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Mongolia Brief August 1, 2014 Part I

Mongolian Pupils Win Bronze Medals in IChO

Ulaanbaatar, August 1 (MONTSAME) Mongolian pupils N.Temuujin (the “Shine Mongol” high school) and B.Bat-Orgil (the 1st school of Ulaanbaatar) have won bronze medals in the 46th International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO) which took place July 20-29 in Hanoi, Vietnam.

This year’s IChO was participated by 300 children form 77 countries. Mongolia was represented by four pupils who were sponsored by the “Monkhimo” LLC.
The pupils express their satisfaction with winning medals from this Olympiad and are thankful to their teachers for bringing them to this success.
As the team results, Singapore has won the 2014 IChO, followed by Russia, Japan and Vietnam.
International Chemistry Olympiad is an annual academic competition for high school students. Since starting taking part in it from 2006, the Mongolians captured first medals in 2014.

Mongolian railway celebrates the 76th anniversary

August 1 ( Mongolia marks the 76th anniversary of establishing railway transport in Mongolia on August 1st and 2nd.
Building of a narrow gauge (750mm) line connecting the capital, Ulaanbaatar, with the coal mines of Nalaikh, some 33km distant was the start of Mongolian Railway Development.  Ulaanbaatar-Nalaikh railway line opened in 1938.  The principal main line in the country, a line connecting Russian and China, passing through the Mongolian capital, Ulaanbaatar opened in 1950, its extension to the Chinese border in 1955. It was built to Russian (1520mm) gauge.
On the occasion of the 76th anniversary of railway transport in Mongolia, President Ts.Elbegdorj will arrive at the event to congratulate to all staffs of Mongolian railway in Khonkhor rail station on August 2nd.
In addition, Capital City Administration and Ulaanbaatar Railway JVC launched railbus service between two ends of the city, from Amgalan to Tolgoit since June.

Prospecting expert goes missing in Bayankhongor Province

August 3 (UB Post) An expert of a team commissioned by Khul Morit company to Bayankhongor Province went missing in Bayan-Undur soum on July 24.
The team included Khul Morit’s division chief, driver and expert. They had a flat tire in the middle of an unpopulated steppe near Idren Ranges of Bayan-Undur soum and lost contact without cell phone reception on July 24. The team left Ulaanbaatar on July 22.
To seek help, the expert headed to the nearby Shinejinst soum, using a GPS tracker device on the evening of the following day and has since been missing.
The chief and the driver ran into a local resident while searching for water and reported the incident to the center of Bayan-Undur soum with the local’s help. Local rescuers went on scouring shortly after receiving the report.
The driver is now hospitalized in Bayan-Undur, while the division chief joined rescuers to find the expert.
Khul Morit company, which is owned by the Mineral Resource Authority, sent a helicopter to assist in the scouring on Wednesday.

China to Increase Foreign Direct Investment

August 1 (Mongolian Economy) Economists agree that it is important to attract more investors during this time when foreign reserves are decreasing by large numbers. Over the past five months, foreign currency reserves have dropped by 28.6 percent. On a year-on-year basis, the number has decreased by 52.6 percent. As a result, Mongolia has been hosting many forums and meetings with foreign investors, despite these summer months being a time to celebrate Naadam festivities. 
Yesterday, the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted Mongolian and Chinese businesspeople in the Liaoning Province to mark their 65th year of diplomatic relations. The Foreign Affairs Ministry of Mongolia announced that the year of 2014 is a year of friendly bilateral exchanges. This meeting aimed to incorporate Mongolian businesses within the Chinese market since over 50 percent of foreign direct investment comes from the People’s Republic of China. 
Chinese companies are currently operating in many sectors in Mongolia, most importantly in the mining, construction and trade services sectors. Mongolia receives 80 percent of all exports from China and in return, China imports 30 percent of all Mongolian products. In 2010, the Concession Law was passed. This allowed better access for Chinese investors so they could invest in bigger and better projects. 
The Liaoning Province of China is interested in three main sectors: Agriculture, mining and roads. Mongolians want to push further investment into their agricultural sector because more investment would help them become more profitable over time since the processing of raw materials is an expensive procedure. 
During the meeting, no contracts were signed. Rather, Mongolians provided more information to Chinese businesspeople about the investment climate. Another meeting will be organized in Liaoning this autumn as yesterday’s meeting mainly served to provide information and link the related businesspeople together. 

