Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Yang Hyun Suk says he receives healing from Akdong Musician

Yang Hyun Suk had nothing but good things to say about Akdong Musician and made clear his intentions to help them strive forward just the way they are.

Yang Hyun Suk shared during his interview with OSEN, "As I work with the brother-and-sister duo Akdong Musician, I feel like I'm receiving healing from them. It's like they didn't come from Mongolia but from a star and are pure aliens who landed on earth. They are the definition of innocence."

"Akdong Musician are siblings who are not polluted by worldly things. It is to the level that it is amazing how they create songs with bubbly and refreshing lyrics that describe everyday activities that we commonly see. I will watch over them well and give my endless support for them to grow as renowned musicians."

"Akdong Musician have never done any plastic surgery and probably never thought of doing that. They won't need to do those things in the future as well. They are a duo that receives love from their image they were born with just as they are and music, and that is Akdong Musician."

Akdong Musician will finally make their official debut on April 7 so check back for more teasers and info to come regarding this exciting launch!

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