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Mongolia Brief March 19, 2014

President Receives Players of "Khasyn Khulguud" Team
Ulaanbaatar, March 19(MONTSAME) On Tuesday, the President Ts.Elbegdorj received basketball players of the "Khasyn khulguud" team, the national basketball league.

The meeting also brought together the team’s director, general coach, and representatives of the sponsors.
The team coach thanked the leader of the country for the audience and said his team achieved three wins at the national league in 2008, 2009 and 2010, making thus the record in the league's history. The team also won the 2013-2014 season, and it wants to create a tradition of organizing a reception with the President to honor a winner of the national basketball league.
After this, representatives of the Xas Bank and the "SB Logistics" company talked about a financing for the team.
The President Elbegdorj granted the visitors a basketball with a signature of Michael Jordan.

Australia - Mongolia mining industry cooperation
March 19 (Minister for Foreign Affairs of Australia) Mongolian Foreign Minister L.Bold and Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop Tuesday announced a five-year, $20 million program to assist the sustainable development of the resources sector in Mongolia.
Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said in the statement “Like Western Australia, Mongolia"s economy is driven by mining and resources. The Australia-Mongolia Extractives Program will utilise Australian expertise in Mongolia to help ensure the benefits of the mining sector are spread across its entire population.
Whether in Australia or Mongolia, private-sector led growth is key to a growing economy.
Releasing Mongolia’s fledgling mining industry from a failed mining tax has greatly benefited the economy. Australia is pledging to support the Mongolian Government with financial assistance and expertise that will improve governance in the mining sector, opening their economy up to international investment and development opportunities.
The program will also improve access to technical and vocational education and training in disadvantaged communities in Mongolia so they are better equipped to gain employment in the mining industry.
I welcome Foreign Minister L.Bold to Australia - the first by a Mongolian Foreign Minister to Australia in over twenty years. The visit will provide the opportunity to discuss our countries" expanding partnership and how Australian investment in major mining projects like Rio Tinto’s Oyu Tolgoi can help boost the Mongolian economy.
During Foreign Minister L.Bold’s visit Australia and Mongolia will sign a Memorandum of Understanding on Consular Cooperation.
The Australian Government’s existing $5 million partnership with the World Bank is also presently helping to strengthen management of groundwater resources in the southern Gobi region.

“Rosneft” offers oil exploration in Mongolia
March 19 ( President of Russian oil giant, Rosneft Oil Company and Chairman of the Management Board, Igor Sechin, had a three-hour stay in Mongolia on March 17th. Igor Sechin was believed to come to Mongolia to make further moves into Mongolia`s oil market. 
In his three hours stay in Ulaanbaatar, Mr. Sechin managed to meet President Ts.Elbegdorj, Prime Minister N.Altankhuyag and Minister of Mining D.Gankhuyag. 
According to the official website of Rosneft, Mr. Sechin discussed with government officials of Mongolia about cooperation to increase petroleum supply and delivery of packed bitumen products from Angarsk Petrochemical Refinery to Mongolia and the possible cooperation on oil exploration.  Also the website states that parties negotiated to create both task forces to formulate and complete the project. 
Last year, Rosneft delivered 700,000 tons of petroleum, or 54 percent of Mongolia`s total consumption of petroleum products for a year. 
According to the official website of the Ministry of Mining Mongolia, Mr. Sechin is quoted as saying: “As shipping oil by rail is expensive, Russia is ready to sign a long-term agreement on supplying oil products via a pipeline from Russia to Mongolia.”
It also reports that both sides exchanged information reciprocally on the issue and agreed to study the proposal. 
Mongolia has import petroleum from Rosneft for over a decade. There was even a time when Mongolia was 100 percent dependent on petroleum imports from Rosneft. Rosneft also provides 80 percent of the diesel needed by Ulaanbaatar railway and airlines. 
With 1.3 million tons of petroleum consumed, Mongolia has the ambition to build its own oil refinery plant. The proposed oil refinery plant will have the capacity to process 20 million tons of oil per year. The plans for the refinery are to import crude oil from Tamsag deposit in Mongolia as well as Angarsk in Russia.

