Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Documentary Style Film Shows the Raw Beauty of Mongolia

Still in his early 20’s, filmmaker Nessim Stevenson has documented much of the world through his photography and documentary style films. His latest release highlights a recent three-month relocation to Mongolia, where Stevenson worked for NTV, a local TV News station in Ulaanbaatar.

The short film is an interesting and beautiful look behind the curtain of some more cinematic films filmed in the region, like the recent work of Brandon Li. Stevenson invokes his education and passion in documentary style filmmaking by piecing together almost five minutes of raw, yet beautiful clips that highlight the animals (including some ridiculously cute puppies), food, lives, and most importantly, the people of Mongolia.

Raised in Beirut, Lebanon, the half Lebanese, half British Stevenson proves that not all travel films need to be flashy and high production ventures. I love the real approach of his clips such as the shake filled movements and the mid-clip refocusing. The style has a way of making viewers feel like they are in the snow and mud with Stevenson, as opposed to watching from a comfortable office chair. And that is the job of a documentary filmmaker and lucky for us, Stevenson is just getting started.

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Below are some of our favorite screenshots from the film.

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