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Mongolia Brief March 20, 2014

President Elbegdorj Receives Buddhist Leader
Ulaanbaatar, March 20(MONTSAME)The President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj Tuesday received D.Choijamts, a head of the center of Mongolian Buddhists, the Abbot of Gandantegchenling Monastery.

At the meeting D.Choijamts noted a support for the President’s initiative on Smart Government, and said that the ‘Smart Government’ policy has the principle and purpose to support citizens to become more skilled, ethical, innovative and proactive.
Mentioning full support of the center of Mongolian Buddhists along with Buddhist monks and other monasteries for President’s initiative, he cited clauses in the Constitution of Mongolia about inheriting the traditions of national statehood, history, and culture, respecting the accomplishments of human civilization, and aspiring toward the supreme objective of building a humane, civil and democratic society in the country.
MrChoijamts regarded President Elbegdorj’s initiatives as a significant contribution to achievement of above mentioned objectives.

Open Discussion Highlights Importance of Inclusive Growth for Mongolia
Ulaanbaatar, March 20(MONTSAME) An open discussion themed “Supporting inclusive growth for Mongolia” was held Thursday in the Civil Hall, the State House.
Chaired by L.Dashdorj, an advisor to the President on civil participation and economic policy, the event convened P.Tsagaan, head of the Presidential Office; S.Purev, the Vice Minister of Finance; Robert Schoellhammer, country director of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for Mongolia; economists, scholars and civil representatives.
The discussion highlighted an importance of ensuring the inclusive economic growth for Mongolia, and making it fruitful for people.
The participants said that growing inequality has become one of the biggest social, economic and political challenges at the global level, including Mongolia where high economic growth coexists with rising inequality.
The latest data highlights extreme income inequality: the recent Oxfam report state that “Nearly half of global wealth is owned by just 1% of the population and that the richest 85 people own the same as the bottom 3.5 billion, half the individuals in the world”.
Inclusive growth means growth which expands economic opportunities (including employment opportunities), where the poor’s access to these opportunities improves, and inequalities are reduced. Inclusive growth is about making policy choices.
Mongolia has recently capitalized on its comparative advantage in the mining sector, resulting in rapid economic growth. But economic growth is not an end in itself, rather it is a means to build a better society for all the people of Mongolia. The pattern of growth in Mongolia has resulted in significant numbers of people being left behind and inequalities in income have widened. Despite strong growth and a substantial decline in poverty in 2011, about 27% of the population still lives in poverty, unemployment remains high, and inequality is rising. At the same time, education becomes expensive, with too few kindergartens and overcrowded primary schools, and Mongolians are increasingly dissatisfied with the quality and high cost of health care services. The government of Mongolia also recognizes the need for inclusiveness “Our economic growth must be inclusive”.
The ADB is supporting the Mongolian government’s commitment to tackle inequality in the country through the “Promoting Inclusive Growth” project funded by the Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction (JFPR). The projects being implemented jointly by Adam Smith International and the Mongolian Center of Development Studies, with support from and management by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economic Development.

Program on Governance Sector Development to Run
Ulaanbaatar, March 20(MONTSAME) A Head of the Evaluation, Research, Monitoring and Internal Audit Department of the Ministry of JusticeD.Sunjid received Mr Victor Giner, a manager for cooperation matters of the European Union /EU/, last week.
At the meeting, MrGiner spoke about EU's joint program on governance sector development of Mongolia for 2014-2020. In response, MsSunjid talked about reforms of justice sector of Mongolia and shared views on ways of further cooperation.

DP Faction Head in Moscow
Ulaanbaatar, March 20(MONTSAME) Head of the Democratic Party’s faction at parliament and chairman of the Working Council of Cooperation with Russia MrD.Erdenebat is paying a working visit in Moscow, the Russian Federation.
On Wednesday, Mr Erdenebat met with MrS.V.Chemezov, president of the Russia’s state-run “Rostech” company and chairman of the Russian Working Council of Cooperation with Mongolia.
At this meeting, the sides shared views on the bilateral issues, and then agreed to organize a joint meeting of the Working Councils in end of this May in Ulaanbaatar city.
Present at the meeting were MrSh.Altangerel, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mongolia to Russia; MrTs.Anandbazar, the deputy chairman of the Working Council of Cooperation with Russia; MrV.P.Strashko, his counterpart of Russia and deputy president of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry; and MrV.I.Khalanov, an advisor to the “Rostech” company president.

