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Mongolia Brief May 6, 2014

Independent MPs Submit Bill to Amend Constitution
Ulaanbaatar, May 6 (MONTSAME) Independent MPs -S.Ganbaatar, Ts.Davaasuren and Kh.Bolorchuluun-, along with G.Uyanga MP submitted a draft bill to amend the Constitution to the Government’s Cabinet on Monday.

The amendments are expected to cohere up with a proposed change in the law on the Government that failed at a parliament final voting a few days ago. That draft bill amending the law on the Government (Cabinet) was to prohibit simultaneous holding of offices in the cabinet and the parliament in order to support separation of powers. Submitted by the President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj, the draft bill was foreseeing resignation of nearly two third of current ministers in the Cabinet who simultaneously hold offices in the State Great Khural (parliament). During that voting, independent MPs Ts.Davaasuren and Kh.Bolorchuluun did not support the draft bill, suggesting making relevant amendments into the Constitution of Mongolia to avoid a conflict in legislation, ahead of choosing classic principles of governance.
This time, the independent MPs are proposing to amend seven articles that were added to the Constitution in 2000, including that one stating ‘a member of parliament shall not hold an office except for an office of a Prime Minister and a Government member’. The Constitutional Court proved in 2000 the above article breaches relevant laws, but it has still been in force.
Today, there are 16 ministries in Mongolia, where 14 ministers hold dual offices of a minister and a member of parliament. Added to these ministers, the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Cabinet Minister hold offices of parliament members the same time.

‘Remote Control’ to Be Seen at International Film Festivals
Ulaanbaatar, May 6 (MONTSAME) A Mongolian film ‘Remote Control’ by S.Byamba was included in the program of Belgium’s ‘Moovee’ international film festival that ran from April 27 to May 4.
Last October, the Mongolian-German co-production ‘Remote Control’ shared a top prize with South Korean film ‘Pascha’ at the 18th edition of the Busan International Film Festival. Since then, the film has been invited to many prestigious international festivals, including this ‘Moovee’ film festival that intends to present the best films from Asia, Africa and Latin America to Belgian moviegoers.
‘Remote Control’ was screened in the official selection – competition section of the festival, along with the world best films such as Rotterdam Tiger Award winner ‘Han Gong-ju’ by Korean Lee Su-jin, Berlin Silver Bear winner ‘Blind Massage’ by Chinese-French Lou Ye, and Istanbul Best Turkish Film Award winner ‘I am not Him’ by Turkish Tayfun Pirselimoglu.
After Moovee, ‘Remote Control’ has been invited to international film festivals of Seattle (May 15 – June 8), Munich (June 27 – July 5), London (October 8 - 19) and Warsaw (October 10 - 19).
The film revolves around Tsogoo (Enkhtaivan Bassandorj), a young man hailing from a broken rural family -- alcoholic father, cold stepmother, a crooked elder brother who has long bolted to the city -- whose regular milk-selling trips to capital Ulaanbaatar has opened his eyes to a life (possibly) less ordinary. After one bust-up too many with his parents, he leaves for the city and camps atop an apartment block where he surveys everything below and begins to dream of leading the lives he sees.

Stanislav Chepurny Promoted as Ambassador of Belarus to Mongolia
May 6 (infomongolia.com) On May 02, 2014, President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Grigoryevich Lukashenko issued a decision to appoint Mr. Stanislav Vladimirovich Chepurny as the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Belarus to Mongolia.
According to newly promoted Ambassador Stanislav Chepurny, “For the past three years, the trade and economic relations between the two countries have been developing rapidly. Mongolia is interested in deliveries of Belarusian equipment, most notably dump trucks, agricultural and passenger vehicles, many industrial products, some foodstuffs. A number of joint projects, particularly the ones to set up joint ventures especially in the field of mechanical engineering and agriculture are in the pipeline. There is also a common interest in developing cooperation in the scientific, technical, logistic, agricultural and educational fields. Thus, the areas of cooperation are very diverse. The Belarusian Embassy which is soon to open in Mongolia will provide a practical content, and will work on further expansion of bilateral relations”, reports Belarusian Telegraph Agency.
When talking to reporters, Stanislav Chepurny noted that as part of the effort to develop cooperation with the Asia countries, Belarus views its bilateral relations with Mongolia as very important since the Mongolian economy is one of the fastest growing in the world.
The Republic of Belarus and Mongolia have established the diplomatic relations on January 24, 1992.

