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Mongolia Brief February 2, 2015 Part II

Mongolia and China Sign Agreement to Construct 2x135 MW Power Plant in Umnugovi Aimag
February 2 ( On January 27, 2015, representatives of Mongolia’s MAK Energy LLC and China’s Harbin Electric International Company Limited have signed an agreement to construct 2x135 MW power plant on a turn-key basis at the site of Gashuun Sukhait coal deposit in Umnugovi Aimag, Mongolia.

The signing ceremony took place at the Embassy of Mongolia in Beijing, China, where Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mongolia to the People’s Republic of China Ts.Sukhbaatar and his Advisor on Trade and Economy B.Khurenbaatar were present along with authorities of the two companies.
Through commissioning the power station, it anticipates a reliable provision of electricity in Umnugovi Aimag will be facilitated and the capacity of the coal mines will be also improved. This is also of high importance in reducing the costs by using high-tech electric equipment and increasing exports.
The power station will serve as an additional power source for large mines such as Oyu Tolgoi, Tsagaan Suvarga and Tavan Tolgoi. A Memorandum of Understanding to implement this project was signed during the state visit of the President of China Xi Jinping to Mongolia conducted in 2014.

Honorary Consul of Mongolia to Alsace, France Accredited
February 2 ( On January 28, 2015, a resident Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mongolia to the French Republic, Mundagbaatar BATSAIKHAN presented an exequatur to Honorary Consul Loran Hinker, a French national to represent Mongolia in Alsace region of France, who was earlier accredited by the Government of the Republic of France.
At the meeting, Ambassador M.Batsaikhan congratulated the Honorary Consul, who starts his official duties at the year of celebration the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two states, and expressed his willingness to expand and develop the Mongolia-France cooperation in all sectors as well as to provide with legal assists and protect interests of Mongolians residing in the country.
French envoy, Mr. Loran Hinker is an experienced lawyer, who advanced in human rights, liberties and international law. He used to serve as an accredited attorney in international criminal court and affiliated trainings, published dozens of articles and books in the areas.

"Fostering civic engagement" workshop completes
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, February 2 (MONTSAME) In a scope of the project “Fostering Civic Engagement at the Subnational Level” by the Asia Foundation, the Office of the President has organized a two-day workshop at the Citizen’s Hall of the State House. It was completed on January 30.
Over 60 representatives of the target 14 soums and three khoroos attended the workshop and shared their views. The workshop was chaired by the advisor on citizens’ participation and economic policy to the President Mr L.Dashdorj, and the opening and closing remarks were given by the Asia Foundation program manager for “Good Governance Promotion and Decentralization” Mr Jack Meera.
The participants made presentations about and debated over the ways of establishing civil societies and of active participation in the problem resolving processes, achievements and lessons of economic cooperation, on what extent the implementation is going on the rights to information, and on how to organize public discussions on the subnational level.
They also exchanged opinions on the activities of Citizen’s Halls that operate in local areas.

President gives Boot-Bells to three-millionth citizens
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, February 2 (MONTSAME) A total of 181 children were born on January 24, the day when the three-millionth citizen of Mongolia, Mongoljin, were born. On Friday, 29 of those children, who were selected from every aimags and cities, were glorified and awarded with certificates and gifts.
Mongoljin was awarded with an apartment worth MNT 70 million, while her age-mates were given one-time cash benefits, each is equivalent to three million Togrog. The President gave the three-millionth citizen and her age-mates silver boot-bells with small “Gerege” tied to them.  

