 360 Anniversary”, Ulaanbaatar

2000 “Large Nomad” solo exhibition, Exhibition Centre, Ulaanbaatar

2000, 2001 “Wind of Steppe-2000″

2000 “Color of Mongolia” New York, San-Francisco, USA

2001 “Hatan Erdene”, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

2001 “Nomad-2001″, “Nomadic Color” Ulaanbaatar

2002 “Color of Gobi” solo show, Orem, Utah, USA

2002 “Nomad” solo exhibition, Ulaanbaatar

2002 “Contemporary Art 2000″, Paris, France

2002 “Tamga”, Regen, France

2002 “Lacvert”, Ulaanbaatar

2003 “Modern Paintings of Mongolia”, Tokyo, Japan


1992 UMA prize

1993 “Leading Art Worker” Ministry of Culture

1993 “Silver Belt” prize, Oron Zai art association

1996 State Prize of Mongolia


Artist B. Bayart-Od was born on December 25, 1970. An avant-garde artist with an academic background, he graduated from the Mongolian Graphic Art Institute in 1990, studied at the University of Mongolian Graphic School of Art from 1990 to 1993, received a Master’s degree from Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture (1994 to 1997), and a PhD at Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture (1998 to 2000).

B.Bayart-Od is well known for the novelties he has introduced to the Mongolian art scene, like his “Metal Art Painting” works displayed in 2003. His PhD thesis was on “Reform in Mongolian painting”. The artist has gained an international reputation with his series of “Human Star” exhibitions, not only in Mongolia but in Europe and across Asia. After his exhibition of the series in 1995, his “Human Star II” exhibition was staged in 1997 in Ulaanbaatar and 1998 in Tokyo. It was followed by “Human Star III” in April 1999, in Ulaanbaatar, and later in Tokyo, Bangkok, Paris and Amsterdam that same year.

His painting “Rich Mongol” represented Mongolian art in a UNESCO collection of works of art in December 2002.

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