Joint Statement for Promotion of Nuclear-Weapons Free Zone in Northeast Asia Issued
May 6 (infomongolia.com) The Preparatory Committee for the 2015 Review Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) is holding its third session at the United Nations Office in New York from April 28 to May 09, 2014.
The 2014 NPT Preparatory Committee NGO Forum was held on the theme “Time for Action to Establish a Northeast Asia Nuclear Weapon Free Zone” at UN Headquarters in New York on April 30, 2014.
The meeting was organized in accordance with UN Advisory Board on Disarmament Matters’ recommendation and Mongolian President’s proposal on launching the to work, on an unofficial basis, with the countries of the region to see if and how a NWFZ could be established in Northeast Asia.
A new environment for moving forward the denuclearization of Northeast Asia is now emerging. In July 2013, the report of the UN Secretary General on the work of the Advisory Board on Disarmament Matters made a recommendation that “the Secretary-General consider appropriate action for the establishment of a nuclear-weapon-free zone in North-East Asia.” Also at the Highlevel Meeting on Nuclear Disarmament in September 2013, President of Mongolia Mr. Tsakhia ELBEGDORJ announced the country's readiness to work, on an unofficial basis, with the countries of the region to see if and how a NWFZ could be established in Northeast Asia.
Meanwhile, the possible consequences of detonation of nuclear weapons show their inhumanity that can threaten the very survival of the human species. Hence the two thirds of UN member states have supported the General Assembly resolution to that effect that had been adopted in October 2013. Japan, a country which had experienced the horrors of the atomic bombings during wartime, also supported the resolution.
Since 2003, a group of like-minded NGOs from Japan, the ROK and Mongolia have convened various meetings on the issue of a NEA-NWFZ in the belief that a NEA-NWFZ could greatly contribute to achieving a nuclear-weapon-free world. The voice of the civil society, the local authorities, the religious community and members of parliamentarian that call for establishing a NEANWFZ are increasing the region. Thus 543 mayors in Japan have signed on to a statement in support of establishing a NEANWFZ.
Bearing the above in mind, the NGOs from Japan, the ROK, Mongolia and their supporters have organized an NGO forum entitled “Time for Action to Establish a Northeast Asia Nuclear Weapon Free Zone” on the margins of the 3rd NPT Preparatory Committee meeting at the UN Headquarters in New York on 30 April 2014 so as to directly convey their strong conviction for the need to start to discussing the possibility of establishing a NEA-NWFZ. The forum heard reports and views of diverse representatives of Northeast Asia, including experts, local authorities, religious leaders, parliamentarians and citizens' peace organizations, and agreed on a comprehensive approach to the issue that should include shifting from the current Korean War armistice agreement to a peace regime on the Korean Peninsula.
In order to realize a world free of nuclear weapons, it is the responsibility of all countries of the world to pursue a shift away from security policies based on the threat of the use of nuclear weapons. Like in other regions of the world, establishing a NEANWFZ could form the basis for such a security policy. Such a policy could also complement the efforts of the governments of the region to address the issues within the framework of the Six-Party Talks.
We, the participants of this NGO forum strongly support the efforts to start discussing on an informal basis the possibility of establishing a NEA-NWFZ and declare our commitment to continue to work together in this endeavor. We call on politicians involved in local and national politics around the world, civil society groups, and individuals to express their support for a Northeast Asia Nuclear-Weapons Free Zone, and work together for its realization.
April 30, 2014
New York, USA
Organizers of the NGO Forum “Time for Action to Establish a Northeast Asia Nuclear Weapon Free Zone”:
Blue Banner
Peace Boat
Peace Depot
Peace Network
People's Solidarity for Participatory Democracy
International Peace Bureau
Nautilus Institute
Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament
Religions for Peace
World Council of Churches

Mongolia’s Defense Ministry Delegation Conducts Working Visit to Belarus
May 6 (infomongolia.com) Mongolian military delegation headed by Deputy Minister for Defense of Mongolia Major-General Avirmed BATTUR is conducting a working visit to the Republic of Belarus on May 05-06, 2014.
According to the Belarusian Defense Ministry, during the visit the sides plan to sign a n agreement on military cooperation between the Defense Ministries of the two countries and to discuss issues of collaboration between the military sectors in education and peacemaking.
In the scope of the visit, Mongolian delegates will visit to the Military Academy of Belarus and get familiarized with the structure and activities of the country's leading military Academy, and the departments of defense, communications and control systems, Combined Arms Faculty and Research Training Academy ground.
On the first day of the visit, Deputy Minister A.Battur was received by the Minister of Belarusian Defense, Lieutenant-General Yuri Zhadobin and Deputy Minister of Defense, Major-General Mikhail Puzikov.

