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Mongolia Brief March 26, 2014

Parliamentary Offices of Mongolia and Laos to Cooperate
Ulaanbaatar, March 26 (MONTSAME) The Parliamentary Offices of the Mongolian State Great Khural and the Lao National Assembly will collaborate in ways of co-organizing bilateral meetings during forums of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) and other international and regional meetings.

A cooperation memorandum was signed Tuesday by B.Boldbaatar, the secretary-general of the Parliamentary Office of Mongolia, and his Laos counterpart Mr Ungeev Vutila. The sides will exchange delegates so that they get familiarized with functions of the legislative bodies and with bill drafting and share experiences. 

UNESCO Invites P.Tsagaan
Ulaanbaatar, March 26 (MONTSAME) UNESCO Director-General Ms Irina Bokova Tuesday sent a letter to P.Tsagaan, the chief of staff of the Office of the President of Mongolia.
"It is my pleasure to invite You to serve as a member of the Governing Board of the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education, based in Moscow, Russian Federation," the letter says. The term of Mr Tsagaan there would run from 1 January of 2014 until December 31 of 2017. The Governing Board usually meets once a year, at the Institute.
Mr Tsagaan is also a member of the World Economic Forum's Global Agenda Council on Responsible Mineral Resources Management.

Mongolian Officials Visit Australia
Ulaanbaatar, March 26 (MONTSAME) Mongolian delegation are paying a working visit to Australia to study its tax system, particularly debt management and mining sphere, on March 24-30.
The delegation consists of five MPs--all the members of the Standing committee on state budget, and officials from the Ministry of Finance.
On Monday, they held meetings with Standing Committee on Economics of Australian parliament to talk about tax system, then had talks with professors of the Australian National University. On Tuesday, the delegation legged the State Revenue Office of the Department of Finance to share experience in tax allowance and incentive system for small- and medium-sized businesses, to consider matters related to the VAT, mining tax, royalty, rent tax, audit and debt management. 
The visit is continuing.

Justice Minister Submits Draft Amendments
Ulaanbaatar, March 26 (MONTSAME) The Minister of Justice Kh.Temuujin Tuesday submitted to the Speaker draft amendments to some laws.
The Minister wants to amend the laws on criminal procedure and on adjudication of administrative cases.
Mr Temuujin also submitted a draft amendment to the law on adjudicating civil cases in court. It reflects some principal alterations in harmony with the laws on court, on legal status of judge, on court administration, on reconciliation and on legal status of civil representatives at court.

Albania, Mongolia to strengthen relation
TIRANA, March 25 (Xinhua) -- A memorandum of understanding was signed on Tuesday here between Albania and Mongolia to strengthen relations between the two countries, according to Albanian Telegraphic Agency (ATA).
Albanian Deputy Foreign Minister Sokol Dervishaj held a meeting with visiting Mongolian Foreign Minister Damba Gankhuyag on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Albania and Mongolia.
Dervishaj briefed Gankhuyag on Albania's achievements, Albanian government's priorities and the active role in the region, said ATA.
Gankhuyag confirmed his readiness to promote cooperation between the two countries by improving the legal framework of cooperation between Albania and Mongolia, according to ATA.
As part of the activities organized to mark the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, Mongolia opened the Honorary Consulate of Mongolia in Tirana on Tuesday.

Turkish Ambassador Visits Bayan-Olgii
Ulaanbaatar, March 26 (MONTSAME) To celebrating the Nowruz festival of the Kazakh people, the Ambassador of Turkey to Mongolia Mr Murat Karagoz visited the western Bayan-Olgii aimag March 20-22.
During the visit at invitation of the province governor Kh.Darmen and chairman of Citizens Representatives Khural B.Lazatkhan, Mr Karagoz was accompanied by permanent representative of the Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA), social and cultural advisors of the Turkish Embassy in Ulaanbaatar, teachers of the Turk Studies Department of the National University of Mongolia and others.
In Bayan-Olgii, the Ambassador held a meeting with its administration, Islamic society and Turkish citizens, before visiting a school for the disabled, a nursing home, a nursery, a dormitory and an elementary school to see ongoing projects realized under funding of TIKA and the high administration of religious affairs. He also met with local business people, attended an opening of Olgii city's museum, gave an interview to the local radio and met with representatives of other provinces.
After this, the Ambassador took part in a ceremony of opening a new headquarters of the religious affairs. It has been constructed with a help from Turkey.
At the Nowruz celebration, Mr Karagoz offered holiday greetings of 76 million Turkish to Bayan-Olgii Kazakhs, noting the strategic importance of the province which contains many ethnic groups in a mosaic harmony and borders with Russia and China. Turkey will continue assisting Mongolia and its Bayan-Olgii aimag in many sectors, he added.