Mongolia Listed at 77th within Global Ranking of Travel Freedom

August 1 ( The Henley & Partners Holdings PLC is a global leader in residence and citizenship planning in association with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) had jointly released "The Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index 2014" which is the global ranking of countries according to the travel freedom.
This global ranking index was analyzed and created based upon the visa regulations of all the countries and territories in the world that ranks all countries in accordance with the visa-free access for their citizens enjoy to other countries. The experts in this field consider that the global ranking shows the international travel freedom of citizens as well as the international relations and status of individual countries relative to others and that’s surely as the first in its’ kind within the travel freedom issues of the world countries.
“The Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index 2014” covers the overall territory areas of 199 countries of the world in which the Finland, Germany, Sweden, United States and Great Britain have listed as top 5 countries within the international community nations of travel freedom. The citizens of these top listed countries have visa-free access to 174 countries and Mongolia is listed at 77th with the status of visa-free access to 51 countries across the world.

Premier Legs Flying Eye Hospital "Orbis"

Ulaanbaatar, August 1 (MONTSAME) The Prime Minister N.Altankhuyag and accompanying him officials legged Thursday a famous "Orbis"--the international flying eye hospital.
It has currently landed in "Chingis Khaan" international airport near Ulaanbaatar. The Premier expressed a gratitude to the international medical group for implementing beneficial projects for the Mongolians, for children especially, and confirmed that his government will back the hospital’s actions here.
Noting that hi tech devices such as cellular phones and personal computers are worsening children's eye sight, the Premier asked the doctors to deliver here knowledge and information on how to take a proper care for eyes.
The flying hospital arrived here on July 20 by invitation of Mongolia’s Ministry of Health and in line of the “Virtu Foundation” NGO. Being here for the sixth time, the hospital finished works on Friday after treating people with eye-sight problems and training our ophthalmologists. The doctors also legged the National Center for Mother and Children (NCMC) to run medical examinations on patients and to perform surgeries in their plane.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 285 million people in the world suffer from eye sight problems, 90% of them are living in developing countries. The avoidable blindness shows a high rate in Mongolia, the doctors said. The cornea-related blindness is common in localities, whereas the blindness caused by diabetics tends to rise in the capital city, they noted.
The Orbis Flying Eye is a hospital at the Orbis international non-profit non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to saving sight worldwide. Orbis programs focus on the prevention of blindness and the treatment of blinding eye diseases in developing countries. Since 1982, Orbis capacity-building programs have enhanced the skills of 325,000 eye care personnel and provided medical and optical treatment to more than 23.3 million people in 92 countries.

Missing geologist found dead

August 1 ( Rescue team found Friday dead geologist who lost in Bayan-Under sum in Bayankhongor aimag.
Missing geologist was lost for a week since he lost contact with other two geologists who were working for geological studies in the countryside.  Other two were lucky to meet local residents.
The body was found by rescue team around 10.00 pm at place near Tsenkher in Bayan-Undur sum in Bayankhongor aimag.
Three geologists of Mineral Resources Authority were lost 120-130 km away from Bayan-Undur sum in Bayankhongor aimag when they had a tire tore out on July 24th.  The two had no contact when he went to call for help using GPS device.

About People Involved in Crimes Abroad

Ulaanbaatar, August 1 (MONTSAME) A bit more than 150 Mongolians have been involved in crimes abroad in the first seven months of this year, reported the Foreign Ministry of Mongolia on Thursday. 
Some 100 are detained in China, 22--in South Korea, six--in Chinese Hong Kong, six--in Turkey, 11--in USA, five--in Russia, three--in the Czech Republic, two--in Poland, three--in Singapore, three--in Chinese Taipei, and by one--in Austria and Hungary.
By types of the crimes, 92 Mongolians were involved in robbery, one--homicide, 22--in trafficking of prohibited products, 17 breached the residence laws, nine were involved in prostitution, 14--in hooliganism, eight breached road traffic laws, one had been carrying drugs.
The Consular department of our Foreign Ministry warned the Mongolians abroad, especially students, that they must strictly obey the laws and regulations of countries they reside in.
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