Nepal and Mongolia Have Qualified to Final Stage of 2014 AFC President's Cup
May 6 (infomongolia.com) The "C" Group matches of the "AFC President's Cup-2014" international football tournament were successfully organized in Ulaanbaatar on May 01-05, 2014.
Representing the nation, Mongolia’s eight-time champion of its National League, “Erchim FC” competed against the teams of Manang Marshyangdi Club (Nepal) and Svay Rieng FC (Cambodia).
The three teams of "C" Group in Ulaanbaatar have played on a single round-robin basis, where first two teams of each group (A, B, C) are to continue their games at the final stage to take place on September 22-28, 2014, the venue is not announced yet. 
The "C" Group games held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on May 01-05, 2014
First Match Result, Thursday, May 01
05:00 pm Svay Rieng (Cambodia) vs. Manang Marshyangdi Club (Nepal) 3-6
Second Match Result, Saturday, May 03
03:00 pm Erchim FC (Mongolia) vs. Svay Rieng (Cambodia) 3-1
Third Match Result, Monday, May 05,
05:00 pm Erchim FC (Mongolia) vs. Manang Marshyangdi Club (Nepal) 0-0
Following the total points earned, Mongolian and Nepali teams tied, but Manang Marshyangdi Club has greater performance of goals achieved than Erchim FC, therefore finishes the "C" Group in the first place.
Consequently, the first two runner-ups, Nepal and Mongolia have qualified to the final stage. The stadium in Ulaanbaatar hosting the games was pretty much full of audience, where a ticket for a match was 15,000 MNT (Tugrug) and on the last day, officials say about four thousand fans have gathered.

Mongolia’s Men’s Table Tennis Team Finishes 2014 World Championships in 85th Place and Women’s Team in 57th Place Respectively
May 6 (infomongolia.com) The 2014 World Team Table Tennis Championships were successfully held in Tokyo between April 28 and May 05, 2014.
This is the 52nd edition and was held in Japan for the seventh time, where 114 Men’s and 95 Women’s teams have competed for the Champion title of the year.
The 2014 Championships were organized in the Men’s 5 Divisions and Women’s 4 Divisions, and each Division was comprised of 24 nations to represent their countries.
As of Mongolia, Men’s team was drawn in the 4th Division in N Group along with teams of Angola, Bahrain, Mauritius, Peru and Philippines. Following the team results, Mongolian Men’s team concluded the N Group games with two wins and three losses, standing in the top 4th place and for the 85-92 places contest, Mongolian team won over Azerbaijan by 3:1 and over Mauritius by 3:0.
Consequently, Mongolian Men’s team comprised of Batkhishig BILEGT, Boldbaatar BAATARSUREN, Enkhbat LKHAGVASUREN and Tuguldur CHINZORIG stood in the 85th place tied with Uruguay.
As of Mongolian Women’s team, was drawn in the 3rd Division in I Group along with teams of Azerbaijan, El Salvador, Guatemala, Kazakhstan and New Caledonia. Following the team results, Mongolian Women’s team concluded the I Group games with three wins and two losses. Earning 8 points stood in the third place of I Group and for the 49-60 places contest, Mongolian female team won over the team of Sri Lanka by 3:0, but lost to Indonesia by 1:3.
Consequently, Mongolian Women’s team comprised of Batsaikhan BATKHISHIG, Mergen DELGERMAA, Gundegmaa INDRA, Barkhas ENKHJIN and Batbayar DOLJINZUU stood in the 57th place accordingly.
Winners of the Men’s Team in the 2014 World Team Table Tennis Championships (114 countries)
Gold by China
Silver by Germany
Bronze by Taiwan and Japan
Winners of the Women’s Team in the 2014 World Team Table Tennis Championships (95 countries)
Gold by China
Silver by Japan
Bronze by Singapore and Hong Kong

Finance Minister Submits Draft Amendments to Parliament
Ulaanbaatar, May 6 (MONTSAME) The Minister of Finance Ch.Ulaan MP Monday submitted to the Speaker draft amendments to the laws on the 2014 budget framework, on the 2015-2016 budget assumption and on the 2014 budget for social insurance.
In accordance with the law on budget stability, the State Great Khural approved in November of 2013 the 2014 budget framework and the draft law on the 2015-2016 budget assumption. The draft amendment’s main objective is to ensure stability in master budget of Mongolia, and it is estimated that the size of balanced revenue by the 2014 budget framework will be MNT 6,883.9 billion which equals to 33.6% of the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP); the total size of budget expenditure--MNT 7,293.9 billion (35.6% of GDP); and the balance of the master budget--MNT 410.0 billion (2.0% of GDP).
A clause regarding formulation of the budget clarification at the budget law in case of performing budgetary regulations among general managers of budget; and another clause on submitting the budget clarification for 2014 to parliament within the #30 parliament resolution on giving guidelines to the cabinet have caused legal requirements to work out a bill on the 2014 budget and a draft amendment to the law on the 2014 social insurance fund. So, it is required to adopt the drafts of the 2014 budget framework and the 2015-2016 budget assumption in order to draw up the documents pursuant to the law on budget stability, the Minister said.