Kakuryu M.Anand Becomes 71st Yokozuna of Japanese Sumo
March 26 ( Today on March 26, 2014, the Japan Sumo Association officially announced to promote winner of 2014 Haru Basho, Ozeki Kakuryu for Yokozuna rank, the highest title in Japanese Sumo wrestling.
It is a customary for Sumo Association sending a convoy to hand over the Yokozuna Certificate visiting home arena and today morning representing the Association, Minato and Hakkaku oyakatas (arena masters) have visited the Izutsu Beya (arena), where Kakuryu belongs and officially announced that Kakuryu Rikisaburo, Mongolian name Mangaljalav ANAND, becomes the 71st Yokozuna.
The 71st Yokozuna Kakuryu briefed, “I will do my best efforts practicing harder and raising the Yokozuna reputation in my future career”.
From now on, Kakuryu becomes the fourth Yokozuna from Mongolia and the sixth foreign national in Sumo history. 
A decade ago, Mongolian adolescent M.Anand could not pass exams for sumo registration, later the boy wrote a letter two times to Sumo Association mentioning, “I am 15 years old, 179 cm tall and weighs 70 kg. If I become a sumo wrestler, I will strive to raise the arena reputation with all my might”.
After the 2014 Haru Basho, an NHK television commentator, former Yokozuna Kitanofuji commented, “The upcoming tournament would be commenced with three Mongolian Yokozunas. This is a big notice to Japanese wrestles and their Oyakatas. The national wrestling incumbent champions are Mongolians and this fact says to Japanese not to idling, instead to practice harder and endeavor themselves to born Japanese Yokozuna. In this regard, the National Wrestling Championship has been changing into the only national ‘brand’ name. Mongolians are physically small but strong enough to become Yokozuna, thus a Japanese national must be able to become the Yokozuna”.

University State Taekwondo Championships will be held
March 26 ( The University State Championships of Mongolia will be held in 10 sports this year including Judo, Handball, Volleyball and Chess.
The first ever University Taekwondo Championships in Mongolia will be held at the Cultural Palace of Mongolian Trade Unions between March 29th and 30th. 
Currently almost 20 national universities including the Mongolian University of Science and Technology (MUST), Mongolian State University of Agriculture (MSUA), Defense University of Mongolia, University of Internal Affairs Mongolia, Mongolian National Institute of Physical Education, Health Sciences University of Mongolia, Mongolian State University of Education and Khuree Institute have applied to participate in these Taekwondo Championships along with the Mongolian Taekwondo Federation. 
Winners will be granted mandates to participate in the 13th World University Taekwondo Championship held in Hohhot, China over June 8th to 14th. 
Mongolian taekwondo athletes from the national universities won four gold, seven silver and three bronze medals from the 3rd Asian University Taekwondo Championship in Malaysia in 2012 and the 4th Asian University Taekwondo Championship in South Korea 2013. In South Korea the Mongolian university taekwondo team overcame the host South Korean team to win the gold medal. Mongolia was placed second overall based on the total team scores.

First Consultative Meeting between Mongolia and Republic of Korea at Foreign Ministry-Level Held in Ulaanbaatar
March 26 ( The first consultative meeting between the Foreign Ministries of Mongolia and the Republic of Korea on the public diplomacy was held in Ulaanbaatar on March 25, 2014.
Mongolian delegation was chaired by Director of the Policy Planning and Research Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia Ts.Batbayar and Korean delegation by Director of the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kim Dong-gi.
During the consultative meeting, parties exchanged views on the opportunities for developing public diplomacy ties between the two nations, deepening the mutual understanding between the two peoples and improving their knowledge of history, culture and tradition, and cooperation on the mutual promotion.
Mongolian sides emphasized that media plays an important role in enhancing mutual understanding and knowledge of two peoples about respective countries as well as expressed an interest in increasing the exchange of journalists and representatives of the media organizations between the two countries.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea plans to host through its Embassy in Ulaanbaatar a number of cultural events for Mongolians especially young people and asked to provide support.
Both sides agreed on working together in this direction and hosting such consultative meetings regularly and concluded the meeting as fruitful, reports the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia.