Vice Minister Receives Cuban Delegation
Ulaanbaatar, March 19(MONTSAME) The Vice Minister of Culture, Sport and Tourism M.Tumenjargal Tuesday met with Mr Miguel Angel Ramirez Ramos, the director of Cuba's Foreign Ministry Department of Asia-Pacific Affairs.
The sides exchanged views on ways of cooperating in sports sphere.
Then the guest noted that his country has much experience in a tourism sphere. "We are planning to receive three million tourists next year, and we are ready to share with Mongolia an experience gained in this field," he added.

Second Consultative Meeting between Mongolia and CubaOrganized in Ulaanbaatar
March 19 ( The Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia and the Republic of Cuba organized thesecond consultative meeting in Ulaanbaatar on March 17, 2014.
Mongolian part was headed by Deputy Foreign Minister D.Gankhuyag and theCuban side by Director of Asia and Oceania of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs MiguelAngel Ramirez Ramos.
At the meeting, parties confirmed their determination to consolidate Mongolia-Cubatraditional friendly state relations, stimulate bilateral cooperation in the majorcollaboration sectors of sports and education, agriculture and health. The sides alsoexpressed their commitment to support each other within multilateral cooperation.
During his stay in Ulaanbaatar, Mr. Miguel Angel Ramirez Ramos is planned to meet a member of Mongolia-CubaParliamentary Group MP A.Bakei, Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism L.Tumenjargal and officials from the HealthMinistry and the State General Prosecutor's Office of Mongolia.
Mongolia and the Republic of Cuba have established the diplomatic relations on December 07, 1960.

Social Insurance Officer Worksat "11 11"
Ulaanbaatar, March 19(MONTSAME) Ts.Urtnasan, a Chief of the Social Insurance Authority, worked Wednesday at the "11 11" Center of the Government.
As a significant part of questions sent to the center are always about social insurances, pensions, social welfare and allowances, the Center decided this time to invite a social insurance officer able for a direct interview with people. On Wednesday, three thous. 500 people got connected to Urtnasan via telephone and online to make inquiries mostly about the pension rise.
Mr Urtnasan explained how pensions have increased since last February 1. He said the minimum pension has risen to 207 thousand form 108 thousand togrog, "the increase varies in accordance with existing amounts. There are nearly 318 thousand pensioners in the nation". 

Checkpoints to Shift into New Organizational Structure

Ulaanbaatar, March 19(MONTSAME) The Cabinet Office organized "Reforms in border checkpoints" consultative meeting on Wednesday.
At the meeting, the Government’s actions to eliminate bureaucracy in the checkpoints activities were presented and ways to correlate actions of the affiliated agencies were explored.
At his opening speech, the Chairman of the Cabinet Office Ch.Saikhanbileg read out a letter sent from a citizen who experienced a great burden amid importing goods through one of these ports. In order to pass freight priced at 14 thousand USD through the port, the importer spent six thousand USD, a quarter of which went to pockets of corrupt officers, the letter says.
In order to reform activities and to abolish these kinds of corruption, the Government has been making great efforts, Mr Saikhanbileg noted. Cooperation treaties recently were concluded with relevant authorities of neighboring countries, and technological advancements were introduced to the dry ports--main export gates, he said.
Mr Saikhanbileg announced that the border checkpoints authorities will shift into a new organizational structure on this April 1.

SPO Deputy Head Meets Mr Ramos
Ulaanbaatar, March 19(MONTSAME) A deputy head of the State Prosecutor Office (SPO) G.Erdenebat Monday met with Mr Miguel Angel Ramirez Ramos, the director of Cuba’s Foreign Ministry Department of Asia-Pacific Affairs.
They discussed issues of strengthening the bilateral relations and an opportunity to exchange experience between the two countries’ prosecutor bodies.
Mr Erdenebat said the SPO is realizing a reform programme, it has worked on intensifying a development of the prosecutor body, "we must learn foreign countries' experience, and involve our staffers in foreign language training".
In turn, Mr Ramos expressed a satisfaction with creation of the ties between the two organizations and said that a visit of Mongolia’s SPO head to Cuba has contributed to expanding of the bilateral ties.
Cuba has faced to a requirement to change the legal mechanism in conjunction with reforms in the economic mode, Mr Ramos noted.     

