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Mongolia Brief July 31, 2014 Part I

Deputy Prime Minister met Chinese delegation

July 31 ( Deputy Prime Minister of Mongolia D.Terbishdagva met Deputy Director of the Asia Department of the Foreign Ministry of China and task force head of China-Mongolia Intergovernmental Commission, Mr. Sung Yaomin, and other Chinese officials on Wednesday July 30th.

At the beginning of the meeting Deputy Prime Minister of Mongolia, co-chairman of Mongolia-China Intergovernmental Commission D.Terbishdagva expressed his gratitude for his efforts to enlarge bilateral trade, economy between the two countries and deep knowledge about Mongolia.
Deputy Prime Minister D.Terbishdagva also expressed special thanks to Mr Sung Yaomin  for his active role building Mid Term Economic Partnership Program  between Mongolia and China and agreeing to sign during next high level visit.  Deputy Prime Minister noted that this document is significant to expand economic partnership between the two countries.
Deputy Director of the Asia Department of the Foreign Ministry of China and task force head of Intergovernmental Commission, Mr. Sung Yaomin expressed gratitude for receiving him before the scheduled visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping to Mongolia.
Mr. Sung Yaomin expressed China`s interest to bring competent Chinese companies into Mongolia`s mining and infrastructure sectors, and pledged support and cooperation in massive projects showing interest to develop massive Tavan Tolgoi and OyuTolgoi projects.
In addition previous year, trade volume between Mongolia and China reached 5,96 billion USD.
On that day the Deputy Prime Minister of Mongolia, co-chairperson of the Russian-Mongolian Intergovernmental Commission D.Terbishdagva received Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation to Mongolia I.K.Azizov to have talks over the high level visit by Russian President V.Putin to Mongolia in September.

Preparation for Russian President’s Visit Discussed

Ulaanbaatar, July 31 (MONTSAME) The Deputy Premier D.Terbishdagva Wednesday met Mr I.K.Azizov, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation to Mongolia.
The two focused on the forthcoming visit of the Russian President V.Putin to Mongolia and on a preparation for it. As expected, Mr Putin will pay the visit this September.

Young Footballers Compete in Poland

Ulaanbaatar, July 31 (MONTSAME) Mongolian children from the “SOS” children’s care center have participated in the 2nd international football competition called “Hope for the Mundial”.
The events ran among 24 countries' 26 teams of below 17 years children on July 23-29 in Warsaw, Poland. The Mongolian team was headed by N.Sodnomdarjaa and coached by G.Sanchir.
A counselor of the Mongolian Embassy in Poland Mr B.Dorj participated in the tournament’s closing ceremony to congratulate the children on the participation.

Regular cabinet meeting takes place in Bulgan aimag

July 31 ( A regular cabinet meeting of the Government was scheduled in Khuvsgul aimag on July 28th but it took place in Ulaanbaatar city.
The Government resolved to hold the next scheduled meeting on August 1 in Khutag-Undur sum in Bulgan aimag.
The Government declined to comment on the issue.  But a source said that Governor`s Office in Bulgan held a meeting on the issue.

Open air Sunset party

July 31 ( The 10th annual open air party “Sunset” is back by popular demand. "Sunset 2014" will bring more and more surprise in Mongol shiltgeen in Gashuurt on August 2nd.
This year`s party includes sand volleyball match, "Mercedes G-class Club Mongolia" 4x4 Challenge 2014 Awards, Fashion show, DJ sets, Fireworks and Bikini Show.
DJ sets will be performed by Dj Ulzii / Progressive, House, Tech House /, Dj Hosoo / Funky House, Mainstream, Electro House, Dutch /, Dj Bachka / Tech House, Deep House /, Dj Goti /Hip Hop, Trap,Dubstep, RnB, Glitch Hop /, Dj Maara & Daft /Showmasters works, Trash, Progressive House, Dirty Dutch House, Electro House/ at the party.
And guest DJs are Dj Zola from Playboy Club London /Progressive House /, Dj Adam Zasada / Deep House, IBIZA Sound/ and Dj Bachka / Tech House, Deep House/.