The 2014 Spring Plenary Session of Parliament to Start on Monday, April 07
March 26 ( On March 26, 2014, Chairman of State Structure’s Standing Committee A.Bakei and Secretary General of the Parliament Secretariat B.Boldbaatar have called a press conference regarding the upcoming 2014 Spring Plenary Session of the State Great Khural (Parliament).
In his statement, Chairman A.Bakei said, “The 2013 Autumn Plenary Session of Parliament closed on January 30, 2014 and during the break it was planned to hold an irregular session, but chairmen of party groups at the Parliament deemed it is not necessary to call. Although the State Structure’s Standing Committee is scheduled to meet this week and agendas for Spring session will be approved”.
Secretary General B.Boldbaatar added, “The Opening of Spring Plenary Session is held on April 05 annually, but this year the day falls on Saturday, thus 2014 Spring Plenary Session of the Parliament will start on Monday, April 07”.

Winners of Bloomberg Awards 2013
March 26 ( On March 25, 2014, the Bloomberg TV Mongolia has organized the “Bloomberg Awards 2013” ceremonial event bestowing the prominent individuals and enterprises in the socio-economic development of the country, and best programs and projects been successfully implementing.
The ceremony was held at the Blue Sky Tower in Ulaanbaatar, where candidates and programs were promoted in eight nominations, namely Best Innovation of the Year, Outstanding Achievement, Best Manager, Top Economist, Best Executive Director, Best Management, Best Enterprise and Audience Award.
Best Innovation of the Year - “Digital Property Registration System” by IT Zone Company
The System has been installed at Property Registration Offices in 9 Districts of Ulaanbaatar city by connecting with 11.5 thousand meters long fibre optic cable. In addition, under the project 12 million paper documents were converted into an electronic form file archive and a data center of integrated online system was also established.
Outstanding Achievement of the Year - “Mortgage Loan” Program
As a result of the implementation of this program, more than 30 thousand households were involved in low-interest loans and were provided with housing. Further, in the scope of the long-term implementation of this program, it would impact positively to Mongolian financial sector stabilization and the challenges of air and soil pollution reduction.
Best Manager of the Year - Director General of “Platinum Gate”, B.Batsaikhan
B.Batsaikhan has been becoming as a bridge of international brands to Mongolian customers and created new standards and new appearance in advertising field.
Top Economist - Executive Director of TDB Capital and First Deputy CEO of the Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia (TDB), O.Orkhon.
In the past, O.Orkhon played an important role as underwriter in the Samurai Bonds released on Japanese market amounting at 30 billion Japanese Yen with a 10-year maturity at 1.52% coupon. The contract was made between the Development Bank of Mongolia and the Japan Bank for International Cooperation.
Best Executive Director - President and CEO of Gobi Corporation, Ts.Baatarsaikhan
Although foreign currencies have become stronger against Tugrug (MNT), the Gobi Company’s sales increased 20 percent last year earning 48.7 billion MNT. In 2013, Gobi CEO Ts.Baatarsaikhan concluded a contract with “Tavan Bogd” Group introducing one of the world’s largest fast-food chain restaurants "KFC" by “YUM! Brands" in Mongolia. Currently, three "KFC" branches are operating in Ulaanbaatar.
Best Management - Director of "Erdenes MGL" LLC, O.Sainbuyan
The Company has started to carry out renewed managements for state-owned companies that operate at large deposits and in the frameworks “Erdenes Oyu Tolgoi”, “Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi”, “Baganuur”, “Shivee Ovoo” and “Erdenet” JSCs are included. 
"Erdenes MGL" LLC is providing optional solutions for infrastructure projects that aim to increase the efficiency of mineral products, besides implementing “Mongol Coal" and "Mongol Copper" projects to produce end-products in Mongolia.
Company of the Year - "APU" Company
The Company introduced fully automated logistics center in 2013, which is the first constructed facility in Mongolia. In a newly established brewery, "Kaltenberg" products are being exported to South Korea and Germany. "APU" Company with production capacity of 27 million liters of milk, 15 million liters of juice and 3 million liters of plain and fruit yoghurt per year, alone paid one billion MNT in taxes to the State Budget of Mongolia.
Audience Award - “From Big Government to Smart Government” Program initiated by the President of Mongolia, Ts.Elbegdorj
The Program characterizes at which level would reach Mongolia’s development by 2050 and how big the state participation. If domestic economy to grow at constant until 2050, Mongolia’s Gross Domestic Product would reach 380 billion USD, and the GDP per capita is expected at 55,000 USD respectively.

