Friday, May 2, 2014

Thousands of Firefighters Dispatched to Extinguish Two Forest Fires in China

Around 3,000 people were dispatched to control two forest fires that raged in the southwest and northern regions of China this week.

Yunnan provincial authorities mobilized 1,720 individuals and two helicopters to put out a forest fire in Dali city which began Tuesday and has razed nearly 50 hectares of land.

As of Thursday, the provincial fire prevention office said the blaze had been placed under control.

However, firefighters continued to battle another forest fire, this time in Inner Mongolia in the northern part of the country.

Local forestry authorities said the forest fire, which began Wednesday on the Russian side of the border, spanned a four-kilometer stretch and gutted down a primitive forest north of the Greater Hinggan Mountain of Inner Mongolia by Thursday.

More than 570 firefighters were dispatched to contain the blaze and another 595 were expected to arrive in the area by Friday.

The North China Aeronautic Center for Forest Protection is working with a crisis team to control the Inner Mongolia fire.

The group is said to be on their way to the fire scene along with a contingent of eight additional helicopters.

Forestry bureau reports say the fire has been particularly challenging to contain because of because of inaccessibility, poor communication signals, and the primitive forest's highly combustible undergrowth.

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