Thursday, March 20, 2014

Extreme Mining: USA/Canadian Skills at a Premium for Arctic Projects

Despite the plunge in commodity prices, some of the countries that continue to ‎prosper within the mining sector, such as Mongolia and Kazakhstan, are also those ‎where every day temperatures can drop to minus 45 C, which gives rise to a whole ‎new set of challenges for the mining sector, Mining Weekly reports. ‎

The set up costs before any mining can actually take place are so prohibitive that so ‎far, it has proved a quest for only a very few determined companies.‎

Data supplied by The Raw Materials Group states that more than 200 Arctic mining ‎projects that have been announced in recent years now lie either abandoned or in an ‎early planning stage, with only six mines now operating in North America's vast Arctic ‎region. ‎

‎“The climate conditions play an important role in the planning and execution of any ‎Mining project", explains Lucy Donald, Director of the Mining division for WRS, a ‎leading recruiter for the global Mining sector, "mining operations in other cold locations ‎around the world are now targeting Canadians and Americans for their expat senior ‎roles, primarily for their valuable experience in mining within freezing conditions‏"‏‎.‎

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