Vice FM Meets South African Delegation
Ulaanbaatar, March 20(MONTSAME)The Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs D.Gankhuyag Wednesday received a visiting delegation led by Mr Godfrey Oliphant, the South Africa’s Deputy Minister of Mineral Resources.
MrGankhuyag emphasized South Africa is a main partner of Mongolia in Africa and serves as the bridge of relations with African states. He expressed a satisfaction with activating of the bilateral cooperation in the mining field and with realization of works that are agreed during a visit of the South African Deputy President to Mongolia in November, 2013.
In turn, Mr Oliphant said that the South African “Sasol” company is ready to collaborate and share experience with Mongolia in the mining sector, particularly, producing liquid fuel from coal.
In a scope of the visit here, the South African delegation plans to meet with authorities of some ministries and state-owned companies in order to discuss specific directions of the cooperation.

Mongolia’s Central Bank Plans to Double Currency Swap with China
Ulaanbaatar, March 20(MONTSAME) Mongolia’s central bank said it intends to extend a bilateral local currency-swap line with the People’s Bank of China for three years and double its size to 20 billion CNY.
It was released Thursday on website.
“This will clearly increase confidence in the foreign-exchange market and strengthen the off-balance” reserves buffer, Bank of Mongolia Chief Economist Bold Sandagdorj said in an e-mail yesterday. The three-year period will begin in May, he wrote.
The nation’s foreign reserves have fallen amid lower prices for copper and coal, its main exports. Currency holdings stood at $2.44 billion at the end of January, according to the central bank’s website, and were 40 percent lower than a year earlier. Mongolia’s tugrik has declined 20 percent in the past 12 months to 1,767.50 per dollar, the sixth worst performance among more than 100 exchange rates tracked by Bloomberg.
The currency-swap line with China will give Mongolia “an adequate reserve buffer to maintain overall macro balance,” he said. The authority expects a substantial decline in Mongolia’s trade- and current-account deficits this year, which will reduce demand for foreign exchange, according to Bold.
In the first two months of 2014, Mongolia’s exports rose almost 18 percent to $594.6 million, while imports fell about 24 percent to $613.9 million, according to the National Statistics Office. The trade deficit of $19.3 million was 94 percent lower than a year earlier.

Insurance Incomes Increased by 13.8 Billion Togrog
Ulaanbaatar, March 20(MONTSAME)In 2013, fee incomes of domestic insurance companies reached 92.8 billion togrog, showing an increase of 13.8 billion, compared to the previous year.
Today, two thousand insurance companies, 16 insurance intermediaries, 12 damage assessment firms and 15 actuaries are operating in Mongolia.
The leading insurance company in 2013 was Mongol Daatgal, who earned income of nearly 25 billion togrog during that time.

NSC’s Weekly Meeting Runs
Ulaanbaatar, March 20(MONTSAME)A regular meeting of the National Security Council (NSC) on Wednesday heard reports from A.Gansukh, the Minister of Road and Transportation and D.Gankhuyag, the Minister of Mining.
The Ministers spoke about a course of the “New Railway” project, a draft amendment to the law on minerals and on a possibility of erecting oil refineries.
After hearing the reports, the NSC members decided to discuss a matter of the new railway’s gauge at the 2014 parliamentary spring session and to set up a working group to draw up the draft amendment to the mineral law. Moreover, decisions were made to erect oil refineries within a policy on fully providing the national consumption with oil products by 2020, and to cooperate with the Singaporean “Temasek” company in creating a system for making the state-run companies more fruitful.

