Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sino-Russian Alliance can overthrow US Imperialism, when well planned

US Imperialism is on the Rise again. They provoked and financed a Nazi Coup in ukraine to provoke Russia into Action. USA and their child EU using the Situation to isolate Russia in the United Nations. The long term goal is to brake Russian Energy monopol and their Veto Power in the security council. Western Lackey Turkey is already on the move to jump in and replace Russia in the UN security council.

If Russia has to leave than China would be isolated in the UN too. US Forces pushing for War against Northkorea together with their south korean puppets. Its just a matter of time until a hot war brakes out between north and south. China guarantees the security of Northkorea and has to be involved into a possible war scenario.

USA would use this to isolate China even more in the UN and cut the Chinese trade with the western world. US Government already preparing for civil unrest in USA to force their agenda upon the us citizens. US Government would delete all of his debts to china when declaring war on the chinese. They would also cripple chinese economy and millions of chinese would become unemployed.

US Imperialism cant let be unanswered from Russia and China. We cant watch the USA destroying our countries for their love of power. I am for a new global War. Teeth for teeth, eye for an eye!

In a global War Sino-Russian Alliance would face the NATO and Japan, China needs to build up a huge fleet of aircarriers. At least 20 carriers to face US, French and British carrier groups. In the meantime Russia needs to guard the only weak point of China. Mongolia. Russian Forces need to secure the Energy routes to China and need to ensure Industrial production in China, which will shift completely to wepons production. China will have a 100 million men army and non stop military industrial production.

Russia also needs to bomb down European Industry production in Germany, France and Italy. Pro Russian slavic Forces could infiltrate Italian border and make sabotage actions against italian forces. Russian Army need to conquer former soviet territory and cut of Europe from resources. I think Russia can manage to buil up a 15 million men and women army.

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