Project to Be Implemented to Develop Non-Cash Payment System
Ulaanbaatar, March 19(MONTSAME) The Ministry of Economic Development and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) have agreed to implement a "Payment System Modernization" project here.
This two-year project will address issues such as development of non-cash payment system and advancement of inspection on monetary policies realization through controlling money flows.
Under the agreement, established between the parties, ADB will invest twenty million USD to the project, while the Government of Mongolia will grant 2.5 million USD.
L.Amar, a senior economist at ADB, pointed out direct and non-direct benefits of the project to the economy and social development, as it will open a great opportunity to increase a productivity of banks, support combating against money laundering and other financial crimes, as well as to join international financial markets.
The financing from ADB will be in form of a loan with a term of 15 years.

Capital City to Found Its Housing Corporation
Ulaanbaatar, March 19(MONTSAME) A working group responsible for the establishment of a Capital city's Housing Corporation was formed on Tuesday, under an ordinance of the City Governor.
The Housing Corporation will carry out actions aimed at opening of housing opportunities for employed youth not able to save enough money to buy an apartment or to pay its up-front fee.
The working group led by S.Ochirbat, a deputy chairman responsible for city development and investments at the Governor’s Office, will study international experiences in implementing affordable housing programs and will develop related rules and regulations on the establishment of the "Capital city's Housing Corporation", which has been included in Ulaanbaatar Governor’s action plans, as well as in the city’s economic and social goals for 2014.

Capital City to Erect Its Logistics Center
Ulaanbaatar, March 19(MONTSAME) A joint logistics center of freight forwarder is planned to be erected in eastern part of the UB city.
Related resolution has been issued by E.Bat-Uul, the City Mayor, and a working group has been set up to create this center in frames of the state-private sector partnership.
This is a part of general plan on the city development until 2020, it has been also reflected in the action plan of the City Mayor for 2013-2016.
The working group will certify freight terminals operating in the city and will introduce its outcome at meeting of the City's Management Council.

Public Panel Discussion to Be Held on Currency Fluctuations in Mongolia
March 19 ( The German-Mongolian Business Association (DMUV) is organizing a public paneldiscussion in Ulaanbaatar about currency fluctuations and how companies canmitigate their risks.
The event is open for businesses and business organizations that will take place atBest Western Tuushin Hotel starting at 05:00 pm on March 19, 2014.
The discussion will highlight tools and solutions for companies having to deal withvolatile currency rates, as well as the logic behind fluctuations and how to predictthem in advance to reduce risks.
According to organizers, the ADB Senior Country Economist Mr. Jan Hansen, TDBPresident Mr. Randolph Koppa, Golomt Bank Executive Vice President Mrs. Luvsandorj BOLORMAA, EY Managing Partner Mr.Peter Markey and other officials are to attend the event.
An introduction into recent currency rate developments will be given by Mrs. Lakshmi Bodsho, Mongolian Economic Policy and Comprehensive Research Center.

Chairman of OT Board of Directors Addresses Asia Mining Congress 2014
Ulaanbaatar, March 19(MONTSAME) Chair of the Board of Directors of Oyu Tolgoi LLC Mr Batsukh Galsan spoke of the challenges of building, running and developing a mega-mining project like Oyu Tolgoi at the annual Asia Mining Congress kicked off Monday in Singapore.
Regarding early days of OT's development, Mr Batsukh said: “When the early discoveries were made at OT - they created significant excitement in the investment world. Gradually, these discoveries have put Mongolia on the global mining map”.
"Building a mine and infrastructure on the scale needed was an obvious challenge. Today construction of the open pit and concentrator is complete. OT is an operating business, with a workforce of 7,500 people. We are now mining, producing and selling copper concentrate. OT has all the keys for successful operation, based on the strong support from the Government and Rio Tinto's global standard of management and expertise," Mr Batsukh said.
"There is more to do, but we are beginning the change from a capital-intensive construction project to a safe, sustainable and profitable business, which delivers value for all our shareholders and stakeholders," he emphasized.
Finally, the Chairman reflected on all that has been achieved at OT and the challenges that have been overcome: "We must remember only four years ago, there was only a medium size camp, a lonely exploration shaft and those planning the construction. Now, it is an operating mine complex, with some of the best technology and people in the world.
"Yes, the challenges were great. You need infrastructure, you need to create a supply chain, you need to create a skilled workforce, you need to forge and strengthen a partnership between Government and investors. OT provided an opportunity for innovation and the creation of a long life, low cost project which offset the short term infrastructure challenges," he said.
The Asia Mining Congress brings together miners and investors from across the continent to learn lessons, and discuss the latest industry an investment trends.