Mongolia Mineral Exploration Roundup 2014 Runs
March 20 ( Mongolian Geological Society in association with the Ministry of Mining is organizingthe 2014 Mongolia Mineral Exploration Roundup at the Russian Center of Scienceand Culture in Ulaanbaatar on March 20-21, 2014.
The meeting is aimed to discuss and summarize works completed in past in thesectors of Mongolian geology and mineral resources; exchange information onstudies and researches, and introduce projects to implement by involving statepolicies and to attract investments.
During the exhibits, “Explorer” magazine in Mongolian language and “MongolianGeoscientist” magazine in English will be presented, besides best reports will beannounced.
The Roundup is opened by Minister of Mining D.Gankhuyag, where presentations will be delivered on topics such as"Preliminary studies on ore deposition and alteration in the ErdenetiinOvoo porphyry copper-molybdenum deposit, NorthernMongolia", “Correct analytical method choice for various mineral deposits”, “Innovation and tradition in the study of the mineralresource base of uranium in the implementation strategy, Rosatom”, “Detailed exploration on UkhaaKhudag coal deposit andits comparison to other coal deposits”, “Mongolian deposits of tungsten, studies and prospects” and “Current geo-metallurgicalstudies on OyuTolgoi deposit”.

"Water-2014" Exhibition Opens
Ulaanbaatar, March 20(MONTSAME) An exhibition named “Water-2014” opened at the training center of the Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (WSSA) of the city on Wednesday.
It has been co-organized by WSSA, the Ministries of Environment and Green Development and of Construction and Urban Development and the Action Against Hunger (ACF) international humanitarian organization.
The exhibition, displaying the latest advanced hi-techs such as smart water flow counters and water pumps, water saver and cleaners, has been attended by over thirty public and private companies operating on water matters. It will be open until March 21.
ACF International is an international humanitarian organization committed to saving the lives of malnourished children while providing communities with sustainable access to safe water and long-term solutions to hunger.

Air Pollution Reduction Committee Releases Report
Ulaanbaatar, March 20(MONTSAME)A recently released report of the National Committee for Air Pollution Reduction says 200 billion togrog has been spent in efforts to reduce the air pollution.
During that time, the Committee has implemented four projects, spending 68 billion togrog for smokeless stove distributions and 12 billion togrog for ger (national dwelling) insulations. The report says that 3.5 billion togrog has been spent for electricity discounts (cut-prices) and 17.9 billion for thermal plant renovations.
In these efforts to combat air pollution, 80 billion togrog was financed from the ‘Clean Air’ foundation, 70 billion from the Government and 50 billion from the Millennium Challenge Foundation.
Mongolians Attend Coking Coal Summit in China
Ulaanbaatar, March 20(MONTSAME) A Mongolian delegation including officers of the Minerals Authority, the Mongolian Coal Association and coal exporters are attending the ‘Global Coking Coal Resource and Market’ Summit Seminar in Chinese Shanxi these days.
At this fourth edition of the annual summit, the gathered are discussing issues such as global coking coal reserves and impact of new coking coal production of countries to world coal market. They will also present China’s coal import and export expectation of 2014 during the summit.
At the event, the Mongolian delegation will hold a presentation to coking coal resources and activities of the nation.
Besides, the Mongolians, representatives of coal authorities and business people from Australia and Canada are attending the event taking place in Shanxi province, a leading producer of coal in China, which has more coal companies than any other province,with an annual production exceeding 300 million metric tons.

Mongolia to Study German Experiences in Transportation
Ulaanbaatar, March 20(MONTSAME) A ‘Standardization in Transportation Sector’ meeting will run Friday in the Standardization and Metrology Agency.
The organizers of the event are the Mongolian Agency of Standardization and Metrology and the German Institute for Standardization (DIN). At the event, officers from DIN will conduct presentations on current state and further tendency of German standards system.
DIN, the German Institute for Standardization, is a private organization registered as a non-profit association. Its members come from industry, associations, public authorities, commerce, the trades and research organizations.
The permanent staffs at DIN coordinate the entire standardization process at national level and are responsible for organizing German participation in standards work at the European and international level.

