Monday, March 7, 2016

Lanark film-maker’s Mongolian journey - video

LANARK film-maker Robert MacDonald and two companions grappled with Mongolian wrestlers on a trip of a lifetime to that country – wearing their kilts.

Robert, of Air Creations, travelled there with his brother Jamie and friend Davie Scott to take on the Mongolians at their national sport.

Robert is well known for wedding videos, but now his film of that trip, following three middle aged dads from Scotland as they embark on the journey of a lifetime and swap their omfortable suburban lives in Scotland for the rugged beauty and rich culture of Mongolia, is available as a documentary, Three Kilts in Mongolia.

Far from Scottish supermarkets, they turn to slaughtering goats and catching their own fish in the wild; they sleep in gers in the wilderness, and they - still clad in kilts - they tackle wrestlers regarded as heroes in Mongolia.

The trailer here shows some of the spectacular scenery and the living conditions during their trip.

(You can rent or buy the full documentary at

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