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Mongolia Brief April 1, 2014 Part II

Medical diagnosis centers simultaneously open in provinces

Ulaanbaatar, April 1 (MONTSAME) Opening of 11 medical centers in 11 provinces ran simultaneously on Tuesday.

While with a working visit to Khentii province, the Prime Minister N.Altankhuyag attended the opening ceremony there and got connected online to other aimags.
The Government spent 50 billion togrog from the PM’s package to build up these diagnosis centers.  The diagnosis center in Khentii province has been build up after construction of 148 million togrog and equipment installation of 1.2 billion togrog.
All the 11 centers eliminate a need to travel to the capital city to get medical treatment and diagnosis, highlighted the PM. The equipment installed is made in Japan, S.Korea, France, Italy, China and Brazil to enable advanced precise diagnosis. Health staffers to work in these centers have been involved in relevant trainings.

Parliamentary Standing committee on budget to meet

Ulaanbaatar, April 1 (MONTSAME) This committee is scheduled to meet at 11.00 am Wednesday in the “B” hall of the State House.
The meeting is to discuss issues of ordering the cabinet to work out a clarification of the 2014 budget and improving investments plan, to consider proposals and conclusion of a working group, who is in charge of drawing up a draft decision of parliament, on measures for rightful spending of the budget.

Stock exchange news for April 1

Ulaanbaatar, April 1 (MONTSAME) At the Stock Exchange trades held Monday, a total of 3,222 shares of 15 JSCs were traded costing MNT nine million 060 thousand and 953.50.
"Remikon" /1,186 units/, "State Department Store" /746 units/, "Genco tour bureau” /735 units/, "Gutal” /307 units/ and "UB-BUK" /84 units/ were the most actively traded in terms of trading volume, in terms of trading value--"UB-BUK" (MNT three million 461 thousand and 320), "Gutal" (MNT three million 388 thousand and 580), "Darkhan nekhii" (MNT 825 thousand), "UB hotel" (MNT 460 thousand) and "State Department Store" (MNT 411 thousand and 795).
The total market capitalization was set at MNT one trillion 621 billion 801 million 057 thousand and 724. The Index of Top-20 JSCs was 15,846.80, decreasing by MNT 457.22 or 2.80% against the previous day.

Khan Bank announces scholarship programme

Ulaanbaatar, April 1 (MONTSAME) The Khan Bank Foundation (KhBF) at Khan commercial bank has announced its scholarship program for new students for the sixth year.
The bank’s published the news last Sunday.
Since KhBF launched its first scholarship program in 2007, it has made investment in the education sector of Mongolia by supporting over 1000 well performing and talented new students but with limited financial capabilities to pursue higher education.
In the framework of the scholarship program, Khan Bank awards tuition grants to outstanding and potential students in need of financial aid to enter the university by selecting from secondary school graduates of each year.
Across the country 110 secondary school graduates will be selected and benefit from the Khan Bank Scholarship program for the Academic year of 2014-2015.
The names of 110 scholarship recipients will be announced from 26th May through 6th June, 2014 on Khan Bank's website (www.khanbank.com) and daily newspapers.

Young judokas participate in Grand Prix in Turkey

Ulaanbaatar, April 1 (MONTSAME) National youths’ team for judo competed in the Judo Grand Prix held March 28-30 in Samsun city, Turkey.
The team had 14 men and women headed by a coach of the national team G.Dashdavaa. A judoka M.Ganbold became 7th in the men’s 60 kg contest and D.Altansukh--the 5th in the men’s 66 kg competition.
In the tournament participated 470 judokas from 44 countries.
After the competitions, our male judokas have left for Germany to have a joint training in Berlin.

B.Batzorig brings gold from Ulan-Ude

Ulaanbaatar, April 1 (MONTSAME) A Mongolian wrestler grabbed a gold medal at the 19th international open tournament for freestyle wrestling which ran March 29-30 in Russian Ulan-Ude.
The events named after the President of Russian Buryatia attracted 131 wrestlers from Mongolia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, India and Japan, Russia’s 14 Republics, oblasts and krai.
Having become the winner in the men’s 70 kg, B.Batzorig also received a cash prize of RUB 60 thousand, a runner-up--40 thousand roubles, and bronze medalist--20 thousand.
To the tournament were invited authorities of Mongolia’s Freestyle Wrestling Federation such as its   president D.Dagvadorj, his first deputy D.Sumyabazar MP and others.
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