“Road Expo Mongolia-2014” to Run
Ulaanbaatar, March 20(MONTSAME) International conference and exhibition of the latest hi-techs themed “Road Expo Mongolia-2014” is to run at “Buyant-Ukhaa” Sport Complex on March 21-22.
This two-day event has been co-organized by the Ministry of Road and Transport and Mongolian Road Association for the second time to attract construction companies from Russia, USA, China, Japan, Canada, France and South Korea countries.
The opening ceremony will be attended by N.Altankhuyag, the Premier of Mongolia, A.Gansukh, the Road and Transport Minister and others.

Mongolia Marks International Day of Happiness
Ulaanbaatar, March 20(MONTSAME) Mongolia is marking the International Day of Happiness (March 20) for the first time.
Starting from this year, “Way of Happiness” a non-government organization /NGO/ informed to celebrate this day under a motto of “Let's be satisfied and happy”.
The NGO appealed everyone celebrate this day, respecting each other, being happy with family and feeling love for their city.
The day recognizes that happiness is a fundamental human goal, and calls upon countries to approach public policies in ways that improve the wellbeing of all peoples.
By designating a special day for happiness, the UN aims to focus world attention on the idea that economic growth must be inclusive, equitable, and balanced, such that it promotes sustainable development, and alleviates poverty. Additionally the UN acknowledges that in order to attain global happiness, economic development must be accompanied by social and environmental well being.

Mongolia to Celebrate Day of Sport for Development and Peace
Ulaanbaatar, March 20(MONTSAME) Mongolia is planning to celebrate the international day of sports for development and peace this April 6.
Preceding the day, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced contests of essay-writing, composition-writing and drawing for youth aged 16-18, 12-16 and 6-12 respectively.
After the contests, an exhibition will be held to display best writings and drawings.
n 2013, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 6 April as the International Day of Sports and Physical Activity, to celebrate the contribution of sports and physical activity to education, human development, healthy lifestyles and a peaceful world. The 1st International Day of Sport for Development and Peace will be celebrated on 6 April 2014.
UNESCO’s Executive Board had already welcomed and endorsed the recommendation of the Declaration of the United Nations’ third International Forum on Sport for Peace and Development to proclaim an “International Day of Sports and Physical Activity”; and further invited the Director-General to support all efforts leading the United Nations General Assembly to proclaim this Day.
The choice of the date of 6 April can be explained by the fact that, in 2002, at its 55th session, the Assembly of the World Health Organization urged Member States to celebrate a “Move for Health Day” each year to promote physical activity as essential for health and well-being. The date 6 April has been used since the year 2003 by some civil society organizations for celebrating a “World Day for Physical Activity”.

Mongolia to Cooperate with New Zealand on Family Development Matters
Ulaanbaatar, March 20(MONTSAME) State Secretary of the Population Development and Social Protection Ministry B.Otgonjargal Tuesday met with Ms Jo Goodhew, Women’s Affairs Minister of New Zealand.
The meeting came about during their participation in the fifty-eighth session of the Commission on the Status of Women at United Nations Headquarters in New York on March 10-21.
At the meeting, the sides shared views on broadening cooperation and experience-sharing between the two countries.
Ms Jo Goodhew expressed a support for a cooperation proposal of the Mongolian part to work together on family development matters.

Best Students Receive Presidential Scholarships
Ulaanbaatar, March 20(MONTSAME) By the Decree of the President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj, total of 18 students have received the Presidential Scholarship-2014.
The event took place at the State House on Thursday, during the cermony, the Chief of Staff of the Office of the President of Mongolia P.Tsagaan presented the Certificates of Scholarship and congratulated the students.
MrTsagaan noted that “The President’s Scholarship for Best Students for 2014 marks the achievements of students studying in many fields. The President of Mongolia, Ts.Elbegdorj works to ensure that all Mongolians obtain full and competitive education and that our education system attains world class standards and benchmarks.This Certificate of President’s Scholarship is honored to you who have achieved great success in your own studies and in the fields of sports and culture, calling up one’s own diligence and mind. I would like to wish the outstanding students of 2014 success in their further work and good health”.
Awarded students were from the National University of Mongolia, the Health Science University, Mongolian State University of Agriculture, Khovd University, Social Science University and University of Arts and Culture.