A.Gansukh Submits Draft Resolution
Ulaanbaatar, March 26 (MONTSAME) The Minister of Road and Transportation A.Gansukh Tuesday submitted to the Speaker Z.Enkhbold a parliamentary draft resolution on approving a state policy in auto road transportation sector.
The Minister says that many problems face Mongolia’s auto road sector, for example, unregulated transport has been triggering a "black" economy, a number of road accidents is still high due badly  prepared drivers, there are no responsibility and technical knowledge on roads. "By having adopted this policy document I want to deal with such problems and to change standards of auto road transportation services", he says.
The draft resolution has clauses on a legal environment of auto road transportation, functional and structural reforms for this policy, human resources matters, safety of all transports for passengers and freight, and technical and technological policy.
Parliament firstly approved the law on auto road transportation in 1999 to regulate the legal environment for this sector. In 2013, this sphere accounted for 57% of the total freight transportation and 98.7% of passenger transportation. Moreover, the country registered 673 thousand 106 vehicles, of which 431 thousand 938 are cars. In the last five years, Mongolia has imported 50 thousand vehicles.

Commercial Arbitration Conference to Run
Ulaanbaatar, March 26 (MONTSAME) Initiated by the Ministry of Justice, an international conference of commercial arbitration is to run here March 27 in frames of new wording of the arbitration law.
The action has been co-hosted by the USAID initiative project on supporting business, International and National Arbitration Center at the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry /MNCCI/ and the American Chamber of Commerce in our country.
The action's aims are to let exchange international and regional best experiences and to determine main issues of arbitration reform and work out recommendations.

Bill on Trade Submitted to Parliament
Ulaanbaatar, March 26 (MONTSAME) On Tuesday, some MPs submitted to the Speaker a draft law on trade. 
Su.Batbold, D.Demberel, Ya.Sodbaatar and J.Enkhbayar say that a lack of information about the commercial sector and its statistics causes problems in determining the trade sector’s policy and making slower a decision making process. The country needs to specify and consolidate the registration and information on trades, to create a general data and to use them in research, state policy and decisions.
The draft with 29 clauses in nine articles aims to create a legal environment for regulating the relations related to the domestic and external trade taking into account the above requirements and the government action programme, the MPs say.    

Standing Committee to Run Roundtable Meeting
Ulaanbaatar, March 26 (MONTSAME) The parliamentary Standing committee on environment, food and agriculture will run a round table meeting themed “Policy and activities of combating illicit logging” on Thursday in the State House.
The committee’s head G.Bayarsaikhan is expected to make the opening remarks, a department head of the Ministry of Environment and Green Development B.Gantulga will deliver a report titled “Policy and activities of combating illicit logging”; a section head of the General Agency for Specialized Inspection D.Tserendash--a report themed “Implementation of the law on forest”; and a member of the Civil Council of Environment DrN.Dashzeveg will highlight a “Combating illegal logging” theme.
Participants will also exchange views on these matters.

Ministry Cooperates with NGO in Khustai National Park
Ulaanbaatar, March 26 (MONTSAME) Khustai National Park Trust (KNPT) Managing Board chief N.Enkhbold and Nature, Environment and Green Development Minister S.Oyun Monday signed an agreement to extend KNPT’s term of management of the park for another ten years.
The park is mostly known for its reintroduction project of the Takhi (Przewalski’s horse).
Since the Government declared Khustai National Park as a specially protected area in 1993, the park was managed by the Mongolian Association for the Conservation of Nature and the Environment during 1993-2003. A dedicated NGO, the Khustai National Park Trust (KNPT), was established in 2003 and signed a contract with the Mongolian Government which delegated the management of the KNP to the new NGO.
The KNP extends through the Khentii Mountains and includes the western edge of the Mongolian steppe at the boundaries of Altanbulag, Argalant and Bayankhangai soums of Tov province. The park is about 100 km from Ulaanbaatar to the west.
The KNP covers 50,600 ha land which is home to 459 species of vascular plants, 85 species of lichens, 90 species of moss and 33 species of mushrooms. 44 species of mammals have been recorded, including Red deer, Mongolian gazelle, Roe deer, Wild boar, Wild sheep, Ibex, Mongolian marmots, Grey wolves, Lynx, Pallas cat, Red fox, Corsac fox and Eurasian badger. The 217 species of birds include Golden eagle, Lammergeier, Great bustard, Whooper swan, Black stork, Daurian partridge and Little owl. There are 16 species of fish, 2 species of amphibians, and 385 species of insects.