Ambassador of Mongolia to Canada R.Altangerel Accredited
May 6 (infomongolia.com) Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mongolia to Canada with residency in Ottawa Mr. Radnaabazar ALTANGEREL has presented a Letter of Credence to the Governor General of Canada, His Excellency the Right Honourable David Lloyd Johnston on May 05, 2014.
Following the credential handing ceremony held in Rideau Hall, newly accredited Ambassador R.Altangerel conveyed warm greetings of the state head of Mongolia to His Excellency David Johnston, where parties were satisfied with broadening partnership on Mongolia-Canada relations in political and economic spheres, afterwards new envoy pledged to take every efforts to foster traditional friendly comprehensive partnership relations and cooperation between the two countries.
Congratulating new Ambassador on taking his office, the Governor General of Canada D.Johnston mentioned his first state visit to Mongolia conducted in 2013 and expressed his satisfaction with opportunity to talk on bilateral cooperation with the country’s President Ts.Elbegdorj and other officials.
At the credentials ceremony, Chairman of Canada-Mongolia Friendship Group at the Senate of Canada, Senator Mr. Joseph A. Day. Member of House of Commons Seating Plan Mr. Brad Trost and the Mongolian Embassy staff members were present. 
At the Cabinet meeting held on October 05, 2013, it was resolved to recall some envoys in foreign states and new Ambassadors were promoted, whereas incumbent Ambassador of Mongolia to Canada R.Altangerel succeeded the Ambassador Mr. Tuvdendorj ZALAA-UUL.
Mongolia and Canada have established the diplomatic relations on November 30, 1973.

Project Hall Created at Finance Ministry
Ulaanbaatar, May 6 (MONTSAME) With a financial support of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency /TiKA/ at the Prime Minister of this country, a project hall has been created at the Ministry of Road and Transportation.
In this hall, “Think Tank” and “Raising development partnership” consultative teams will operate in directions of supporting road and transportation sector, developing united transport, working a sustainable development strategy of this sphere out, expanding partnership between state and private bodies, easing transport trade, and introducing innovation in this field.
Furthermore, meetings between Mongolia and Turkey at ministerial level and consultations are supposed to be hosted in this room.
The opening ceremony on last Thursday was attended by the Deputy Minister Kh.Erjan, a head of department for strategy policy and planning from our side and the Ambassador of Turkey to Mongolia Mr Murat Karagoz and a program coordinator of the TiKA in UB city Mr Ekrem Kalan from another side.    

State Secretary Meets with President of Korea Investment Corporation
Ulaanbaatar, May 6 (MONTSAME) On last Friday, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Finance Kh.Gantsogt met with Mr Hank Ahn, the president and CEO of the Korea Investment Corporation in Seoul city, South Korea.
At the meeting, Mr Gantsogt briefly spoke about work process of new structure establishment of finance in Mongolia and expressed willingness to run many activities such as to realize experience exchange program, to strengthen investment capacity between the two sides in frames of cooperation.

DP Faction Meets
Ulaanbaatar, May 6 (MONTSAME) At its meeting on Monday, the Democratic Party’s (DP) faction at parliament discussed several issues, and the faction head D.Erdenebat and other party’s authorities gave a report on the matters discussed at the meeting.
The DP faction meeting has prolonged due to submitting of several economically-important draft laws to parliament, and the faction meeting on Monday discussed some vital issues, Erdenebat said.
The faction of the Mongolian People’s Party (MPP) has criticized an ineffective and uncontrolled spending of capitals of the “Chinggis” bonds. Regarding this matter, the DP faction affirmed that the “Chinggis” bonds exploitation must be transparent, and its members agreed with a position against spending of the money for useless and widespread welfare therefore they considered the Standing committees on economy and on budget should set up a working group for examining the “Chinggis” bonds exploitation, Erdenebat said.
DP faction members heard a report of the first discussion over the draft law on minerals, and then consolidated their position for arranging the geological and exploration works and for promoting investments, but they considered as necessity to see again a proposals from MPs about avoiding ambiguous clauses in the bill. The most important thing is that the law must be very understandable to people and investors, the DP faction members said.
Besides these matters, the DP faction considered a draft law on monitoring, a reform in the state policy on education, and a matter of new railways. The faction also discussed a request of Kh.Battulga, the Minister of Industry and Agriculture on resigning from the post, Erdenebat said.   