One Thous. Kilometers High Road to Be Completed in Two Years
Ulaanbaatar, March 19(MONTSAME) A concession agreement has been signed to build a high way connecting south and north dry ports of the country through the capital city.
The agreement was inked by N.Batbayar, the Economic Development Minister, and by S.Otgonbaatar, CEO of "Chinggis Land Development Group - New Development Road" Co (the Concessionaire).
The Concessionaire will develop feasibility studies and technical specifications within nine months to them get approved by the Government. It shall have exclusive rights to construction and ownership of one thousand km of high road built under own financing. The concessionaire will also complete the construction within two years and operate the facility for another thirty years before transferring its ownership to the Government.
The concessionaire will develop a feasibility study and blueprint of the project to get approved by relevant ministries before concluding a financing agreement. The agreement will come into effect after the Chinggis Land Development Group places a first stage financing in a commercial bank of Mongolia.
The high road, which will enable a transit transportation from Russia to China over Mongolia, "is expected to greatly contribute to a development of logistics and industrialization in regions it passes through, the construction project will provide workplaces for 5,500-7,000 engineers and road workers," the Economic Development Minister said. 

Erdenet City Will Construct Airport
Ulaanbaatar, March 19(MONTSAME) A new airport will be erected in Erdenet city of Orkhon province.
The Ministry of Road and Transport together with the province governor's office are working on its construction plan. As estimated, a total of three billion togrogs are required to run complete modern changes in an old airport which has been out of use since 1990.
Officials say, two billion togrogs will be covered by the "Erdenet Mining Corporation", the fourth largest copper mine in the world. 

Health Matters Discussed of Men
Ulaanbaatar, March 19(MONTSAME) A discussion ran Tuesday in the Civil Hall, the State House, on a state policy and present situation of men’ health. .
Co-hosted by L.Erdenechimeg, G.Uyanga and R.Burmaa MPs, members of the unofficial group at the State Great Khural (parliament), the open discussion gathered N.Udval, the Minister of Health; experts of the Ministry; representatives of the Ministry of Defense, WHO, UNFPA, state-run and private hospitals, National Committee of Gender, Mongolian Union for Men, and Network of Reproductive Health NGOs.
According to the latest survey, the worst problem related to men’ health is their lifespan: its rate is lower by 8-9 years than that of women.
A Mongolian man goes to a hospital much less than a woman, he is involved in accidents twice as much as woman is, the experts said. The public view tends to consider that a matter of a man's health is not so critical, even medical staffers do not pay a proper attention to this, moreover, very small amount of money is spent for man's health, they noted and considered as necessity to change the public mind on men’ health and proposed issuing the adequate sum of money for the health of men. 

Indian Doctors Running Checkup
Ulaanbaatar, March 19(MONTSAME) Doctors from the Indian "Fortis" healthcare center are running a free-of- charge checkup among people with liver problems.
This examination is taking place at the National Central Hospital March 19-24.
The team includes Mr Vivek Vij, a director of Liver transplant and GI surgery department at the healthcare center. This is his third visit to our country. Dr. Vivek is one of the pioneers of Liver transplant with experience of more than 500 liver transplants and 100% donor safety profile. He has played a key role in establishing two successful liver transplant programs in India.