Indian Doctors Deliver Here Complimentary Liver Diagnosis
Ulaanbaatar, March 20(MONTSAME)A medical team of Indian Fortis Healthcare Center led by DrVivekVij are conducting complimentary examination and diagnosis in Mongolia.
The medical team began to work at the State First Hospital on Wednesday, together with the Liver Transplant team of the Hospital. This is the third visit of the Indian medics to Mongolia, as they call around their liver-transplant recipients and donors every three months.
The medical examination will continue until March 24.
Fortis Centers of Excellence for Organ Transplants conduct a comprehensive Liver Transplant program, including medically challenging liver transplant surgeries like pediatric liver transplants. Their medically advanced laboratories and ICUs offer excellent pre- and post-op care for recipients and donors to ensure high success rates. Fortis surgeons perform over 100 Liver Transplants annually. These include cadaver, live and auxiliary transplants.
DrVivekVij is a very reputed liver surgeon in India. He has set up Centre for Advanced Surgery and research (CASR) at Fortis Hospital, Noida to provide world class care to patient of liver, biliary and pancreatic diseases and promote research in the same field. 

Indian model raises her voice against discrimination in Mongolia
March 20 ( Indian model and actress, ParvathyOmanakuttan, who was crowned Miss India 2008 and later became first place runner-up at Miss World 2008, arrived in Mongolia to raise her voice against gender based violence and discrimination. 
Since she participated in Miss World 2008, ParvathyOmanakuttan has called for several campaigns against gender based violence and child abuse as well as environmental protection raising her voice in many countries across the world. This is the second time that the Indian model and actress has visited Mongolia. 
The Miss Mongolia Tourism Association first invited ParvathyOmanakuttan to Mongolia in 2011 during the Green Ribbon campaign to promote environmental information disclosure, raise the public’s awareness and participation in environmental protection and to facilitate more scientific and impartial public decision making for environmental protection. The global Green Ribbon campaign was launched in Mongolia and toured in over 40 countries.
This time ParvathyOmanakuttan is in Mongolia to speak against gender based violence and discrimination, to meet female MPs at the decision making level to exchange opinions on the issue and talk about further actions. There will also be a fundraising event today, March 20th. The money from the event will go to activities that are campaigning against gender based violence. 

"Let’s live a happy life in Mongolia” campaign
March 20 ( The “Day of Happiness” is being observed today with the theme of “Let`s live a happy life in Mongolia”. In 2012, the United Nations (UN) declared March 20th to be observed as the International Day of Happiness.
Marking this global celebration, countries all over the world coordinate campaigns and series of events on March 20th. In Mongolia to celebrate the "Day of happiness", “AzJargalinZam” (Road to Happiness) NGO, along with “Advertising news” newspaper are conduct targeted events for the day. 
There are several campaigns being organized with the cooperation of the Metropolitan police, and the Capital Improvements Office of the City for the day such as “No car alarms in Ulaanbaatar City” to allow good quality of life, “Love the City and don’t litter”, “Happy smile” and “Family dinner".

Nawruz Festival to Be Celebrated on City Main Square
Ulaanbaatar, March 20(MONTSAME)Nawruz, a traditional spring festival of Kazakh people, is planned to be celebrated on Chingis Square this Friday.
Bayan-Olgii Province Council in Ulaanbaatar, in partnership with Sports, Culture and Tourism Ministry and Capital city Governor’s Office decided to celebrate this festival with a series of cultural activities promoting Kazakh traditions, customs and arts.
This year, the organizers will give more emphasizes on cultural events to entertain attendees with folk dances and songs of the ethnic minority.
Preceding the festival, a gala concert is planned to take place in Independence Palace, under cooperation of ‘Latif’ foundation, solo-performing singers and Dombyra ensemble.

