Tuesday, April 1, 2014

China production of ferroalloys in Jan-Feb 2014 is 6 MT

The production volume of ferroalloys in January to February in 2014 released by the National Bureau of Statistics of China was 5.6916 million tonnes up by 11.5% from 5.104 million tonnes of the year earlier period.

The trends of production by main producing region are 744,500 tonnes (up by 24.0% from the year earlier period) in Inner Mongolia, 922.3000 tonnes in Guangxi Zhuang (up by 69.7% ditto), 391,500 tonnes (up by 39.3% ditto) in Qinghai, 466,500 tonnes (up by 14.6% ditto), 393,400 tonnes (down by 18.2% ditto) in Hunan and 525,100 tonnes (down by 3.5% ditto) in Guizhou.

Source - The TEX Report


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