Mongolia to Participate in Int'l Trade Show
Ulaanbaatar, March 19(MONTSAME) Mongolia is to participate as a key country in trade show for riding, hunting and fishing in Erfurt, Germany on March 21-23 for the first time.
This is a part of planned measures running in frames of the 40th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and Germany. Our team intends to promote the country through a show of Mongolian horsemen and folk art performance.
Mongolian Embassy in Germany together with the Mongolian National Tourism Center are preparing for the trade. Our country will be represented by tour operators, including "Discover Mongolia Travel", "Genco", "Nuudel Trade", "Mon Digital Tour", "Khashkhan" tourist camp, and art delegates of "Khan Mongol" horse riding show group and "Khokh Mongol" folk art band.
The 16th trade show for Riding, Hunting and Fishing (Reiten-Jagen-Fischen) will serve as a presentation platform of 21 thous. square meters for some 200 exhibitors. Some 25 thousand visitors mainly from Germany and East and West European countries are expected to come to this action to get information on the latest trends and innovations in main exhibit sectors of equestrian sports, studs, saddlery products, fishing apparel and equipment, fishery, hunting, angling, arms and ammunition, fodder, horticulture and agriculture, horse keeping and transportation, special vehicles, archery, trade literature, gift items, optical instruments, tourism, clubs and associations, preparation of animals, delicatessen, gastronomy and club supplies.

Mongolia to hold its first interior design competition
March 19 ( As the construction industry is experiencing a boom currently in Mongolia, there is an increasing demand for skillful teams and experts for all aspects of projects. Therefore local interior design companies and enterprises are planning to organize an interior design competition, “Interior-2014”, for the first time in Mongolia. 
The interior design competition will be carried out in four stages between March 15th and May 20th. Local interior design companies are welcomed to participate by entering a team of five creative and skillful designers for the competition to create new and original interior design ideas. 
In the first stage of the competition, 25 of the best teams will be selected for a television show to display their designs to the public.  In following stages, interior designers will compete for sponsorship and production company’s commissions and the works will be displayed in a public exhibition. 
The leading team will be awarded 10 million MNT. The key organizer for the interior design competition is Gemlife Outsourcing LLC, with supporting organizers “ТV5” television, Best Buidan LLC, Mongol Expo LLC and Tumen Tsamkhag LLC. 

Mongol Warriors on Horseback in Germany
March 19 ( Mongolia for the first time to participate as a Guest Country in the Horseback Riding,Hunting and Fishing International Fair to take place in Erfurt, Germany organized byMesse Erfurt GmbH on March 21-23, 2014.
This is the 16th edition, where over 200 exhibitors from Austria, Bulgaria, Canada,Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Mongolia, Netherlands, Poland,Slovakia and Switzerland are to present their complete range of products andservices for the hobby worlds of horseback riding, hunting and fishing offer such asriding and driving sports equipment, stable equipment, carriages, hunting guns,hunting accessories, hunting dog accessories, fishing rods, reels, lines, interestinghunting and fishing trips.
In the scope of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Federal Republic of Germany andMongolia that marks in 2014, Mongolian delegation intends to participate with its large group performing “Mongol Warriors onHorseback” show and a troupe of folklore is also to promote Mongolian culture and tradition.
The preparations are provided by Mongolian Embassy in Germany in association with Mongolian National Tourism Center andMongolian delegates will be represented by “Discover Mongolia Travel”, “Genco”, “Nuudel Trade” and “Mon Digital” touroperators, also “Kashkhan” tourist camp and “New Beleg” company will introduce its services and products. The “MongolWarriors on Horseback” show will be performed by “Khan Mongol” horse circus and “Khukh Mongol” folk art ensemble is toparticipate in cultural events.

Book Published for Sweden-Based Mongolian Children
Ulaanbaatar, March 19(MONTSAME) Mongolian children living in Sweden have received schoolbooks for mother language lessons.
The Mongolian Embassy in Sweden, the National Association of Sweden-based Mongolians and others rendered a valuable support in publishing of the books for some four thousand Mongolian kids residing in this country.
Aware of the fact that the children were born/or are growing in the foreign country with much less opportunities to learn the indigenous language, the authors have written this book, which includes appealing contents in the two languages.
The publishing expenses were paid by the Ministry of Education and Sciences of Mongolia--a significant contribution to the Mongolian language education abroad.

2014 is the China-Mongolia Friendship and Exchange Year
March 19 ( 2014 marks the 65th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and China at the same time as the 20th anniversary of the Treaty on Friendly Relations and Cooperation between Mongolia and China. Therefore 2014 has been announced as the China-Mongolia Friendship and Exchange Year. 
In support of this opportunity, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia has announced a contest to design a logo. The selected logo will be used in the promotion of politics, culture and humanity activities scheduled throughout the China-Mongolia Friendship and Exchange Year. 
A logo for the promotion of the event should display concepts of bilateral friendly relations between Mongolia and China it should be accessible for the use of promotion and should have an aesthetic design and shape. The logo should also symbolize bilateral relations, cooperation and friendship between the people of the two countries.
Computer graphic and design or master degree students of the National universities and fellows are allowed to participate in the contest. 