Exhibition Displays Artworks Made of Recycled Materials
Ulaanbaatar, March 20 (MONTSAME) Red Ger art gallery hosts a mixed art exhibition displaying art pieces made of rubbish.
Opened on Wednesday with a call for environment conservation, reduced waste and recycling, the exhibition shows sculptures, installations, videos themed or fully made of recycled materials.
Supported by Rio Tinto Group, the exhibition named ‘Less Rubbish, More Process’ is to be open until Match 30.

Blue Moon Gallery to Host Speed Painting Contest
Ulaanbaatar, March 20(MONTSAME) Blue Moon Art Gallery in central Ulaanbaatar is planning to host the second speed painting contest on March 29.
The contest named ‘Your speed painting - 2’ invites art professionals and amateurs to promote caricature and speed painting art in the nation.
Speed painting is a type of art practice where the artist has a limited time to finish the work. The time can vary.

SUMO/ Yokozuna duo continue to lead with Kakuryu close behind on Day 11
March 20 ( YokozunaHakuho and Harumafuji demolished their opponents to remain unbeaten going into the homestretch of the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament in Osaka on March 19, while compatriot Kakuryu added another win to stay just one loss behind them.
In another mismatch, Hakuho quickly got sekiwakeGoeido in an armlock that he used to whip his opponent around and send him running out of the ring. The defending champion has so many tricks at his disposal that his opponents never seem to know what to expect, and Goeido was no luckier than the rest have been in falling to 8-3.
Harumafuji beat Kisenosato hard in the face with a series of painful slaps that dazed the ozeki and left him too confused to keep from falling forward when the yokozuna pulled off to the side. The grimace on Kisenosato's face said it all--Harumafuji meant business and had no intention of losing his first bout.
Kisenosato had a bad tournament in January and came into this competition needing to get eight wins to keep his rank. He has already cleared that mark, but after the beating on March 19 would probably like to add on a couple more wins to regain some face and maybe boost his own confidence levels.
Yokozuna-chasing Kakuryu won by a very narrow margin over sekiwakeTochiozan. The ozeki stepped over the edge, but by that time Tochiozan was already on his way down and had touched his palm to the ground. The judges deliberated the call, but in the end agreed that Kakuryu was the winner. Tochiozan falls to 5-6.
Kotoshogiku blasted No. 4 maegashiraYoshikaze (7-4) out of the dohyo despite his ailing right shoulder. He had the better face-off, got inside and grappled well, driving Yoshikaze around the ring and finally into defeat. Kotoshogiku still has a battle ahead of him, since he is at 6-5. But he appears to be ready to fight through to the end.
SekiwakeKotooshu, however, has withdrawn from the tournament after winning only one bout, on the first day. According to the sumo association, the Bulgarian, a former ozeki, had to pull out because he dislocated his left shoulder, which has been troubling him since an earlier injury last November. With his default, the win goes to top maegashiraTamawashi, who is 3-8.
KomusubiToyonoshima (4-7) fell victim to top maegashira Endo, who thrust his way to win number five. Though he is still in losing territory, Endo could well extend his wins in the remaining days because most of his toughest matches are already behind him. If he can get eight wins, that would be quite a showing.
KomusubiShohozan thrust No. 2 maegashiraTochinowaka (3-8) out of the ring and is now 5-6.

Our Ice Hockey Team Bags Second Win
Ulaanbaatar, March 20(MONTSAME) The Mongolian ice hockey team Wednesday won over Kuwait with score margin of 3:1 in IIHF Challenge Cup in Abu Dhabi of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
Prior to this win, Mongolia had one win (against Hong Kong), and one lose (against Chinese Taipei), while Kuwait had two losses against UAE and Chinese Taipei.
According to the schedule, Mongolia is to match against Thailand on Thursday and UAE on Saturday.
Six top teams of Asia such as Mongolia, Chinese Taipei, UAE, Thailand and Hong Kong are to compete in round robin system at this seventh edition of International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) Challenge Cup of Asia in Abu Dhabi until March 22.