USA-based Mongolian School Celebrates Anniversary
Ulaanbaatar, May 6 (MONTSAME) The USA-based “I am Mongolian” school at “Ger /Home/” children center celebrated its fifth year anniversary of establishment on May 4.
At the event, the Consul General N.Ankhbayar congratulated the school administration for their big contribution in keeping heritage of native language and traditional culture as well as highly spoke of the achievements and successes then promised to support and to cooperate in the future.
Furthermore, the Consul General handed over an order of the Best Worker of Education Sector issued by the Ministry of Education and Science to T.Es-Oldokh, a head of “Ger” center.
During the measure, the visitors enjoyed art performances of the pupils and the certification of honor were given to sponsors and contributors of the school.
This event was attended by officials of the Consulate General of Mongolia in San Francisco, delegates from the USA-headquartered Mongolian associations and business organizations, pupils' parents and US citizens at an invitation.

Alcohol-Free Omnogovi Program Launches
Ulaanbaatar, May 6 (MONTSAME) Southern Omnogobi province administration has recently announced a program to reduce consumption of alcoholic beverages in the area, commencing from this month.
The program is expected to be carried out until 2016, with a series of activities aimed at less alcohol selling shops, more awareness promoting among residents, as well as proper law enforcement about alcoholism in the province.
Before passing the program at the Citizens Representatives Khural of the province, local authorities have conducted a survey to determine alcohol consumption levels among residents. According to that survey, a 53.9% of 1,183 participants drink too much amid parties and festive occasions, a 4.3% of them admitted regular excessive drinking, while a 41% drink ‘moderate’ amount of alcohol. A 48% of the surveyed think poverty, unemployment, moral decay and other social phenomena lead to alcoholism, while a 28.1% of them accused the mushrooming number of alcohol selling shops in the area of promoting alcoholism among young and unemployed people.
Prior to this program, neighboring Dundgovi province announced an alcohol-free campaign in the province that is to take place from April to May. During one month’s time, campaigners organized a series of activities including workshops and sports events in the province to promote alcohol-free life style. The main mission of the campaign was continuity of residents’ abstinence from alcohol.
Another example of alcohol abuse combating movements in communities is Dornogovi Governor P.Gankhuyag’s efforts to freeze vodka production in his province. Last April, the province administration sent a letter to Industry and Agriculture Minister Kh.Battulga, appealing to cancel licenses of alcoholic beverage production granted to two local manufacturers--Dornyn Govi LLC and Business Shand LLC--and not to allot any new licenses to the provincial producers.
This action of the province leader supported an earlier initiative of the President Ts.Elbegdorj and set a fine example of ongoing alcohol abstinence movements in communities.
A report by the UN's World Health Organization (WHO) notes that alcohol abuse could be Mongolia's biggest stumbling block to economic and social progress. A 2006's survey carried out by Mongolia's Ministry of Health and WHO found that 22 percent of Mongolian men and 5 percent of women are dependent on alcohol, rates three times higher than in Europe.
Almost one in five Mongolian men binge drinks on a weekly basis. One reason for the high level of alcoholism is the sheer availability of alcohol. Mongolia has one shop selling alcohol for every 270 people. Most of supermarkets have an aisle dedicated to vodka, sometimes with more than 25 types of vodka alone.

Mongolian Youths at WCY-2014
Ulaanbaatar, May 6 (MONTSAME) Mongolian youth delegates have headed to Sri Lanka to take part in the World Conference on Youth-2014 /WCY/ on May 6-10.
Participants consisted of Kh.Batsaikhan, the president of the Union of Mongolian students, B.Bayarbaatar, a coordinator at the UN Young Advisory Panel, L.Jargaldavaa, an advisor member, B.Badamsuren, a specialist of foreign relations department at the Ministry of Population Development and Social Welfare and Mr Dustin Barter, a staffer at the UN Population Fund /UNFPA/.
The WCY2014, under themed “Mainstreaming Youth in the Post 2015 Development Agenda”, will be organized by an International Youth Task Force (IYTF) in collaboration with the National Task Force appointed by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Skills Development of Sri Lanka. 
The event's objectives will include to create an inclusive youth participation platform that enables young people to review the progress on the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, to share ideas, experiences and innovative approaches for effectively contributing to the post-2015 development agenda and its implementation, to facilitate a process that increases awareness on and implementation of the World Programme for Action on Youth (WPAY), to facilitate effective partnerships with youth, youth-led organisations and youth movements to further strengthen inclusive youth participation in the decision-making processes and implementation of the post-2015 development agenda and to contribute to the establishment of a permanent youth engagement mechanism that ensures consistent follow- up with young people and further boosts their participation and partnership in the implementation of the post-2015 development agenda at national, regional and global levels.