Mongolian Cultural event in Hong Kong
March 19 ( Mongolia`s Cultural Days, a series of events designed to promote the rich heritage of Mongolian culture, traditional customs, the uniqueness of nomadic culture, in order to increase the tourist number to Mongolia was launched in Hong Kong on Tuesday. 
The series of events are being organized by the “World” Mongolian cultural association, the Hong Kong based international “Asia Society”, “Royal Geographical Society” and “Oddyssey publications” with official support from the Consulate General of Mongolia in Hong Kong and Macao and sponsored by Hunnu Air. 
The series of events, Mongolia`s Cultural Days in Hong Kong will feature a Book Introduction & Author Interview of “Genghis Khan and the Mongol Empire” organized by the “Asia Society” and the Smithsonian Institution, as well as an Author Interview with the writer of “Mongolia: Nomad Empire of the Eternal Blue Sky”, Carl Robinson, organized by the “Royal Geographical Society”. There will also be an introduction to Mongolia, a seminar on khuumii and a folk concert. 
During the Mongolia`s Cultural Days event in Hong Kong, ethnic folk group Khusugtun will perform a concert for visitors. 

SUMO/ Mongolians Hakuho, Harumafuji, Kakuryu mark easy wins on Day 10
March 19 (Asahi Shimbun) The Mongolians continued to dominate their opponents at the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament in Osaka on March 18, with yokozuna duo Hakuho and Harumafuji--who lead with unbeaten records--and ozeki Kakuryu all notching convincing wins.
Meeting almost no resistance, Harumafuji thrust out komusubi Shohozan (4-6) for his 10th win. The yokozuna landed his thrusts potently on Shohozan's chest, raising his center of gravity and making him unable to do anything but retreat.
Hakuho threw sekiwake Kotooshu to the dirt, to no one's surprise. Hakuho has been almost perfect throughout this tournament and is the defending champion, gunning for his 29th career title. Kotooshu, meanwhile, has lost all his bouts except for his opening-day match against rank-and-filer Kaisei.
Mongolia's third-best wrestler, Kakuryu, was driven back at the face-off by komusubi Toyonoshima but kept his cool, maneuvered to the side and blasted back onto the offensive with a forward drive that sent Toyonoshima out of the ring for his sixth loss. Kakuryu is holding his ground well, with just one loss that he suffered on the tournament's third day, to Okinoumi.
Kotoshogiku grimaced in pain after he was tossed to the dirt by No. 3 maegashira Takayasu (4-6). The ozeki is fighting through injuries, and this was the first time he has ever been beaten by Takayasu. He drops to 5-5 and will be under a lot of pressure to clear the eight wins he needs to stay out of trouble when the next tournament rolls around and not worry about his rank. Takayasu, on the other hand, is trying to get into position to move up to komusubi.
Looking very much like the formidable ozeki he is, Kisenosato gave No. 4 maegashira Ikioi no openings and won with ease. Typical of Kisenosato, the win wasn't very flamboyant, but it was strong and nearly flawless. He simply took a conventional grappling approach and played it to its fullest. Kisenosato is 8-2, while Ikioi is 4-6.
Sekiwake Goeido, a talented but often overlooked veteran, won his eighth bout convincingly and is now looking to see if he can finish in double digits. He won by getting a strong hold on No. 2 maegashira Okinoumi's belt and plowing forward until it was over. Okinoumi has only two wins.
"I'm fighting my own style," Goeido said. "I just hope to keep adding on the wins."
On March 19, he takes on Hakuho.
Sekiwake Tochiozan (5-5) took down top maegashira Endo more easily than expected, absorbing his face-off and taking control until the young wrestler's knees buckled at the edge. The loss is the second in a row for Endo and his sixth of the tournament. He is still adjusting to the tougher competition now that he has to face yokozuna and ozeki opponents, and is starting to show some wear and tear from what has been a hard 10 days.

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