National Forum held on the rights of the disabled
March 26 ( The National Forum “Make Rights Real” is being held at Government House today. Over 500 participants are attending the National Forum that is designed to increase the participation of people with disabilities, deliver their voices to society and define state policy. 
The Minister for Population Development and Social Protection S.Erdene made a statement at the forum saying:
“We have received internationally agreed development strategies and goals about people with disabilities. The legal environment related to these disabled people is satisfactory, but in reality not enough is realized. Therefore we gather here to make real disabled people`s participation in society. 
“There are numerous laws and regulations in our country. In reality there is no infrastructure or standards that meet the policy level in different sectors.  This means there is a big gap I the ability of disabled people to enjoy certain rights like the rest of the population. In particular, in the education sector, disabled children do not have access to study like ordinary children. More and more new apartments are in use but there is no access for disabled people. 
“All these things require a social infrastructure designed for disabled people. Now it is vital to take urgent moves to formulate the standards in order to realize these people’s rights soon.”
Forum Runs on Disability MattersMontsame, March 26

Safety and Health at Work Campaign to Start
Ulaanbaatar, March 26 (MONTSAME) This month-campaign is to start on March 30 for upcoming World Day for Safety and Health at Work.
The Standing Committee on Food Safety and Health has decided to mark this day nationwide under a “Let's be together for safety and health at work" motto.
An opening ceremony will be co-organized by the Ministry of Labor, General Agency for Specialized Inspection, Mongolian Trade Union, Mongolian Builders' Association, and labor offices of the UB city's districts. As expected, the event will bring together more than 50 service companies of this sector, and an exhibition will display protective uniforms and facilities.
The International Labor Organization /ILO/, a specialized agency of the UN, celebrates the World Day for Safety and Health at Work on April 28 to promote the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases globally. It is an awareness-raising campaign intended to focus international attention on emerging trends in the field of occupational safety and health and on the magnitude of work-related injuries, diseases and fatalities worldwide. 

Mongolian Boy to Compete in World Fencing Championship
Ulaanbaatar, March 26 (MONTSAME) Mongolian B.Amarbold is to take part in the World Cadet and Junior Fencing Championship in Plovdiv, Bulgaria this April 3-12.
He is now preparing for the tournament with best young fencers from some fifty countries under coaching of a team of four selected trainers including B.Ganbaatar, a chief coach of the Mongolian fencing team.
The World Cadet and Junior Fencing Championships will be organized by the Bulgarian Fencing Federation with the support of the Organizing Committee for World cadets and juniors Fencing Championships and the mayor of the town of Plovdiv, under the auspices and authority of the International Fencing Federation.
The Championships will run in the halls of the Plovdiv International Fair. The fairground is one of the largest exhibition venues in Southeast Europe. The exhibition complex consists of 17 multifunctional pavilions best equipped for the arrangement and display of all kinds of exhibits, sports events etc.

Mongolians to Compete in Samsun Judo Grand Prix
Ulaanbaatar, March 26 (MONTSAME) A Mongolian team is to compete in the Judo Grand Prix 2014 in Samsun, Turkey on March 28-30.
The team--M.Ganbold (60kg), Ts.Tsogtbaatar (60kg), D.Altansukh (66kg), D.Nyamsuren (81kg), L.Otgonbaatar (90kg) and B.Serik (-100kg) and a coach G.Dashdavaa--headed for Turkey on Tuesday. Their teammates who attended the first edition of the Tbilisi will join them from Georgia.
The first Samsun Grand Prix was held last year and, following the first edition of the Tbilisi Grand Prix (held one week prior to the Samsun Grand Prix), the judo family has the opportunity to experience and compete on the north coast of Turkey. Last year, Mongolian D.Amartuvshin won a gold medal at men’s 60 kg event of Samsun Grand Prix.
This year, the second Samsun Grand Prix will award a total of hundred thousand USD to best judokas; first place winner will receive three thousand USD, second place - two thousand USD and two third place winners - one thousand USD each.