District's Health Center to Cooperate with S.Korean Hospital
Ulaanbaatar, May 6 (MONTSAME) The Health Center of the UB city's Songinokhairkhan district will cooperate with Chung Ang University Hospital of South Korea, this year.
In frames of the cooperation, the sides intend to organize specialized training for doctors with aims to improve professional skill, and to study experience on medical assistance and service from high-developed countries.
As supposed, a total of 50 doctors of district's medical center will be involved in this 5-day training in South Korea within this year.

City to Cooperate with World Vision
Ulaanbaatar, May 6 (MONTSAME) The Citizens’ Representative Khural of Ulaanbaatar city will cooperate with the World Vision international organization in ensuring children’s rights, improving children’s development and protecting, preventing any risks of children and creating children-friendly environment.
A memorandum of understanding on the collaboration was established Tuesday between the city and the World Vision.
In accordance with the document, the sides will collaborate in directions of supporting the children’s participation and actions of councils in refining upon protecting children from family violence and improving the children’s rights, backing children’s education and development, ensuring their rights for living in healthy condition and supporting the children with disabilities.
The parties also will do works to prevent any violence against children, illegal labour and trafficking of children, to strengthen activities of the city’s districts and khoroos (smallest administrative unit in city) for child care, to render support to organizations for acquiring child protection policy and rules and to back proposals and initiatives on creating children-friendly families, schools and colleagues.   

Erchim Advances to Final Stage of President’s Cup
Ulaanbaatar, May 6 (MONTSAME) Mongolian champion Erchim football club has qualified for the next round with their goalless last Group C match in the AFC President’s Cup Qualifiers in Ulaanbaatar on Monday.
Their last match against Nepal’s national champion Manang Marshyangdi Club (MMC) ended 0-0, after MMC reduced to ten men in the arena when Saheed Aziz saw a yellow card in 80thminute of the match.
With this result, MMC topped the group with more goals compare to Erchim Club of Mongolia, while Cambodia’s Svay Rieng was placed at the bottom of the group list.
Altogether 11 teams from the emerging countries of Asia are divided into three groups in the qualifiers round.
MMC, Svay Rieng and Erchim are grouped in Group C while Sri Lanka Air Force, Pakistan’s KRL, Bangladesh’s Sheikh Russel and Bhutan’s Ugyen Academy are drawn in Group A. Similarly, Philippines’s Ceres, Turkmenistan’s HTTU Asgabat, China’s Tatung and North Korea’s Rimyongsu are in Group B.
Matches of Group A and B are expected to take place on May 6 – 11 in Sri Lanka and Philippines, and winners and runner-ups of each group will qualify for the final stage of AFC President’s Cup that is to take place on September 22-28.

G.Monkhbat Wins World Amateur Chess Championship
Ulaanbaatar, May 6 (MONTSAME) Mongolia’s G.Monkhbat won a gold medal in men’s category tournament of the 2014 World Amateur Chess Championships that took place in Singapore from April 25 to May 4.
With this achievement, G.Monkhbat has been awarded with a title of a world chess federation (FIDE) master. Another Mongolian U.Agibileg came second at men’s category among 184 chess players from 39 countries to earn a title of a FIDE candidate master. These two successful Mongolians were followed by Ashvin Sivakumar from Singapore.
In women’s category, U.Uuriintuya came third among 23 chess players and reached a title of FIDE women candidate master.
Co-organized by the Singapore Chess Federation and the World Chess Federation, the World Amateur Chess Championships were held in Singapore from April 25 to May 4. The next edition of the championships will be held in Chalkidiki, Greece on April 13 - 22 of 2015.

Mongolia Employs 3,467 Foreign Miners
Ulaanbaatar, May 6 (MONTSAME) The Labor Ministry and the Employment Center inform that they have received employment requests to work in Mongolia’s mining sector from 52 entities and 6,333 foreigners.
Thus far, national authorities have permitted 3,467 foreign nationals to work in mining firms operating in the nation, with 807 of them being employed in mining and geology and 2,660 in oil sector, says the Mining Ministry.
Earlier, the Government has set up a maximum margin of foreign nationals to be allowed to get employed in the country, considering that 20%-25% of workforce in minerals explorers and operators can be foreigners, while overwhelming 60%-75% of oil workers could consist of foreigners.
Permitted foreign workforce percentages in sectors are set according to the possibility to provide staffers in that sector from Mongolian-nationals.