Mongolia Opens Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

July 31 (Mongolian Economy) Mongolia is currently trying diligently to boost the amount of foreign investors by making favorable changes to its laws, which will help the country regain its reputation. In order to support trade between Mongolia and Hong Kong, the Mongolia Chamber of Commerce opened a branch in Hong Kong to promote relations between the two. This branch will aim to spread awareness of opportunities in the Mongolian market in addition to markets belonging to other Southeast Asian countries.
This Chamber was established under the initiative of the Henry Lee and Victor Yang, the founders of “Mongolia Club,” and Ya. Ariunbold, the former Consul-General of Mongolia in Hong Kong. 

Bank of Mongolia Increases Its Policy Rate

July 30 ( According to the resolution of the Board of Director’s meeting on July 30th, the Central Bank of Mongolia has announced to raise its policy interest rate by 1.5 percentage point up to 12 percent.
The Bank of Mongolia focuses to stabilize the sharp increase on currency and inflation rates in order to stabilize the current economic downturn by strengthening its policy rate.
During the press conference, the Governor of Central Bank N.Zoljargal explained that the Bank of Mongolia strengthens its policy rate to take corrective measures on the decreasing volume of exchange reserves and foreign direct investment inflow in terms of ensuring medium and long term economic stability, reducing the counterbalance losses, mitigating the economic pressure due to the inflation rate by preventing from further possible risks on Mongolian macro economy.
BoM increases policy rateMontsame, July 31

Parliament Standing Committee Members Work at General Consulate Offices in Irkutsk and Ulan-Ude Cities

July 30 ( The working group including the Head of Security and Foreign Policy Standing Committee of the State Great Khural (Parliament) of Mongolia Ts.Oyunbaatar, the Member of Parliament Ts.Tsolmon along with related committee officials have worked in the General Consulate Offices in Irkutsk and Ulan-Ude cities in Russia between July 22 and July 28, 2014.
During the visit to the General Consulate Offices, the working group had went over all the process of issuances on invitation, visa, provisional permits and required advices to foreign citizens accordingly.
The General Consulate Office in Ulan-Ude has provided overall 69,729 consular services for last 5 years so far. As of today, both consulate offices have been ensuring required consular and legal advices to around 2,000 Mongolian citizens who live and work along the area of Irkutsk and Ulan-Ude cities.
The members of the working group had met with the Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Irkutsk Oblast Lyudmila Mikhailovna Berlina and the Deputy Chairman of the People's Khural of Buryatia Vladimir Anatolyevich Pavlov; at the same time, they exchanged their views and opinions regarding the cooperation development respectively.

Foreign Young Scholars for Mongolian Studies Involved in Summer Training in Mongolia

July 30 ( The preparatory summer training to support and develop the Mongolian Study for foreign Mongolists has been taking place in Ulaanbaatar city between July 29 and August 11, 2014 under the auspices of the Minister of Education and Science of Mongolia.
The 25th preparatory summer training has being organized by the Mongolian Studies Support Fund under the Ministry of Education and Science of Mongolia, the National Council for Mongolian Studies and the National University of Mongolia.
Elsewhere, the number of famous scholars and scientists for Mongolian Studies have been attending in this year’s event from the Mongolian Academy of Sciences, the National University of Mongolia, the Mongolian State University of Education, the University of Cambridge and the Saint-Petersburg State University and they are extensively involved in teaching about the history and culture, literature and linguistics, archeology and nomadic cattle breeding to the young scholars.
The 45 young scholars from Russia, China, Japan, Korea, Germany, Turkey, Kazakhstan and Mongolia have been attending in this year’s summer training and they will visit to the historical places of Kharkhorum (Karakorum) city and Erdene Zuu monastery as well as to see the National Museum of Mongolia, the Bogd Khaan Palace Museum and the Rare and Valuable Books Exhibition at the National Library of Mongolia.
As of today, there were over 500 young scholars involved from the United States, UK, Germany, Canada, Japan, Russia, China, Australia, Hungary, Poland, South Korea, Turkey and the Czech Republic through all the previous sessions of the summer trainings respectively.