SJU Wrestling to Host Members of Mongolian National Team
Ulaanbaatar, March 20(MONTSAME) According to published news on website, Saint John's will host the Mongolian national wrestling team for a day camp on Saturday-Sunday, March 22-23, in Sexton Arena.
The Mongolian team competed at the 2014 Freestyle World Cup last weekend, March 15-16, in Los Angeles. The event is the annual dual-meet championships and features the top 10 men's freestyle wrestling teams in the world, based on the results of the 2013 World Championships. Mongolia is currently tied with Cuba for seventh, the United States is fifth.

The camp clinicians include current and former members of the team, including SJU graduate and three-time NCAA Division III national champion MingaBatsukh '11 (66 kg./145 lbs.). Batsukh finished his collegiate career with an 88-19 career record in March 2011, though 12 of the 19 losses occurred during his freshman season in 2007-08. He was awarded with the NCAA Championships' prestigious Outstanding Wrestler award and the National Wrestler of the Year awards as a senior after capping his senior season with a near-perfect 27-1 record. Internationally, Batsukh finished first at the Tulgat Open in 2011 and second at the 2012 Mongolian Open.

Camp Clinicians:
-Naranbaatar "Nambaa" Bayaraa (55 kg./121 lbs.): A three-time Olympian (2004, 2008, 2012); placed first at the 2012 World Olympic Qualifying tournament; claimed second at the 2007 World Championships; placed third at the 2005 World Championships; claimed first at the 2005 World University Championships; placed fifth at the 2010 World Championships.
-MandakhnaranGanzorig (66 kg./145 lbs.): Claimed third at the 2013 World Championships; finished second at the 2013 Asian Championships; placed third at the University World Championships.
-NyamochirEnkhsaikhan (60 kg./132 lbs.): Placed fifth at the 2013 World Championships; claimed first at the 2012 Kunaev International tournament held in Kazakhstan; finished second at the 2010 NYAC Open; Claimed third at the 2007 Asian Championships.
-Chuluunbat Jargalsaikhan (120 kg./heavyweight): Claimed fifth at the 2011 World Championships; finished second in the 2010, and 2013 Asian Senior Championships; finished third at the 2008, 2011 and 2012 Asian World Championships.
-Head coach Battulga Byambajav: Three-time Olympic head coach for the Mongolian National team (2000, 2004, 2008); earned Coach of the Year recognition in 2005 and 2007; coached for Mongolia's cadet-, junior- and senior-level national teams at the respective World Championships (1998-2013).

Here Comes National Memory Championship
Ulaanbaatar, March 20(MONTSAME) The final stage of the national memory championship is to held at Mongolia-Japan Center in the UB city on this Saturday.
The first stage of the championship named after the Trade and Development Bank ran on March 1 to select the best 15 adults and 37 children athletes. The Mongolian Intellectual Academy (organizer) is planning to hold the second, or final stage of the championship, in ten category events, namely speed cards, names and faces, numbers marathon, binary digits, flash numbers, five minute random words and ten minute cards, words dates, playing cards and abstract images.
International second-rank judge Kh.Khatanbaatar will judge the event, and achievements and scores of mental athletes there will be included in the world rankings.

Chess University Championship Concluded
Ulaanbaatar, March 20(MONTSAME) The national university championship for chess took place on March 13-15 in the “Zuunyshatar” club.
This year’s championship was participated by 80 male and female players from 15 universities and institutes.
As the result, FIDE international master and woman grandmaster B.Mongontuul from the Mongolian University of Science and Technology won a gold medal in the women’s contest, being followed by D.Yanjinlham (University of Defense) and Ts.Monkhchuluun (National Institute of Physical Culture). In the men’s tournament, a gold medal went to U.Nasanjargal (Mongolian National University). Ts.Lhagvasuren (“Shikhikhtug” institute) and Ts.Batchuluun won silver and bronze medals, respectively.
Winners of the national championship are qualified to compete in the 2014 World University Chess Championship that will run on August 18-24 in Katowice city, Poland.

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