Spring Festival 2014 to Promote Mongolia Organized at Hikarigaoka Park, Tokyo
May 6 (infomongolia.com) Mongolian Community Association in Japan in collaboration with the Embassy of Mongolia in Tokyo and Nerima District Administration have organized Mongolia's biggest cultural and sports event the "Spring Festival 2014" for the consecutive 14th year held at Hikarigaoka Park in Nerima on May 04-05, 2014.
At the site, Mongolian traditional felt dwelling - Ger, tents and pavilions were erected to promote Mongolian tradition, customs and culture, where thousands of Mongolian and Japanese nationals have witnessed the event.
The opening remarks were delivered by Ambassador of Mongolia to Japan S.Khurelbaatar and Director of Foreign Relations Department at Nerima District Administration H.Ozaki with opening art performance by Japanese “Tenma” Morin Khuur group playing an art composition of Mongolia’s well-known music composer N.Jantsannorov’s “Mongolian Melody”.
Notably, Japanese long-song singer M.Ito performed Mongolian “Urikhan Khongor Salkhi” (Gentle Fair Wind) long-song and singer K.Murakami has also surprised audience with Khuumii (throat singing), Mongolian overtone singing during the opening ceremony. Besides the guests, traditional music players, dancers and singers from Mongolia introduced its performances, moreover a show of Mongolian traditional outfits, Deel, was also staged. In the evening, a member of “Urguu” band, pop singer S.Barkhas, Mohanik and Shanz Trio bands have staged as part of the festival.
During the festival, many promotional brochures, standings, photo and art exhibitions were displayed, and many other traditional events including Shagai and puzzle games, art of calligraphy writing, souvenir fair, food service and drawing contest were hosted for visitors.
The main part of sports event was a traditional wrestling competition among 32 wrestlers, where a wrestler from Tuv Aimag, Nachin or Falcon title, Bold DAMBA won the tournament and a wrestler from Inner Mongolia, Jarandoloo, who also resides in Japan became a runner-up. Mongolian sumo wrestlers headed by two Yokozunas Hakuho and Kakuryu were also among guests and bestowed the contestants.
Officials say, over 60 thousand visitors have participated in the “Spring Festival 2014”.

Staging of ‘4.48 Psychosis’ to Compete for Saint Muse
Ulaanbaatar, May 6 (MONTSAME) Blackbox Theater’s staging of ‘4.48 Psychosis’ by Sara Kane has been nominated in the monodrama category of the upcoming 11th Saint Muse international festival in Ulaanbaatar.
Another play staged by Blackbox Theater –the Chairs by Eugene Inoseco- has also been nominated for the competition of the Saint Muse festival that is expected to take place on May 12-16.
Blackbox Theater premiered '4.48 Psychosis' on May 3. It is the last play of Sara Kane that was completed shortly before she died and was performed in 2000, at the Royal Court, directed by James Macdonald. This, Kane's shortest and most fragmented theatrical work, dispenses with plot and character, and no indication is given as to how many actors were intended to voice the play. Written at a time when Kane was suffering from severe depression, it has been described by her fellow-playwright and friend David Greig as having as its subject the ‘psychotic mind.’ According to Greig, the title derives from the time — 4:48 a.m. — when Kane, in her depressed state, frequently woke in the morning.
L.Erdene-Ochir, actor of Blackbox Theater is performing the main role of the play under directing of M.Boroldoi. The play was translated by B.Tsatsral, who has been translating many world famous plays for Blackbox Theater.

International Conference on Mongolian Studies held in USA
May 6 (news.mn) An International Conference on Mongolian Studies organized by the Embassy of Mongolia in USA, and the Mongolia Cultural Center (MCC) in Washington DC was successfully held in Washington, USA between May 2nd and 4th. The International Conference on Mongolian Studies was attended by over 50 delegates and was held at the Embassy of Mongolia in USA.
At the conference over 20 scholars from Mongolia, USA, Russia and South Korea were invited to four session meetings on the history of Mongolia, literacy, challenging issues and education with key speeches and presentations.
Ambassador of Mongolia, B.Altangerel, in his speech pointed the Government`s attention to the development of Mongolian studies abroad and expressed the hope that the newly established fund to support Mongolian studies would make great impact.
In the past the former International Conferences on Mongolian Studies focused on history, archeology, literacy and linguistics, but this year the key agenda of the conference was socio-economic changes in Mongolia, its impacts, gains and losses and summaries.
One of the session meetings during the conference was dedicated to the prominent scholar Khangin Gombojav who founded Mongolian studies in the USA and played a key role for Mongolia to join the UN and establish diplomatic relations with many other countries.
Organizers of the conference also guided the delegation to the Library of the United States Congress to introduce them to the Mongolian sutra collection kept there.
The head of the Mongolia Cultural Center, M.Saruul-Erdene, showed the delegates original texts of Mongolia`s legislation from the 1920s from his private collection.