Speaker Z.Enkhbold legs Mongolia-Germany joint university
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, February 2 (MONTSAME) In frames of a working tour to Nalaikh district, the Speaker of parliament Z.Enkhbold last Saturday legged the Mongolia-Germany joint university of minerals and technologies.
Mr Enkhbold got familiarized with the university’s campus which was put into use in 2014 and equipped with European-standard laboratories, class rooms, a library and a fitness room.
The rector N.Dorjderem briefed about the university, saying that it made first enrolment in 2013, and 66 students are studying at the university in the academic years of 2014-2015. As of present, the university is running the bachelor’s degree training for the professions of mining processing engineering, mechanical engineering and environment engineering, the rector said.
With a slogan of giving the world-standard education in Mongolia, all the lessons are held in English by Mongolian, English and German teachers. Furthermore, more advanced lessons are taught by teachers and professors from German universities, Dorjderem underlined.
Scholarships are being granted from the metallurgical plants of Oyu Tolgoi and Darkhan, the Anglo-America, MAK and MSM to the students with the highest grades. About 30% of the students have taken the scholarships, the rector said.
After the presentation, the Speaker held a meeting with the university’s teachers and students, responding to answers on the relevant issues.
The students talked about an establishment of the “Morning Club” and the “English Day” for English language week, whereas the teachers emphasized an importance of amending the legal environment for the higher education sphere due to an establishment of the very first intergovernmental joint university in Mongolia. The university has put forward a goal to become one of the Asian top universities in accordance with a state policy on education, the teachers pointed out.
During the working to Nalaikh district, the Speaker Z.Enkhbold was accompanied by L.Gantomor MP, the Minister of Education, Culture and Science; L.Bold MP; Gerhard Thiedemann, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Germany to Mongolia; and other officials.

Meeting with Local authorities begins
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, February 2 (MONTSAME) The State annual meeting with local administrators began on February 2. This meeting will discuss the main direction for development in 2015, the State Budget and the implementation of Glass Account Law.
It will also provide general understanding about the newly formed Ministries and State policies, and the detailed definition of responsibilities for the general budget administrators. Opening remarks were given by the President and the Speaker. On the first day of the meeting, the Ministers will share information with the participants on the policies of their responsible sectors, on planned actions and highlights. Prime Minister Ch.Saikhanbileg will attend the meeting on Tuesday.

Speaker addresses meeting of governors
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, February 2 (MONTSAME) The Speaker of the State Great Khural (parliament) Z.Enkhbold addressed 2015 annual meeting of UB Mayor, aimag governors and heads of Citizens’ Representative Khurals (council) held Monday in the State House.
Co-organized by the Presidential Office, the Parliamentary Office and the Cabinet Secretariat, the meeting has brought together Ts.Elbegdorj, the President of Mongolia; S.Bayartsogt, head of the Cabinet Secretariat; Mayor of Ulaanbaatar city, governors of aimags; and heads of the Citizens’ Representative Khurals of localities (local councils).
Mentioning about a formation of the new cabinet, the Speaker emphasized that the meeting of local councils’ authorities is running for the first time after formation of the new cabinet. He presented to the attendees the 2015 state budget and the budget clarification, and then said the local authorities should focus attention to make budget clarifications based on realistic analysis and augmenting the budget profits by maintaining the most proper list. Then the Speaker heard views from the participants.
The annual meeting aims to take general directions and understanding about the 2015 basic guideline for socio-economic development and implementing the budget, to determine functions of the governors and heads of local councils and to establish cooperation contracts between the cabinet members and the local authorities. 

Wreaths laid to Statue of D.Sukhbaatar
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, February 2 (MONTSAME) A ceremony took place on Monday to lay wreaths to the Statue of D.Sukhbaatar, a prominent political figure and one of the founder of the Mongolian People’s Party (MPP) on occasion of the 122nd birth anniversary of him.
Present at the ceremony were M.Enkhbold, the chairman of the MPP; J.Monkhbat, the MPP secretary-general; Ts.Nyamdorj, D.Demberel and S.Batbold MPs.
Sukhbaatar Damdin was born on February 2 of 1893 in Maimaa town, Ulaanbaatar city. Enshrined as the "Father of Mongolia's Revolution", he is remembered as one of the most important figures in Mongolia's struggle for independence. In 1921, he started the People’s Revolution when he was 28 years old.
In frames of the anniversary’s celebration, an exhibition has opened in the Museum of Mongolian Theatre. In addition, the administration of the city’s #2 secondary school paid tribute to the D.Sukhbaatar’s statue in front of the school’s building. 
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