MPP Faction Head Meets Ambassador of China

Ulaanbaatar, July 31 (MONTSAME) Chairman of the Mongolian People’s Party’s (MPP) faction at parliament and leader of the Mongolia-China Business Consul S.Byambatsogt received Thursday Mr Wang Xiaolong, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) to Mongolia.
The parties considered the business ties in conjunction with expected this August visit of the PRC President to Mongolia. "This visit is to be important, it will significantly contribute to the commercial and economic relations, as business circles say, also our faction is paying attention to making it more fruitful and beneficial in decisions," he said.
It is expected that Mongolia and China will sign some 30 documents during the visit of China’s President, more than a half of these documents cover commercial and economic matters.
The Mongolia-China Business Council comprises all businessmen who trade with China.
Present at the meeting were Enkhtuvshin, a deputy chair of the Mongolia-China Business Council and deputy director of the MSC Group; and Ch.Amarbaatar, a director of the “Bars” Group.

Mongolia to Transmit to Digital System

Ulaanbaatar, July 31 (MONTSAME) Mongolia will transmit to the digital system from August 1 of 2014 onwards.
A ceremony to launch this action took place Thursday on the Chingis Khaan square in the UB city with some organizations and enterprises displaying their products and services of progressive technologies. Out of four types of digital systems Mongolia has chosen the DVB-T2, or the European technology. Highly developed countries such as Japan and South Korea spent five years to transmit to the digital system, but Mongolia is considered able to do it within 1.6 years, meaning that it would fully transmit to the digital system by January 1 of 2016 turning off the present analogue system.
At the 2007 World Radiocommunication Conference, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) made a decision to transmit all TV and radio channels across the world to the digital system. Pursuing this decision, our government of Mongolia approved a national programme on this transmission. For the time being, there are ten transmission stations in the capital city and 244 stations in localities. All these stations will be turned on, so TV and radio audience can receive the digital system-based programs. 

ILoft function house hosts glamorous Rhythm Party

July 31 ( Glamorous Rhythm Party creates the ultimate experience of bringing traditional cultures unique and trend for young people that they will never forget. Rhythm Party will kick off at 22.00 pm at ILoft Function House on August 2nd.
While at Rhythm Party, hot crowds and good vibes will keep you moving all night long. Amazing dancers of The Mongolian National Song & Dance Ensemble will perform Jalam khar dance in new version. And electro rhythm Mongol tsam dance and Spider dance will be performed by Mongol costumes.  DJ Anna will be pumping up the dance floor as she plays her exclusive set including House, Electro.
Organizers of the Rhythm Party, M2B promises its first 100 partygoers free cocktail and tax-free entry for girls with miniskirts.

“State Champions of Bodybuilding-2014”

July 31 ( The 23rd State Champions of Bodybuilding qualifying the mister and miss of Mongolia by Mongolian Bodybuilding Fitness Federation will be held at “UB Palace” on August 2nd.
The 23rd State Champions of Bodybuilding will kick off at 14.00 pm on Saturday.
Winners of the State Championships of Bodybuilding will be granted rights to represent the country in international and world championships.
Bodybuilding categories:
1. Men  
a) 65 kg
b) 70 kg
c) 75 kg
d) 80 kg
e) 85 kg
f) +85 kg
g) Junior (age under 21)
h) Master (age above 45)
2. Men fitness
3. Women fitness
4. Women model
a) Under 163 cm
b) Above 163 cm