Student soldiers will take their oaths
May 6 (news.mn) On 14th February the Government of Mongolia approved the launch of the "Student-Soldier" program with the aim to intensify civil defense preparedness, allowing students aged between 18 and 25 to serve in the army during their summer vacation. The program is also designed to create a legal environment for men who did not participate in national service.
The "Student-Soldier" program, based on the Presidential Decree 92, is included in an action plan of the Government of Mongolia. According to the Presidential Decree students who want to serve in the army will be granted their bachelor diploma along with a Military service certificate and will be able to get a job in state services.
The "Student-Soldier" program was launched on April 1st. The first phase of the program deployed over 500 students of the National University of Mongolia, the Mongolian University of Science and Technology, Mongolian State University of Education and other 69 national universities and colleges for military training.
Student soldiers study four areas of Defense legislation, Common tactics and Emergency Preparedness between 9.00 and 12.00 at weekends and study military preparedness.
Student soldiers will be sent to military exercises in Altanbulag Tuv province by June 15th after the completion of their academic study.
The student soldiers will take their oaths on June 28th, the day that the Presidential Decree was issued. There are many students who want to join the peacekeeping operation under the UN mandate.

State Academic Drama Theatre 2014 May Program
May 6 (infomongolia.com) The State Academic Drama Theatre has released the 2014 May Program and in the frameworks of the "Playlet" project being implemented since April 2014, two debuts will be staged this month.
The “Yesterday" psychological drama play by G.Pinter, produced by State Prize Laureate N.Naranbaatar from May 07 and the “Buruugui Buruutan” (Innocent Guilt) drama play by A.Ochirbat, produced by State Merit Servant B.Baatar will be performed from May 23, 2014.
State Academic Drama Theatre 2014 May Program
Thursday, May 01,
07:00 pm - "Sorry, Wrong Number" tragedy drama play by Violet Lucille Fletcher
Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 02-04,
05:00 pm, "Sorry, Wrong Number" tragedy drama play by Violet Lucille Fletcher
Wednesday, May 07,
07:00 pm - Opening of the “Yesterday” psychological drama play by G.Pinter
Thursday and Saturday, May 08 and 10,
07:00 pm - “Yesterday” psychological drama play by G.Pinter
Friday and Sunday, May 09 and 11,
06:00 pm - “Yesterday” psychological drama play by G.Pinter
Friday, May 23,
07:00 pm - Opening of the “Buruugui Buruutan” (Innocent Guilt) drama play by A.Ochirbat, produced by State Merit Servant B.Baatar
Saturday and Sunday, May 24 and 25,
07:00 pm - “Buruugui Buruutan” (Innocent Guilt) drama play by A.Ochirbat, produced by State Merit Servant B.Baatar
Saturday, May 30,
07:00 pm - “Nora” classic drama play by Henrik Johan Ibsen
Sunday, June 01,
08:00 pm - “Buuvei” (Lullaby) three-act drama play by N.Gankhuyag

Mongolia and Kingdom of Cambodia Arrange Its First Consultative Meeting at Foreign Ministry-Level
May 6 (infomongolia.com) Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Mongolia D.Gankhuyag who is on a working trip to some Southeast Asian countries with aim to develop friendly relations with these countries and forward the process of Mongolia’s joining the Asia-Pacific regional multilateral dialogue, chaired the Mongolian part at the first consultative meeting of the Foreign Ministries of Mongolia and the Kingdom of Cambodia held in Phnom Penh on May 02, 2014.
The Cambodian part was led by Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Long Visalo.
The sides emphasized an importance of fostering bilateral relations and cooperation which have undergone stagnation over the past 30 years, in all possible spheres under the new circumstances. With this purpose, the Foreign Ministries signed a cooperation memorandum.
During the consultation, the sides shared views on certain ways and spheres of bilateral cooperation, the activities for the celebration of the 55th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and Cambodia next year. The Cambodian side expressed its readiness to support Mongolia in its joining the East Asian cooperation mechanism, including East Asia Summit and ASEAN Dialogue.
The same day, Deputy Minister D.Gankhuyag paid a courtesy call on Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Hor Namhong. The latter highly valued Mongolia’s efforts for the stimulation and development of bilateral relations and cooperation and expressed readiness to promote Mongolia’s willingness to join regional cooperation integration process, reports the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia.
Mongolia and the Kingdom of Cambodia have established the diplomatic relations on November 30, 1960.

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