Mongolia at Mines and Money HK 2014
Ulaanbaatar, March 26 (MONTSAME) Mongolian mining companies are participating in the Mines and Money international forum kicked off Monday in Hong Kong.
Organized by the British Beacon Hill Resources company, the annual forum has convened leaders of the world’s mining companies, investors and newly born players at the world mining market. Mongolia is being represented by leaders and officials of the “Haranga Resources”, “Wolf petroleum”, “Ondor tolgoi minerals”, “Sharyn gol”, “Hot-Ded Butsets”, “Aspire Mining”, “Erdene Resource” and “Nomin-Ord” companies. They are introducing to the participants results of their works, estimated resources and the size of investments they need.
At the forum, a chair of the Mongolian delegation and the Vice Minister of Mining O.Erdenebulgan has noted that the legal environment for mining sphere has become more sustainable thanks to amending the investment law and the state policy on mineral resources.
Mentioning that the investments flow to Mongolia is activating now, Mr Erdenebulgan urged companies to invest the Mongolian mining, hoping that responsible investors will become reliable partners of Mongolia.
This year’s Mines and Money HK forum has established itself as Asia-Pacific’s premier event for mining investment deal-making and capital raising. The event showcases hundreds of mining companies in a 270-booth exhibition, connecting them with 1,000 investors from the world’s largest mining funds, private equity firms, alternative financiers and private wealth.
During the five days learning and networking, 3,000 attendees from across the globe will hear insights and analysis from our largest ever speaker line-up of world-leading investors and mining entrepreneurs.

Ionesco’s Rhinoceros to Be Staged Here
Ulaanbaatar, March 26 (MONTSAME) Celebrating the World Theater Day (March 27), the Black Box theater is planning to stage Rhinoceros by Eugene Ionesco this Thursday.
S.Myagmar is working for staging and setting of the play, together with young actors of the theater to present the well-known play to the Mongolian audience for the first time. Rhinoceros is the fourth play to be stage by Black Box Theater since its founding four months ago.
The play was translated into Mongolian by B.Tsatsral.
Eugene Ionesco (1909 –1994) was a Romanian playwright who wrote mostly in French, and one of the foremost figures of the French Avant-garde theatre. Beyond ridiculing the most banal situations, Ionesco's plays depict in a tangible way the solitude and insignificance of human existence.
Rhinoceros, written in 1959, belongs to the school of drama known as the Theatre of Absurd. Over the course of three acts, the inhabitants of a small, provincial French town turn into rhinoceroses; ultimately the only human who does not succumb to this mass metamorphosis is the central character, Berenger, a flustered everyman figure who is criticized throughout the play for his drinking and tardiness. The play is often read as a response and criticism to the sudden upsurge of Communism, Fascism and Nazism during the events preceding World War II, and explores the themes of conformity, culture, mass movements, philosophy and morality.

"Heritage of Steppe Horse Warriors” Exhibition to Open
Ulaanbaatar, March 26 (MONTSAME) Ahead of the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations establishment between Mongolia and Germany, this exhibition is planned to open here on April 8.
It is expected to be mounted at the National Museum of Mongolian History for two months. 
The exhibition will display more than 160 items and findings such as steel stirrup of ancient Turkish warriors, saddle wood and girth, and clothes of the Hyatan Empire. 

Ulaanbaatar to Issue 370 Billion MNT Single-Bond, Says Mayor E.Bat-Uul
March 26 ( On March 26, 2014, Governor of the Capital City and Mayor of Ulaanbaatar E.Bat-Uul received in his office the Chairman of the Mongolian-British Chamber of Commerce John Grogan, where Ambassador to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland of Mongolia N.Tulga, Deputy Mayor of Ulaanbaatar responsible for Finance and Economic Issues N.Bataa, Director of Economic Development Division at Capital City Administration E.Temuulen and other officials were present.
During the meeting, Chairman J.Grogan noted, “Mongolian-British Chamber of Commerce is planning to host a big scale forum on investment and economy in London in September 2014, where issues will be touched upon on Mongolia’s accountancy to bring at international level, to create linkages on domestic and international laws and regulations, besides to discuss issues such as creating a favorable environment for investment.
Moreover, it is expected to consider how much close partnership between Capital City Administration, Government and private sectors”.
Also, Chairman J.Grogan invited Capital City authorities to take part in the Forum and asked the current procedures of Ulaanbaatar bond to be issued soon.
In response, Deputy Mayor N.Bataa said, “Preparation works for Capital City Bond have been carried out that took a year-round and as of today, a loan rate of the bond was calculated and debt management issue was also competed basically. The bond issue will be discussed at the upcoming City Council meeting in April and then to submit to the Cabinet of the Government of Mongolia”.
Mayor E.Bat-Uul added, “The Capital City is planning to release a single-bond worth about 370 billion MNT. I will be attending the upcoming Forum in London myself and hope fruitful collaboration with you particularly in investment and bond issues”.

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