Mongolia-China working group meeting runs

Ulaanbaatar, July 31 (MONTSAME) A 7th meeting of the working group of the Mongolia-China intergovernmental commission for the trade, economics, sciences and technical cooperation took place on Wednesday in Ulaanbaatar.
The two sides exchanged views on an implementation of a protocol issued at the 13th meeting of the intergovernmental commission and on specific matters regarding the bilateral commercial and economic cooperation. As the parties concluded, the intergovernmental commission’s protocol is being realized successfully.
The sides also underlined an importance of accelerating the projects being realized with loans and aid from China and of gaining achievements in joint cooperation projects in the mining, infrastructure and industrial spheres, and then reached a general understanding on these issues.
The meeting was co-chaired by T.Togsbilguun, a director of the Department of Neighbour Countries of the Foreign Ministry of Mongolia, and by Sung Yaoming, a deputy director of the Asian Department of China’s Ministry of Commerce.

Young judokas win medals in Hong Kong

Ulaanbaatar, July 31 (MONTSAME) Mongolian young judokas have successfully taken part in the Cadet Judo international tournament held in Chinese Hong Kong.
The international competition attracted some 200 judokas from seven countries. A judoka from Ovorkhangai aimag E.Sumyabazar has captured a gold medal in the men’s 50 kg, two--N.Amgalanpurev and B.Adyasuren--have won silver medals in the men’s 50 kg and 48 kg, respectively. Bronze medals have gone to G.Battulga (men’s 60 kg) and B.Sumyabazar (men’s 66 kg).
Two Mongolians Sh.Bayasgalan and Z.Sukhchuluun worked in the events judges’ panel.

Journalists Don’t Owe the Government or Companies Anything

July 31 (Mongolian Economy) Amy Wilson Chapman worked as a journalist in Canada and Australia for six years, with 2.5 years working as a business reporter in the booming mining city of Perth, Western Australia, before coming to the Press Institute of Mongolia in August last year. She graduated from Murdoch University, in Western Australia, with Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies and Mass Communication in 2004. As the business editor for the only Sunday newspaper, and the daily online news website, she was responsible for reporting on everything from big miners, such as Rio Tinto, to small businesses and retail businesses. Today she held training on “Adding Value to Business Stories” at the Press Institute for journalists 
Q: Why did you decide to do a workshop with Mongolian journalists? What is your impression?
A: The less attractive, but honest answer is that USAID-Mongolia-Business Plus Initiative BPI approached me to do this workshop because they know I have experience doing business journalism. I really love being a business journalist and I went from being a news reporter to doing economic reporting and it’s really different. There were some tools and tips that I learned from the beginning of my business journalism career that were very useful to me and I felt that I thought I could pass along those to journalist in Mongolia. For any journalist anywhere, the information we discuss today are helpful tools that can help them in any field. I think that economic journalists have a pretty tough time in Mongolia because the economy is such a huge topic in Mongolia. I’m here on a volunteer program to improve the quantity and quality of environment reporting. 
Q: What’s your opinion about Mongolian journalists?
A: I think Mongolia journalists are genuinely quite inspiring.  During the last 11 months, I’ve held so many training workshops. Some, I’ve had nobody come to and some have been really successful like today when you get 20-something people. On the days when no one turns up, sometimes you wonder, but I also understand that being a journalist is a really hard role and they have so many pressures. I think wanting to be a journalist is really admirable. I think that, from my limited knowledge, the understanding of the importance of media in a democratic society is a role that journalists have. As a journalist, I feel honored to be a part of that political process and informing citizens. It’s a really important role to have and with that needs to come respect for your audience so you need to make sure that you’re always accountable and you’re always true. It’s important to report what happened, the good, bad, or the ugly in the most accurate way you can. That can be really hard for a lot of reasons in Mongolia, but it’s important that every day journalists get up and that’s what they strive for. 
Q: What kind of skills is required for Mongolian journalists to learn?
A: I think that for any journalist, it’s critical thinking. Because I don’t know Mongolian, I can’t read wide spread media. I’m limited to what I know, but critical thinking and the ability to question people in power is important. Just because someone may seem more powerful than you, older than you, or know more than you, doesn’t mean they do. 
Q: When we come to business journalism – or paid journalism – what do you mean by business stories in your country? 
A: If a story or news article goes on TV and it’s paid for by an organization in Australia, then by law it must be called an infomercial. That is the one difference I would stress between news and paid entertainment or paid information. Journalists shouldn’t be getting paid for stories. They don’t need to pay for individual stories. Articles should be completely objective and free from all of that, but that’s in a perfect world. 
Q: What did you notice from the activity of your workshop?
A: The one thing that really strikes me is that in Australia we would have very short, snappy introductory paragraphs and that’s really how you grasp your readers. That’s what really says that this is what the story is about and this is why you should read it. The ones I saw today were quite long and lengthy. We would have rules in the workrooms that I’ve worked in that would say 50 words. Obviously, it will be different in different countries, but it’s important to have that punchy line to grab the reader’s attention. There were a few mistakes in terms of accuracy when we were talking about monthly concentrate. Accuracy is paramount when it comes to good journalism and without being accurate you’re not going to have your readers trust you and if your readers don’t trust you, you don’t have anything. I would say that I am really impressed by the amount of background information that people have, but obviously we were talking about OT which is a huge subject for business journalists. The fact that they could pull all of this background information is really promising. It’s really good to see that they know their subjects so that when they get a press release, they can quickly meet their deadlines, turn it around and grab the attention of their readers all in one. 
Q: What do you think journalists should learn?
A: The democratic principles of journalism need to be taught to anyone who wants to work in media. You need to understand the power that you have by being in media, the importance of your role and how you don’t owe the government anything. You don’t owe the companies anything, but by being a journalist, your audience is expecting you to be true and honest and accurate because they are relying on you for information. In 2014, information is all over the internet, newspapers, magazines, Twitter, etc. Making sure that journalism students know that is critical. They need to sit down and discuss a code of ethics. 
Q: Do you think we have a good chance to make some improvements within the Media Law?
A: Last time I understood it was that it was going through parliament and they were trying to make some changes to it. I think that the media organizations involved need to stand their ground and say that this is what we need. We need freedom of speech. We need freedom of expression. Information needs not to be criminalized. That needs to be across the board. It’s important that people keep supporting that. There are laws in Mongolia that contradict each other. If you want press you need to give the media that power and trust in them.

Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation Made with MIRECO

July 31 ( The State Secretary of the Ministry of Mining of Mongolia, Mr. R.Jigjid and the CEO of Mine Reclamation Corporation of the Republic of Korea, Mr. Kwon Hyuk-in had jointly signed off the Memorandum of Understanding on further cooperation.
The Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation between the Ministry of Mining and Mine Reclamation Corporation (MIRECO) was signed off on July 29, 2014 for the implementation scopes on prevention of damage caused by mines, restoration of sites after mine closure, environmental improvement and reclamation in mining areas in order to intensify environmentally sound and sustainable mining development through the ways of most advanced legal functions and process monitoring systems in Mongolia’s mining industry.

Ministry of Health of Mongolia Settles MOU with Sysmex Corporation

July 31 ( The Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony was held in the Ministry of Health of Mongolia on July 30, 2014 for the further cooperation development between the Ministry of Health and Sysmex Corporation headquartered in Kobe, Japan which is engaged in the health care business.
The Minister of Health of Mongolia, Mrs. S.Udval and the Senior Managing Director at the Sysmex Corporation, Mr. Masayoshi Hayashi had jointly signed off the withstanding Memorandum of Understanding during the MOU Signing Ceremony in which the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to Mongolia Takenori Shimizu, Sysmex Executive Director Keiji Fujimoto and other officials have been attended respectively.
Previously, the Sysmex Corporation and the Ministry of Health of Mongolia had settled the Cooperation Agreement on the terms of activity for “Evaluating the Referral Laboratory and the Hematology External Quality Assurance System in Mongolia”; and this time, the Cooperation Agreement was successfully prolonged in between the both respectful organizations for the duration of 3 years in 2014-2017.
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